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Business People Living In Fear Over Rising Robbery Cases Involving Soldiers

Business People Living In Fear Over Rising Robbery Cases Involving Soldiers

Local business people say they are now living in fear following a recent spate of armed robberies involving serving and former soldiers and policemen.

According to the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP), more than US$5 million was lost through robberies from January to October 2021. Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Innocent Guyo, a jewellery trader said:

We are living in fear, what we are hearing in the news daily is shocking and to make it worse the robberies are involving soldiers and members of the police.

A former army officer, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said these robberies were linked to the dire economic situation facing the majority of Zimbabweans. He said:

People are exploring opportunities available to them to make a living. Politicians are looting national resources; civil servants are taking bribes. The soldiers and police are also using powers at their disposal to make money.

Unlike many countries in the region, Zimbabweans don’t trust their banking system owing to losses incurred from 2007 to 2009, hyperinflation era.

Therefore, everyone keeps money at home in the form of US currency and that is attracting criminals.

On 24 December 2021, two soldiers shot dead a man and injured his relative, in a $40 000 robbery heist in Hatfield, Harare.

On 6 December 2021, an on-duty soldier from the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA)’s elite commando regiment, Tariro Gora, was involved in the fatal shootout at former top police detective Joseph Nemaisa’s Chadcombe house.

Gora was shot dead on the scene by the former detective, together with his two accomplices.

Meanwhile, former Deputy Higher and Tertiary Education minister Godfrey Gandawa said the robbers were using guns stolen from the state armoury during the 2017 military coup.

At that time, the police and intelligence services were disarmed by soldiers as they were believed to be against the putsch. Gandawa tweeted:

The seemingly sudden wave of armed robberies involving members of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces is linked to the chaotic, unlawful, and dangerous takeover of armouries during the 2017 coup, where the police and intelligence services were disarmed without a formal handover-takeover process.

… It is unclear whether these weapons were returned to state custody. These weapons add a new dimension to Zimbabwe’s security situation.

More: Anadolu Agency

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MaFyt 5 months ago

@Mboko, plus munonga munozo nyanya kupadawo imimi, mmm takuto tyira vakadzi vedu, vana sisi, nevana kubva kuvanhu vakaita semi so nana t freddy wauno tyawo, kkkk

MaFyt 5 months ago

Haaa @Mboko, usadaro cxa mmm hausaku wanza hr wangu

Doug 5 months ago

Maybe from 2030 when we have become middle class will the robbers disappear

Doug 5 months ago

Our country was blessed beyond measure by God. We have more than enough to make every citizen rich. If all the energy that is used by these robbers was channelled to harnessing what God gave us, if all the energy of the drug addicts and peddlers, the energy of those we call prostitutes, the energy of all the unemployed was all property harnessed to get what God gave us, those business people would be richer with more peace. People do not enjoy breaking the law if there is another alternative available to them.

Mboko 5 months ago

Ini ndiri kutotya kubirwa mukadzi nema prophet..unogona kutsotserwa chiweti chemukadzi nana papa vanokambura mbutu..kusvusvura nyini..aaaaaa we must do something about this prophets and robberies.

🤨🤨 5 months ago

Kkkk haaa chiweti munochida ummm ndabvuma hangu

Gogodera 5 months ago

Chero vasiri mabizzness man takutyira kuuratiwa totengeswa maogarns pfuti kumakamba kwete kudzimba zvichimboitirwei kuti Tom nadic vafambe nepfuti

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