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By-elections To Determine Zimbabwe's Official Opposition - Mangwana

By-elections To Determine Zimbabwe's Official Opposition - Mangwana

Information Secretary, Nick Mangwana, has said 26 March by-elections will determine the official opposition party in the country as any result will not change the majority party.

The ruling ZANU PF has the majority in Parliament while Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) and MDC Alliance are the two main opposition parties contesting in the by-elections. Mangwana said:

The real fight tomorrow is for the title of, “Zimbabwe’s Official Opposition”. Otherwise, the majority party will remain thus.

Mangwana’s remarks come barely hours before by-elections meant to fill 28 National Assembly seats and over 100 council seats.

Some of the seats became vacant through the deaths of former officeholders while the majority resulted from recalls of MDC Alliance members by rival MDC-T.

MDC Alliance was then led by Nelson Chamisa who now leads opposition Citizens Coalition for Change while the MDC-T was under Thokozani Khupe and Douglas Mwonzora when the recalls happened.

The recalls followed a 2020 Supreme Court ruling on the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) leadership crisis that started during the last days of a former Prime Minister, the late Morgan Tsvangirai who was the party’s founding leader.

The higher court ruled that Nelson Chamisa was not the legitimate leader of the MDC, therefore, the party had to conduct an elective congress, but in the interim, the 2014 structures had to be reinstated.

Khupe then took over, Chamisa rejected the outcome of the court processes arguing that the ruling ZANU PF was influencing the discourse.

In a bid to whip MDC members to accept the outcome, Khupe recalled several MDC Alliance members who had confessed loyalty to Chamisa.

Although Nelson Chamisa, who contested the 2018 elections and lost narrowly to President Emmerson Mnangagwa, believes he deserved to receive money under the Political Parties (Finance) Act, the government recognised Khupe and allocated her the money.

The Political Parties Finance Act stipulates that only a political party that secures 5 per cent of the total votes cast can benefit from the national budget. In the 2018 elections, ZANU PF won 145 of the 210 seats in the National Assembly against MDC-Alliance’s 63.

Determining the official opposition is also important as the international community was having confusion as both Chamisa-led and the Mwonzora-led political outfits claimed to be the official opposition.

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zimboy 1 month ago

zanu is battling for the official opposition recognition in zim hahaha

Machiavelli 1 month ago

Nick Mangwana, ZANU is the official opposition

MDC Alliance won in 2018, and ZANU were runners uMDC Rigging usurped their victory.


Makelanwi 1 month ago

THAT'S the calibre of thieves surrounding ED.Zanu have unofficially chickened out of the by-elections race and this clearly indicates that the minority party have become liability to our country.

Ndimba Ndimba 1 month ago

The official opposition is known and the international community is not confused at all they know it. Only Zanu PF is the one which tried to cause the confusion in the official opposition. You cannot have an opposition without supporters like Khupe and Nzondora. Mangwana has seen that they will lose and now wants to downplay the trophy to a contest of official opposition trophy. That's cheap politics Mangwana. Bvuma zvakanaka kuti vanhu vaya vakadzingwa kuparliament vakudzokera kunzvimbo dzavo chete !

Worzell Gummidge 1 month ago

Reading between the lines, one would surmise that Nick Mangwana is acknowledging that Zanu Pf will lose big on the 26th of March. So Mangwana tries to make By-Elections about the opposition to avoid embarassment when Zanu Pf performs dismally. Rigging in favour of Zanu Pf doesnt always work. In case it fails to work, then Mangwana will say it was a contest of opposition parties. Parading Mwonzora as the official leader of the opposition is not working. Noone is buying that charade. Nyadzi dzinokunda rufu.

Ginious 1 month ago

hatina basa nezvakawanda.NHM

❎☝️ 1 month ago

By-elections won't give the true picture because vote rigging is possible especially when there are multiple voters rolls like this, but 2023 General elections will lay everything bare


❎☝️ 1 month ago

By-elections won't give the true picture because vote rigging is possible especially when there are multiple voters rolls like this, but 2023 General elections will lay everything bare

Mark 1 month ago

Naah we already have the Official Opposition, tomorrow it'll be now finally shown on paper hands down

Dispenser 1 month ago

Mangwana was right on his analysis that to determine official opposition, and that it is an official outcome ,otherwise obvious. However we are not stopping there we want to with full determination liberate ourselves .l'm saying come with your vote buying groceries l take but l don't forget where to place my vote . This time without a possible ,if not whitewash but ,disappointing defeat . CCC go go Kujata jata .

Cadzoe 1 month ago


Gushungo 1 month ago

The officil opposition party is Zanupf. Zvakaitika munozviziva misaite nharo.

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