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Businessman Criticises Opposition Linked Activists For Being 'Intolerant'

Businessman Criticises Opposition Linked Activists For Being 'Intolerant'

Harare-based businessman and founder of Fresh In A Box, Kuda Musasiwa, has cautioned opposition political activists against denigrating people who prefer to follow socialites such as Tatelicious Karigambe-Sandberg, Olinda and Madam Boss on social media rather than opposition political leaders.

Musasiwa said showing intolerance towards people who have a different perspective will be counterproductive as it will not win voters’ hearts and minds but instead, drive them away. Said Musasiwa:

There is no reality in which an election program will EVER get more views than Tatelicious Karigambe-Sandberg, Olinda, Madama Boss or Amai Titi.

Tatelious being an openly trans-woman has nothing to do with that fact. Joe Rogan gets more views than CNN. Acie Lumumba got more views than SAPES Trust.

Believe it or not, the average Tatelious viewer is far more sympathetic to the CCC cause than to ZANU PF.

Insulting them and berating them will NOT win hearts and minds. It will further alienate potential supporters. People are Multidimensional.

If Tatelious, an openly trans-woman, was to offer to lead a conversation on voter registration and host opposition leaders to her followers, would the supporter be happy about that?

6K views vs 450 Views, believe it or not, is DEMOCRACY. No amount of cyberbullying and insults will change that.

Musasiwa opined that for opposition politicians to increase their reach and attract citizens to their platforms, they need to have a paradigm shift.

He suggested that politicians should improve their content, widen their audience, have diverse conversations, accept divergent views and abandon their “holier than thou attitude”.

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