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By-elections Update: CCC Polling Agent's Tooth Knocked Out In Kwekwe

By-elections Update: CCC Polling Agent's Tooth Knocked Out In Kwekwe

The Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum has reported that ZANU PF activists assaulted a Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) polling agent in Kwekwe this Saturday.

The agent, identified as Sympathy, reportedly lost his tooth during the scuffle. 

The Forum reports that Sympathy had confronted the activists who were transporting voters to polling stations in Kwekwe. Said the forum in a case alert: 

Case Alert A CITIZENS Coalition for Change (CCC) polling agent had his tooth knocked out in Kwekwe after he tried to confront ZANU-PF activists who were transporting voters to polling stations in Kwekwe.

CCC Kwekwe Central National Assembly candidate Judith Tobaiwa said the agent, whose name was given only as Sympathy, was assaulted by ZANU-PF youths in Mbizo township.

Last month, a CCC activist, Mbongeni Ncube, was assaulted to death by suspected ZANU PF activists at a CCC rally held in Kwekwe ahead of this Saturday’s by-elections.

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Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

okunye ngokunye kumbe yisikolo 🥱 Bulawayo seats went to Harare asi unonzwa munhu achiti **** stop voting ZanuPf yet CCC is a shona party 😀 umuntu wakhona eqeda kuvotela ishona uyamuzwa ezithi unguMthwakazi.

**** have 3 strong parties namely
Bulawayo has
Zapu and Mthwakazi but abantu babo bavotela ukubuswa ngumuntu oseHARARE 😀 shame sterek

Mbangu 1 month ago

uyahlanya wena nja

Tobaiwa Mudede 1 month ago

Mbizo yacho tatora wani saka mamuchitembeyi CCC woye.......

mufakosi 1 month ago

poor ndebele very sorry you are lazy **** hakuna basa ramatorerwa kana ,munosiya chikoro at grade 7woenda joni only to come back with a Okapi ,hakuna waunodzinga wakanganwa maronda ,nhai mtwakazi wechishona

Fukuhama 1 month ago

Shona Ndebele Tonga Venda Kalanga all Zimbos. We shall see who is holding us back

tino 1 month ago

tokumbiriwo mavotie e mu Kwekwe timaone

Vax 1 month ago

Hazvishandi zvekt Shona ndebele muchizadza macomments asina basa ngatitaure zvinovaka nekuonesana kuti toita sei kuti tibude muutapwa hweZANU pf

Terminator 2 😎 1 month ago

U Hitler uthini ufanani lapha no to tribalism .

President Mqondisi Moyo 1 month ago

*By Khuzimpi Bhelebana*

*Are we the most feared political party by the Harare Parties?*

I have an ask directed to all Mthwakazi netizens both in nationalism politics and Mthwakazi freedom fighters from the Restorationists.

You all know MRP is a regional political party who seeks to restore Mthwakazi boundary from Midlands to Matabeleland. But my question is,

Question 1

How did Mnangagwa spoke about the extermination of Mthwakazi activists when he was addressing Chitungwiza Community, a place where MRP will never field a Candidate as it is outside Mthwakazi jurisdiction.

Question 2

What made those shona people to applaud Mnangagwa's speech when he was talking about Mthwakazi advocates, do you see that it's a lie that shona people does not know that Zimbabwe is colonising Mthwakazi,contrary to some who always claim akusiwo wonke a****, blame Zanu Pf bla bla

Question 3

In 1983-87, there was an overwhelming support from shona people whenever Mugabe said, the Dissident father and its dissident support base has to be all crushed, he was addressing women league, and there was an electrifying gesture from the attendees. But today we have our own who wants to defend shona people by claiming they don't know.

Question 3

What Mnangagwa has said is a security threat to the political instability in a country , the dead silence from the Security cluster is worrisome. The army should have issued a statement condemning Mnangagwa's statement as it is unconstitutional and dangerous, their silence means acceptance

Question 4

Jonathan Moyo has been neck on neck with Mnangagwa's moves, sometimes he says things that are discussed behind the scenes, especially by JOC, a joint operation that involves all intelligence operations from different security cluster, but in this one, he is still mum, is he agreeing with Mnangagwa stance on Mthwakazi activists

Question 5

We have heard Chamisa saying he will fix Mthwakazi genocide when he was addressing his audience in Tsholotsho and we warned him to stop playing with Mthwakazi's emotions, no shona person will resolve gukurahundi, its been two days now, have Chamisa condemned this dangerous speech by his ally

