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"Business Distances Itself From The So-called Stayaway" - CZR President

The president of the Confederation of Zimbabwe Retailers (CZR), Mr Denford Mutashu, Saturday urged businesses to carry out their normal activities and distanced their organisation from the protests.

There were plans for workers not to report duty this Monday over the deteriorating state of affairs.

Mutashu said the economy cannot afford deliberate setbacks especially when it is still recovering from the ravages of the Covid-19 pandemic.  He said:

CZR is working closely with the country’s security apparatus and it will be business as usual.

Business, however, distances itself from the so-called stayaway which in the past has been disruptive, retrogressive and led to the destruction to property and adversely affected business operations. It has also turned violent to the detriment of business as well as injuries on the part of innocent citizens.”

He said protests would not solve the country’s problems but rather worsen the situation through supply chain disruptions, production stoppages, job losses, property destruction, violence and loss of human life and price instability among other negative consequences.

Mr Ephraim Chizola from Munhumutapa Royal Charter echoed similar sentiments saying the stay away calls were being made at the instigation of the West. He said:

They are funding student bodies to cause disorder in the country to effect regime change. We are a sovereign State and we have our own challenges, most of which are a result of the illegal sanctions.

This is not the time to stay away because there is nothing positive that will come out of it.

Workers and teachers wanted the government to address issues such as the soaring inflation, fee hikes, poor salaries and working conditions and transport challenges.

As a way to address the transport challenges, President Mnangagwa Sunday announced that private players in the transport sector were now being allowed to operate after being banned in 2020.

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Da Truth 1 month ago

Curthbert Dube ,,Mutashu vanhu vokusimwa vanonetsa ma seedlings Ava vanavDen muchatiudza nextime kuti maimbozama kudiii I swear 🤞

chief Nemauyu 1 month ago

Mutashu and Chizola come out in the open. West....West.... everything is blamed on the West.

Asalif 1 month ago

since 2017 zvakapinda this guy I have never heard him talking about unemployment rate in his SONAs but employment creation only Mugabe aitaura and yaisave secret tokumbirawo kuziva as soon as census numbers are out handit you had the data captured

Chawabvunza 1 month ago

@VYBZ KARTEL- Yes nyika inovakwa nevene vayo, but the situation in Zimbabwe is: Nyika inovakwa ne mbavha dzayo !!!!


mafirakureva 1 month ago

.... Nyika iri kupunzwa nembavha dzayo

Chawabvunza 1 month ago

Denford Mutashu has overstayed in his position. Is this association of retailers full of incompetent people ? Citizenry would not partner your association because it is the retailers who are charging these exorbitant prices. Your retailers association changes prices every week. Most of your members are gullible. You support government because it is the same government which is giving you space to charge these exorbitant prices. Denford, please tell government that it shall fall by the wayside at the Harmonised Elections in 2023.


Anonymous 1 month ago

Stay Away yeiko isu tisina kubasa kwatinoenda, sometimes use your brains, vanoenda kubasa itayi henyu


Machiavelli 1 month ago

I have plenty beef with the likes of Denford Mutashu and his ilk. They placate ZANU while others fight their battles for them. They should have taken a leaf from the business community in South Africa during the days of Botha's Apartheid era. They told Botha that Apartheid was ruining business and brought the Nats Party to the negotiating table.

Zimbabwean business should learn to speak Truth to Power. It doesn't need a rocket scientist to let everyone know that stopping bank loans to business and individuals is destroying the economic backbone of the country.

When labour does win in terms of higher wages and salaries business benefits from increased expenditure through better purchasing power. Yet imbeciles like Mutashu go on licking of ZANU bigwigs. They can't see beyond their noses. ARSe.HOLES.

Tracker 1 month ago

Deni zidhongi reZANU, ngaatikwanire


Stalin 1 month ago

Amen kaaa 20 Ed times is coming 2023

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

Staying away wont change anything, Chamisa should wait for elections and protect the people's vote. people vote for change only to be told that their vote has been stolen and its too bad for Citizens, 2023 CCC should wake up and monitor every polling station in Zimbabwe...

VYBZ KARTEL 1 month ago

Ukaghara kumba ndiwe wega unofa ne nzara. Nyika inovakwa ne vene vayo

Screwpata 1 month ago

Such comments provoke pple to loot so that they feel the pain too coz these rich zanu pf ediots r the ones in retail again

Zimbabwean 1 month ago

Sartuday Chamisa akamitisa Old-People's-Home party, 7/8 kkkkk. Mwonzora uriko hereeee🗣️.

Tang. Ku 1 month ago


VYBZ KARTEL 1 month ago

Denford is a Zanu-PF mouthpiece representing noone. His organisation is just a name without affiliates

THE FIEND 1 month ago

Zvinonetsa ungaita stay away paku Ngwavha Ngwavha? Ini chero ku church andichaenda nenyaya yeku Ngwavha Ngwavha. Saka ma one

the herald 1 month ago

Do as we say, not as we do. Stay away.

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