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Businesses Urge Govt To Waive Duty For Importation Of Generators And Solar Gadgets

Businesses Urge Govt To Waive Duty For Importation Of Generators And Solar Gadgets

Local businesses have urged the government to waive duty for the importation of generators and solar gadgets to minimise the effects of electricity shortages in Zimbabwe.

Businesses have resorted to using other sources of energy such as solar and generators despite the high costs involved, The Sunday News reported citing Confederation of Zimbabwe Retailers (CZR) president Mr Denford Mutashu. He is quoted as saying:

It is still quite unbelievable by the generality of business that there is insufficient water to generate (power at Kariba) or we have used up our allocation of water to generate more electricity. However, most businesses have started investing in generators and solar-powered electricity.

We call upon Government to also waive duty for importation of generators as well as an array of solar gadgets into the country. This can also alleviate the impact of the current challenges that we are facing as businesses.

It’s a crisis on both the supply and the payments issue. As it is you may also remember that the power supplier has demanded payment of electricity exclusively in foreign currency the USD especially for commercial purposes.

This means there is more pressure on businesses. It piles more pressure on pricing, it also piles more pressure on members of the public and consumers. Ultimately prices rise because of power challenges. It affects the budgeting by the majority and generality of Zimbabweans.

Matabeleland Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC) chairperson Mr McKenzie Dongo said businesses have resorted to using different and expensive sources of energy like solar and generators, and the cost is passed to consumers.

Since 2019, Zimbabwe has been experiencing acute power shortages which authorities blame on ageing power generators and inadequate foreign currency to import more electricity from neighbouring countries.

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mazhets 2 months ago

Mukunda kuita mazhets ndiri kukuonai

chibhanguzaa 2 months ago

nyorai zvinoverengeka

2 months ago

Kkkk mukumhanyira kpi nyorai zvakanaka imi

Vesto 2 months ago

While still at it, I propose that Government waves duty on the importation of Common Sense, especially for use by ZANU bigwigs and The Old People's Home geriatrics whose mental faculties have atrophied.

hasha dzako Gummidge 2 months ago

it's very unfortunate that being cynical about people will not get you what you want imbecile

mubhabhatidzi 2 months ago

kkk😂😂😂😂😂 makutikuwadza guys, @vesto wafambiwa apo unekodzero yekunyarara

2 months ago

Vesto ku**** .
Ukapuwa nyika iyi unoitonga hre kungocommenter zvisina basa apooo

Vesto 2 months ago

Nditori bhoo running my small business. I am not a politician, neither do I aspire to be one.

Tindo 2 months ago

ZANU pf is incapable of running a modern economy. If their forward. thinking goes as far as giving the likes of Chivayo and the unsustainable Dema project we know we will never achieve anything

hasha dzako Gummidge 2 months ago

ok Vesto the nation is bigger than a small business and the overriding to concern in statecraft is not profit so stick to things you are knowledgeable about imbecile

Vesto 2 months ago

Ko warasika papi mumba yeround isina window.

I have no intention of joining politics as a player. I am happy as a small time business person.

But as a taxpayer, Citizen and social animal I have my inalienable right to comment


hasha dzako Gummidge 2 months ago

keep in your lane Vesto and refrain from behaving like the commissariat Dept of the opposition because we will respond appropriately if you continue with your political moonshine on this platform

Vesto 2 months ago

You cannot cyberbully me.
I have a Constitutional right to Freedom of Speech. Freedom of Expression. Freedom of Association.

I have the right to associate with the opposition. Just like I have the inalienable right to dissociate with The Old People's Home (ZANU).

So get used to my presence here on Pindula, unless if the Pindula Moderators think I overstep the mark

2 months ago

Iwe 'hasha dzako gummidge' stop cyber-bullying people You only want people read your n-o-n-s-e-n-s-e and you think only your point of view is correct I think you should go to h-e-l-l or better still go h-a-n-g Hapana anombokutya kana kamwe chete and your contributions are so boring

2 months ago

Zimba zvafa
Zvaendwaa musane kundicherera guva zvafa izviii

Cid 2 months ago

Presidential electricity ikuuya manje manje

LUCIFER..👿 2 months ago

Freedom of speech papindula here vesto mdhidhi ...wamai.
Enda mumastreet undoita freedom yako iyoyo wanzwa.

2 months ago

Bzness rako nderako Mkoma ,
Chero uchiwana peanuts keep your rotten mouth shut

2 months ago

Pamusoroi vadare vePindula.
Munhu anonzi hasha dzaGummidge and chivhara**** here kana kuti ****kufa rake riri kumutadzisa kugara pasi?

King 2 months ago

ZESA inonyadzisa. Our leaders are a disgrace. How do u pump billions into rehabilitation of a thermal power station? Am sure those funds would have better been invested into renewable energy, and the potential is abound. At 1m USD/MW, mari yakaiswa kuHwange should have left Zimbabwe with excess power just from renewable energy.

pindula 2 months ago

pindula kusaposter macomments asi makatengwa

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