Question 6

MRP always blames Britian for its partisan politics in Zimbabwe especially towards CCC . Britain is fast in covering any form of human torture as long as it happening with CCC but dead silence on threats, persecution that happens with Mthwakazi advocates, does it mean Britain is still in for it, because during gukurahundi, they conspired with Zanu Pf, but their bias is sickening

Question 7

Is Mnangagwa aware that the so called Zimbabwe Unitary State is a British project whose continuity stay shall be determined by UN declarations charter, if there an error made by Britain to let Zimbabwe to preside over Matebeleland when it is clear from the UN constitution that Colonised Nations were suppose to be returned the way they were found. Matabeleland was not colonised along with ****land, but the two Nations were colonised separately hence we always tell our people to vote MRP so that we have a concrete voice

Question 8

A Bonus Question is how did Mthwakazi Republic Party become part of the campaigning strategy because we not partaking in these by elections?

Any Nationalist with an answer can answer me, am waiting

Mathematician 1 month ago

Haa these difficult "asks" that u have "questioned". I think except for 1, 2, 7 & 8, all the others are not "asks", they are merely your own opinion. Now, "ask" number 1 is a rhetorical ask because u apparently have records of what he said. Ask number 2, well u have answered yourself my brother/sister. Going ahead to ask number 7, that's a leading "ask" intended to incite tribalism in Zimbabwe. Bonus ask,, so u mean to say ur party, institution or whatever lacks identity security to the point where u have to ask fellow Pindulites to help u with that information? No wonder I've never heard of this MRP before. Nhai vakomana

Khuzimpi 1 month ago

Answer e ask ,you empty heads....

Borato borato 1 month ago

Muthwakasi kudii kwacho ndoo kunonzi kukupa gungwa kwamurikuita uku,Go back to zululand mononyengetedza mazulu vakupei pekugara kwete zim inyika ye****.Nehanda anotsamwa chaminuka anotsamwa.

Phidza 1 month ago

Lets dream on brother. U will get nothing out of this .Why talk about today when it happened 19 gocha nhembe. Zimbabwe is Zimbabwe period.

Ghetto Yut 1 month ago

Ha ha ha ha lol talk about brain fatigue

mhondoro 1 month ago

results how far good people, how are things going, share pliiiiz

shato 1 month ago

Zimbabwe was not once part of matebele people. You came running from Tshaka and stole our wives, cattle and land which you now claim to be yours. If you want to say you want mthwakazi republic ho back to south africa and form it there. Zimbabwe will never entertain anyone of the caliber of mthobisi

Following through FM Radio 1 month ago

So far most walls around Harare seems to be painted yellow

muntu 1 month ago

results circulating are likely to cause abantu be zanupf ukuthi balwe bodwa. Bussing pole will never help you in any way. be modern n stop promising ple for years. implement

Chiba 1 month ago

we don wan division vamwe takaroora kuMtwakazi kwenyu,dzikamai muite mushe,yamave kumhanya nayo every day iyi muchazvidemba.Hanzvadzi dzenyu kuno dzakatojaira mbeva dzacho

Chiba 1 month ago

we don wan division vamwe takaroora kuMtwakazi kwenyu,dzikamai muite mushe,yamave kumhanya nayo every day iyi muchazvidemba.Hanzvadzi dzenyu kuno dzakatojaira mbeva dzacho

Chiba 1 month ago

we don wan division vamwe takaroora kuMtwakazi kwenyu,dzikamai muite mushe,yamave kumhanya nayo every day iyi muchazvidemba.Hanzvadzi dzenyu kuno dzakatojaira mbeva dzacho

Peace ✌️ 1 month ago

@Mthwakazi republic president
then you claim you want to rule with that mindset of yours,am a proud ndebele but your agenda you want to bring is a disgrace to the entire nation.

Mathematician 1 month ago

Well said comrade



Godaz 1 month ago

I'm impressed,keep up the good work THE BUSH LAWYER

uthembeni ngoku supporter uChamisa 1 month ago

As long kutshaywe itshona no worries. ngabe bskuqume la****!!!

Dzvamu 1 month ago

St marys zanu yarohwa

ndebele 1 month ago

testing ndebele on pindula

Results 1 month ago

Arikutobuda maresults pane kwtorohwa ccc 900 chakadaro against 40 chakadaro

Jimmy Machende 1 month ago

Anobuda riiniko maresults

Kulz 1 month ago

Let's not fan tribalism guys ,I beg you once again. Let join hands and ensure that true democracy and complete change is inevitable. Let's remove Zanu pf. Let's vote for Chamisa Chete Chete CCC ☝️☝️☝️ YEBO YELLOW.We are one people. Divided we won't make it. Please please no more tribalism here. Let's forget about that. Tikaguta tese = no mheremhere kufara chete.pasi Zanu yakaora nechakare.

