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Burnt 4-Year-Old Son: Kuda Mahachi Denies Any Wrongdoing

Burnt 4-Year-Old Son: Kuda Mahachi Denies Any Wrongdoing

Suspended Supersport midfielder, Kudakwashe Mahachi who is being accused of physically abusing his four-year-old son, has denied any wrongdoing.

The four-year-old boy is not mincing his words on who scalded him. Said the four-year-old boy:

I was burnt by my dad, I had not done anything wrong. He also beat me with a piece of metal from the fridge.

Mahachi’s ex-wife, Marita Ndlovu who is at Mpilo where her son is receiving medical treatment for severe burns and injuries also broke down in tears while narrating her son’s ordeal. She said:

I gave Kudakwashe my son because he had asked for him with good intentions and he travelled with a plane not knowing they had a sinister motive. My child was sneaked back into the country on April 14 and I only got to know he was at Cowdray park on April 19, only to find him in this state, what I want is justice for my child.

Immigration records also confirm that the four-year-old boy left Zimbabwe and never returned through formal channels as he was smuggled back, enduring a traumatising journey.

However, Mahachi has denied any wrongdoing with his legal representatives holding a news conference in Bulawayo this Tuesday. Said Nkosiyabo Sibanda, Mahachi’s lawyer:

Our client has been disturbed a lot about what has been going on in the media of late. We are seeking redress through the courts but more importantly, we need to set the record straight that our client loves his son, he never scalded him. Our client has been barred from accessing the child through emissaries. Medical practitioners were barred at Mpilo to see the child.

The story, however, leaves a lot of questions than answers as to why Mahachi has not availed himself despite being granted a leave of absence by his South African club, SuperSport to attend to the matter.

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🤦 1 month ago

who is this mahachi 🤷 let justice take place

👽🤑👽🤑👽🤑 1 month ago

Let me say it for him to be on top he come to my place of Retials and I told him to do that he raise to the top

ABSA 1 month ago


Salazar 1 month ago

A good Career , Fame & Money . Then he does this d-umb s hit .. ruining his kid's leg and possibly both their lives . A talented fool .

P. CHINAMAMASAH 1 month ago

Kudakwashe Mahachi anofanirwa kunge ari we Old-People's-Home chete. Ndokune vanhu vanemoyo wakadero

Vote for Chamisa. Vote for CCC


Asalif 1 month ago

to my point of view Kuda is in the country but is being barred from visiting the child and my intelligence is telling me that he did it it's very rare for a kid to tell lies especially when something that caused injury to him or her needs to be proved Kuda protected his marriage using his son's pain kids at that age they will have freedom of speech he can easily say painful words like someone told him he can say you are not my mother , even strong words I cannot write on the platform that is how kids are mkadzi akatukwa nemwana baba vakarova mwana but in the kitchen there was boiling water then in the process of defending himself from more beatings he tried to run around the house and bumped into boiling water I'm assuming that could have happened not that is what happened

Chimboti Pizza 1 month ago

Haa Kuda imboko, ndovanhu vanodzosera nyika kumas****. Ndinomushuwira life in jail ndoyaanodeserver

Ano 1 month ago

😂😂😂 all of a sudden you can't comment S H U R E because it has H U R E 🙌🏾

Chimboti Pizza 1 month ago

Haa Kuda imboko, ndovanhu vanodzosera nyika kumas****. Ndinomushuwira life in jail ndoyaanodeserver

Mazibeka 1 month ago

Only thise practising witchcraft like kuda will try to justify kuda s behavior, it's pretty clear that this is a case of juju going wrong. Mahachi akaita mwana wake kafiramberi but somehow it did not go according to his plans. The police must apprehend the malaicha, kuda and her sisters and this grandmother akuda.

Tulani Siziba 1 month ago

Mwana anozvitaurira zvakaitika saka nyaya yavapachena sare kusungwa kwemunhu chete.

Thuggish Behaviour 1 month ago

There is always to sides to a story,there is no way to prove that Kuda did it maybe it was a mistake who knows .

Machiavelli 1 month ago

Assuming it was a mistake why didn't Kuda take his son for medical treatment immediately in South Africa?

Don't give us lame excuses please.
Guilty as charged.

Chamhamha 1 month ago

Uyo kuda haauye kuZim bcoz haasvike kuBulawayo kwacho anopondwa neatanga kumuona paboarder

Ndege 1 month ago

kungobata gumbo nekutyora oita chirema tosiya zvakadaro

Machiavelli 1 month ago

Kuda, You doth protest too much

MtaneNdebele 1 month ago

Burn baby burn , disco inferno 😂😂😂😂

Chimboti Pizza 1 month ago

@MtaneNdebele ukuedza kuti chii apa😕

Maparamuro 1 month ago

One question only, how did the child come back to Zim from SA?

MtaneNdebele 1 month ago

Teleportation 😏

mama Bee 1 month ago

makuzotibhowa imi itai mushe manzwa ka akaenda ne ndege akagodzoserwei kunge pariku smuggler ma drugs?Zvimwe zvinhu hazvisikuda chikoro kana ma1 mozotiudza kana asungwa makapihwa marii yekuti musamusunge nxaaa

cute 1 month ago

Mahachi will never come. He is afraid of being arrested once he arrives here that is why he keeps hiding in South Africa.

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