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Bus Operators Challenge ZACC To Arrest "The Real Criminals"

Bus Operators Challenge ZACC To Arrest

Bus operators have challenged the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) to deal with some soldiers, police officers and Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) officers who are allegedly facilitating the smuggling of goods instead of arresting “soft” targets.

This comes after ZACC impounded nine buses during the ongoing blitz against smuggling.

One of the bus operators, who declined to be named, told NewsDay that one of the buses impounded by ZACC was an inter-city bus operating between Beitbridge and Harare. Said the bus operator:

My bus was caught in that blitz operates from Dulivhadzimo bus terminus in Beitbridge and not across the border.

Obviously, most of our clients are people from South African trips, but it is not my duty to ask for a declaration form.

We simply load the goods on the bus and whether these people have gone through the border to declare their goods is not our business as bus operators.

After all, we hear these people pay soldiers and police to cross with their stuff.

ZACC is coming to the soft target; it should be dealing with soldiers, police and other security agents who are facilitating this smuggling.

How do the goods cross where these officers are patrolling? That is where ZACC should be probing.

The contraband found on the buses included an assortment of alcoholic drinks, blankets, bags containing new clothes, shoes, washing powder and energy drinks.

Meanwhile, ZACC spokesperson John Makamure said those bus operators whose buses were impounded can argue their cases in court.

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3 weeks ago

Da Truth 3 weeks ago

kkkkkkkk regai nditange nekuseka Iti Zacc yenyu ndoda 1 minister akaenda kujeri panyaya dzavo dzekuba kkkk ndoda zve vandipe 1 case ya minister ariku Zanupf yavari kuita

Maravaza 3 weeks ago

I've always said it, that kuMalume bay, kashed ikokaya ndo kunogara dare rese recorruption yemuborder, masoja, mapurisa, maprison warden, agritex, vid all protocols observed. Kunobutitsva Mari paya, Mari svinu. SConducting searches is a waste they employ vakomana nevasikana bononzi maBhegi ndo vano collecter Mari particularly on behalf of the customs officers and immigragration officers. If you crush that Malume bay corruption inodzika by 70%.

bb vendor 3 weeks ago

malume is comprised of cio,police officers,army,vid etc these are the ppl of the area in question
to be frank with you malume is controlled by VP muhad,he had 80% share on the deal proceeds from corruption are kept by cio and offloaded to him after every 2days

if u expose maklume you expose the vp

buddmunn 3 weeks ago

siyai mabus sungai mbavha dzenyu masoldiers namapurisa

The King of Serpents 3 weeks ago

ZACC is a waste of taxpayers money.


Chawabvunza 3 weeks ago

Bus Operators have a good arguement that they pick some of their passangers from Dulivhadzimu bus terminus. There is no law which empowers bus Operators to check if their passengers have cleared their goods. The real problem lies at the border. Firstly, passengers are not searched t****ughly. Secondly, officers at the border post receive khaki envelopes.


Machiavelli 3 weeks ago

You should see the cars these Not-so-Civil Servants drive at BB.

Bonzo 3 weeks ago

Huwori muhururmende vakuru ndivo vari kutuma vadiki ivo vakawanda nechigunwe come 2023 PaYellow ipapo tibviise madzibaba ehuwori vanoita sevakangwara ivo vakapusa hokoyo CCC yauya

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