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Businesses Pledge Fair Pricing, Adequate Stocks During Christmas

Businesses Pledge Fair Pricing, Adequate Stocks During Christmas

Business has assured the public that there will not be unjustified price hikes during the festive season and COVID-19 containment measures will strictly be adhered to.

In separate interviews with State media, bus operators, shop owners and grain millers said they were prepared for the increased demand during the holidays.

Leonard Mukumba, who is the director at Mukumba Brothers popularly known as Inter Africa Bus, a prominent bus company in the country, said they will stick to the fare table. He said:

The period is usually characterised by huge volumes of people travelling, and we have serviced all our buses used during this period to be in perfect condition for the busy period.

As for prices, we will not hike fares, we will stick to the fare table. We also urge everyone travelling to adhere to the COVID-19 regulations so that we avoid a spike in infections during this period.

We urge other road users to be responsible on the roads. As for us, we will play our part. We do not want a situation where the festive season is always associated with accidents.

Confederation of Zimbabwe Retailers (CZR) president Denford Mutashu said there will neither be any shortages nor price increases. Said Mutashu:

Usually, the holiday spending starts around the 21st, and for us, we are ready to meet the demand of the high spending when people start buying for the festivities.

Manufacturers and suppliers are ready for the demand as well so that there will be no shortages and no price increases during this period.

We would like to commit and obligate ourselves that we will not increase prices as Christmas comes.

We are working very closely with our suppliers to ensure that the glitches we have experienced in the past, for example, issues to do with product procurement, are dealt with.

Grain Millers Association of Zimbabwe (GMAZ) national chairman Tafadzwa Musarara said they have enough products in stock and consumers should buy as much as they want but avoid panic-buying. He said:

We are pleased to inform our consuming public that there are more than enough supplies of maize meal, bread, flour, self-rising flour, rice, salt, sugar beans and stock-feeds. We urge consumers to buy as much as they want but avoid panic-buying.

A citizen, Chaita Dhliwayo said salaries are too low and her family won’t be able to enjoy Christmas as they used to do in the past.

Pfugamai Marembo said though the prices are high, they are “justified”, hence they are looking forward to an enjoyable Christmas.

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KODZO WA MWAKO 8 months ago

Everything has already changed. The prices had been hiked up last week at many shops, supermarkets and etc.

As Zimbabweans we all know that the price hiking deal is a desease that can not be treated in Zimbabwe because lots of our foods and goods are from abroad and the business people also prices there commodities according to how they got the goods. They pay transport to and fro then at the borders they are taxed again and rent some shops again with their shop keepers will also need their payment. Then what do you think the prices will be like?.

Chero mbeu chaiyo yatinorima muno mu Zimbabwe haitengeki
10kg yembeu muno starts from 6000 Zimbabwean dollars. According to the bank rate against the the US DOLLAR, how much is that?.
Almost $60 USD. Can you tell me that those who are earning 60 USD vanorarama here apo.

Don't tell us kuti garai matenga kana ma price haazokwiri iwo akagra aka kwidzwa kare uye musi 20 December vanenge vachikwidza zve.

People doesn't hesitate to hike their prices because the The president of the republic of Zimbabwe vakambotaura wani kuti kana usina chekukwidza kwidza bhurugwa rako. I don't blame the business people but our BIGMEN knows this and they leading.

Check out the fuel prices.
What about sugar that is produced here alongside the Rude river.
Look the Pepsi drinks or nearly every item that is in any Zimbabwean shops has got a madness price, this is because the bosses are also business men. They have shops, farms and etc. What of pensioners who are getting as little as 16000 Zimbabwe dollars per month, can they live.

Please don't fool us saing that they won't hike prices. We all know that on Xmas times things changes and they will be settled on mid January.

You have nothing to do Mr Mutashu. Keep quiet.
We do like usual. No problem.

What we don't want is being fooled by you Corruptive Cadres.

But panyaya yembeu hurumende ngaipindire. MBEU IRI KUDHURA ZVISINA MUKARE AKAMBOONA. 10KG YE CHIBAGE IS ALMOST 40 RAND whereas 10kg yembeu starts at 30usd to 60 USD in N. Richard wholesalers.


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