Kulz 1 month ago

Watch this space! Zanu pf at it again. Divide and rule tactics.The removal of Kembo Mohadi from being the second Vice president was meant to Mandeere complain and isu Mashona tivakwature and forget about our CCC ☝️☝️☝️ YEBO YELLOW. Saka apa vakuru vapererwa. Varikuda kuti tivengane. Kwete. Please we don't want tribalists here. I'm married to a Ndebele mother of 3 now there is love. Even Shona ladies are there in. Let's be nice Zimbabweans. Enemy no. 1 = Zanu pf nevatungamiri vasina gwara rekutonga zvakanaka."REBOURER na Scuffmore wekumbeyambeya.

Gaffer 1 month ago

On Kembo it's nothing to do with tribalism.. research well... yo you will know why.

Jinn 1 month ago

Tell them, tribalism is jus a tool to divide Citizens

unit 1 month ago

iwe unozviti Mthwakazi,this is not your country and you must know that,tribalism is our land must stop,urikukanhanwa kuti more than 20,000 vakafa nekuda kwaizvozvo zvaurikuita

Howard 1 month ago

ko pik manje imi vanhu vepindula ka kkkk

**** 1 month ago


chimuti 1 month ago

**** bho manje especially mababie acho

John 1 month ago

I am a CCC supporter but icho ndochi”hero” chisina basa😂 nechaakuwarira! Iye ega manje hanzi he confronted them! Even from macomments mamwe pano its clear there is now a level of ****ity to this CCC euphoria wamwe hatizoziwe pekugumira😂 kuzvikuwadzisa mahara, last week it was that Madzibaba. Why not do it smart? Ipapa enge achida kuitasei plan yake chaizvo paawaconfronter?

Prato 1 month ago

True that😂 i would want to ask sympathy the same question of what his plan was really. Instead of concerntrating on his work as an agent at the polling station take take nemaZanu. My sympathy is with him though.

xenophobia in byo 1 month ago

a shona in matebelaland is a refugee

Dougmore 1 month ago

unemicabango yasezulwini

tk 1 month ago

you shld go back its shona territiry

mune munhu 1 month ago

I blame ZANU PF

Mthwakazi republic president 1 month ago

shonas in bulawayo go back to your country please

Mbangu 1 month ago

Indodana yomuntu othandabuzayo

umdidi we shona uyanuka 1 month ago

mdidi we shona

sick and tired of shona refugees stealing our jobs in byo 1 month ago

90% of prostitutes in bulawayo are shona refugees,go back to your country

tk 1 month ago

mobirwa mabasa acho muripi makangoti vavava

taps 1 month ago

pindula how far results

xenophobia in byo 1 month ago

shonas coming to byo to commit crimes,sell drugs,prostitution
shonas must go

Mbangu 1 month ago

Lena imibono yamaZulu

shonas are gay 1 month ago

gay shona's in byo are charging US$1 for blow job

Shona don't brush their teeth 1 month ago

kkkk ngaph kunula imlimo okungamahule kwakhona

Jinn 1 month ago

Hey stop it!

stabane 1 month ago

too many shona refugees in bulawayo
they are taking our jobs

hoyoo 1 month ago


ian smith 1 month ago

the number of shona's seeking refugee in matebeleland is growing every year
more than 10 000 shonas run away from ****land every year and seek refugee in mat land

Paul Piki 1 month ago

Uyu anonzi Mthwakazi ka uyu. Uuuum, uchatishupa, uchatinetsa.

Dougmore 1 month ago

Ch**** mupengo chemuhu

Imwe Mbeu > Masvingo > Rujeko C 1 month ago

CCC Yapedza maSports...

YELLOW GALORE 1 month ago

Thank you so much @BUSH LAWYER for the professional explanation. You seem to have a very good understanding of our law and the interpretations thereof. Precisely, you're a legal GURU who knows his stuff backwards. Each time I read your comments on Pindula, I always ask myself this question, "Is WILLIAM SONBOY CHINEMBIRI a qualified lawyer ? If so, which institution(s) filled up his head with all the legal jargon and stuff like that ? In the circumstances, I would be grateful if you could share your rich professional profile on this platform. @Bush Lawyer, you're God sent.

