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Bus Operators Introduce Metal Detectors

Bus Operators Introduce Metal Detectors

Bus operators are increasing security measures on their buses following a rise in armed robbery cases on buses.

Zimbabwe Passenger Transport Organisation chairman Sam Nanhanga on Sunday said they were going to use metal detectors to prevent people with machetes or guns from boarding buses. Said Nanhanga:

We are going to have metal detectors to make sure that no persons with guns and other harmful metal objects board the bus.

Even if a person is just carrying a machete, they will be detected and will not be allowed to get into the bus.

From now, we are going to use those detecting gadgets because if we do not do that, we will be victims of robberies, especially during this festive season.

This is to ensure the safety of the passengers and the bus crews as well.

Buses have become easy targets for armed robbers who sometimes board buses pretending to be passengers while carrying dangerous weapons.

Last week on Tuesday evening, a gang of armed robbers pounced on a CAG Travellers Coaches bus at the 325km peg along the Harare-Chirundu highway.

The robbers, who have since been arrested, undressed all passengers before escaping with the clothes and more than US$20 000.

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Nkust 5 months ago

Ini zvangu, yes is my answer, why would you want democracy or separation of power pazvinhu zviri evil munhu arobha no court no bail go to maximum prison munhu aita corruption let alone an accomplice or just a mere implication 20 yrs and if it is for good intentions no one complains and in less than a year vanhu 2 vakavharigwa hauihwi futi corruption and just ask yourself why are we having very minimum rape cases is bcoz the laws are strictin that regard

Nkust 5 months ago

Imwi hapana zvamuri ku suggest momboziva zvinoreva mutungamiri we nyika here, nhasi chaiye kana mutungamiri achida kty (1)robbery ne(2) corruption zvipere, moziva here kty zvofuma pasina those two evils hazvidi kana zacc, just a sincere presidential decree kofuma kusina corruption kana robbery

Four 5 months ago

@In zvangu, asi haugoni kutiita read btwn lines kani. Zvanyorwa na @Nkust its crystal clear.

Ini zvangu 5 months ago

Uri kuti haasi kuda, kana kuti haasi sincere🤔

Paul Piki 5 months ago

Good move.

💥💥 5 months ago

Kutarisa zvinhu zvinenge zvine vanhu bcz vakomana vacho munokwira navo manje nenyaya yekumira pese pese fti inokonzeresa hayo plus dzimwe nguva rinenge risina vanhu vakakwana kti vasamire azviitike fti wotoshaya kti wodii


Gogodera 5 months ago

Ok magona huye mabag madiki ngatariswe

Tongoonai 5 months ago

Bus crews should be armed, since an unarmed person can not force search an armed person. Every bus should have an armed soldier

Four 5 months ago

@Sajendi mheja, yu speak wise words many Zimbabweans are wallowing in poverty, no jobs saka vamwe vakutoita resort to these ill-activities. Dai the economy yaita zvakanaka yu wll see kt all these robberies & corruption will be kept at minimum levels.

Sajendi Mheja(Rtred) 5 months ago

The situation will become worse, as more guns will be in circulation. Remember maconductors naana hwindi havana unu. The major problem is poverty, lack of jobs and indiscipline on the part of the law enforcement agents.

Miles 5 months ago

That's a welcome development, safety is always important for the passengers and the bus crew especially now that many people are travelling this festive season.

Shampoo 5 months ago

Thorough search should be done before boarding a bus.

Pala 5 months ago

Long hand luggage too.

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