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Bull Elephant Kills Tourist Guide

Bull Elephant Kills Tourist Guide

A guide was trampled to death by an elephant on Tuesday while on a tour with a client in the Rifa Conservation Education Camp area, Chirundu.

A bull elephant ambushed Dave Winhall, a professional guide and hunter while walking through a client in a bushy area.

Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (Zimparks) spokesperson Tinashe Farawo said investigations were in progress. Farawo said:

There was an unfortunate incident in Rifa where a guide was attacked by an elephant that emerged from the bush and he died on the spot.

Investigations are currently underway to establish the full details of the incident. No one else was affected in the attack.

The Herald reported sources as saying Winhal had people on an educational tour at the camp when the incident took place.

More: The Herald

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Anonmous 2 months ago

ED must resign

Kule Dhambi 2 months ago

anokonzeresa stress kune chese chinofemaai

Cnc 2 months ago

Zvinei naed

Handizi John Chibadura 2 months ago

Nyika ino so.... Vanhu vari kuuraya vanhu, Mhuka dziri kuuraya vanhu, migwagwa iri kuuraya vanhu .....

Idi Amin 2 months ago

I heard he was flattened like a lobels biscuit.A white biscuit

Manyengavana 2 months ago

Nzou dzitoriwo nestress. Hapana chakarongeka...

2 months ago

I blame ED for the stress of that poor elephant, ED must resign

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