Executive Zvimbazi 1 month ago


Concerned 1 month ago

@Elyse-God is not limited to what you think he is capable for Nothing is impossible with God. He is ALL powerful. He can send anyone, anyhow, anywhere, anything and anytime. He is not limited to just those offices you mentioned because He is a Mystery. He says your thoughts are not His thoughts andown your ways are not his ways.

Elyse 1 month ago

God sends prophets,evangelists,preachers, teachers (Word) and doers of the Word.

Izvi zvanaBush lawyer ndezvenyika musamupembedze.

Mzilikazi 1 month ago

lafa ilizwe lika nkomo libuwa li sh ona

Mbangu 1 month ago

Ngomo mupambe pfuni

its phumula old not pumura orodi 1 month ago

phansi nge sh ona
pasi ne sh ona
phansi ngezidla mbeba

Mathematician 1 month ago

Askanaaaa tsk tsk tsk

tshaka zulu 1 month ago

mthwakazi will be free!

ndebele from zululand 1 month ago

ngadli mbeba
ngasuza uboya.
ngibe ngumngani weshona

MT 1 month ago

Imi ndimi mongobviswa mazino. Unonzi vhura muromo uchivhura makapusa sterek dai vabvisa ese

Gaffer 1 month ago

@Chimutwe,he wasn't fighting for you buh his master who paid him to be an agent...he wanted to be a hero manje politix unofa

MT 1 month ago

@chimutwe or whatever you call yourself I gain nothing from these byelections they’re meaningless interms of the economy. Hasi Jesu kauyu anondifira manje anevende ndiye, vakuru vakati ndambakuudzwa

chimutwe 1 month ago

you are useless that guy he lost his teeth becouse of u and me now you talking like a lady who sit on the chamber

senzeni 1 month ago

i have resolved to ignore all comments with tribal /racial undertones , I expect to see all humans /tribes as equal and God's image.
Please forgive me if you don't agree.

Cosmas 1 month ago

Voting for Zanu of is useless.

Vybz Kartel 1 month ago

I don't agree with you...we are a superior tribe, this country is ours..

Vote Zanu-pf

Jinn 1 month ago

I agree with you

teacher 1 month ago

Hey lina boMthwakazi akelime ukwenzingani alicabangi,stop your tribal hate speaches you are nothing you
a mature somebody should talking of developments not jus wafling senseless threats,ungubani vele wena

teacher 1 month ago

Hey lina boMthwakazi akelime ukwenzingani alicabangi,stop your tribal hate speaches you are nothing you
a mature somebody should talking of developments not jus wafling senseless threats,ungubani vele wena

I was in pumura 1 month ago

pindura sorry pindula makanyanya... 😂 I love your pics you attach pa news... murikumberi mberi kukunda helald

I was in pumura 1 month ago

pindura sorry pindula makanyanya... 😂 I love your pics you attach pa news... murikumberi mberi kukunda helald

limbikani ( admin) 1 month ago

pindula is funded by Ccc ,we only report bad zanu pf news and good ccc news
we will soon ban all zanu supporters from pindula

Chunga 1 month ago

Poor...CCC can't fund anything meaningful.

The Adjudicator 1 month ago

Some pple like to live in the past and delusional fanaticism are retrogressive to development.Its now 40+ yrs and some still want to tell us abt kurwa Hondo without developing our country.
Cry my beloved country.



gandangaguru 1 month ago

@william good observation

Mhazi of Silobela 1 month ago

@fake William kwekwe has been like that since mdc e wemerged on the scene. 2002 ED akadira jecha mu sadza pa zanu pf when he was beaten by chibundo. that culture has transcended to the youths in the whole province. ma shurugwi.... ma gokwe etc it's now culture.

unotofamba ne machete

Visit Silobela
Vote CCC

Mthwakazi republic president 1 month ago

tell your sho na relatives in bulawayo to evacuate because they will all die

Mthwakazi republic president 1 month ago

a civil war is looming in zimbabwe,mthwakazi might not be free but all these s h o n a s in bulawayo will die

the word ndebele is banned by pindula 1 month ago

type m a n d e b e l e you will see that its censored

but not ****

pindula is tribalist

Mthwakazi republic president 1 month ago

the word **** is banned here?

pindula is tribalist

Mthwakazi republic president 1 month ago

shonas should stop voting for zanu
come to ****land,not even 1 seat belongs to zanu

taps 1 month ago

is that a prediction or results are out

major seer1 1 month ago

saka chawakuvarira chiii....muchazvirega.....musade kungwarisa mahara ....kana yakwana nguva yaBaby Cry,achapinda nekuda kwaMwari kwete mazino ako

tallman 1 month ago

iye anga chimbotembei

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