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Buyanga Blames Mnangagwa Family For Arrest

Buyanga Blames Mnangagwa Family For Arrest

Zimbabwean businessman Frank Buyanga Sadiqi, who is involved in a legal battle over the custody of his minor son with ex-girlfriend Chantelle Muteswa, claims President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his family are involved in his legal woes.

Buyanga was arrested on Thursday in South Africa by the international police organisation, Interpol, at Zimbabwe’s request, on allegations of kidnapping his eight-year-old son and violating immigration laws.

The property tycoon is accused of abducting his son in Harare and taking the minor to South Africa.

He has since filed an urgent chamber application with the South African High Court arguing he was unlawfully arrested.

In his papers, Buyanga said he is worried because he is not aware of his son’s whereabouts since his arrest.

He alleged that his former girlfriend is being used by Mnangagwa and his family to get to him. He argued:

Political influence, use of State machinery and abuse of authority by the Zimbabwean government in this matter as stated somewhere above.

Miss Muteswa is heavily involved with the First Family to the extent that she is willing to be used as a pawn to get to me.

She has had frequent visits to the Zimbabwean State House during my custody battle in Zimbabwe.

There is no merit in this matter that warrants my arrest and detention to the extent that the State is justified in opposing bail.

Meanwhile, a report claims that Harare magistrate Judith Taruvinga on Monday cancelled the arrest warrant against Buyanga after she admitted that she issued it erroneously. |

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