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Bulawayo's Spamprekini Market Burns

Bulawayo's Spamprekini Market Burns

A fire that broke out at the Spamprekini informal factory market in Bulawayo scorched a huge section of the place, with scores of traders losing their stock and raw materials.

According to a report by The Chronicle, the fire broke out at 5:45AM. The cause of the fire is not yet known. Some witnesses though said they suspected a gas leak that led to an explosion. The fire was eventually contained by firefighters by mid-morning.

Said one business person:

“We are in deep shock, devastated by what happened here. We have lost everything. Millions of finished products, materials and equipment have been lost.

We appeal to the Government to speedily assist us to get back on our feet,” 

Spamprekini serves as a factory for informal entrepreneurs producing sofas, wardrobes, kitchen units, tables, wooden doors, amoung other things. There has not been any indication of human casualties from the fire.

| The Chronicle

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individual 5 2 weeks ago

very sorry veduwe😢

Sabotage 2 weeks ago

Why is it that only these informal wood tech factories are being gutted and destroyed by fire, the same happened to Glenview home industry. Something is going on in the background.

CBD Vendor 2 weeks ago

Where is Spamprekini located in Bulawayo?

spamprekinian 2 weeks ago

aling the road from mpopima high towards west com. near Nkukumane Pry n Insukamini Pry , nxt to Mpopoma Park

2 weeks ago

Mpopoma park along Nketa

taps 2 weeks ago

Eish. wat a lose

Never Dube 2 weeks ago

What a lose

2 weeks ago

The gvt promised us about $2 equivalent for covid19 restitution isu vekuma home industry, that money never came. But since it's elections yr, u might get lucky


xxx 2 weeks ago

havasi vanhu veCouncil vapisa here

Dod 2 weeks ago

vatanga vaba

Da Truth 2 weeks ago

Assistance from the hurumendi AAA Yemuno here iyii 🙈

Lo 2 weeks ago

Very sorry,
Area 8 yekuBulawayo yatsva

Manikiniki 2 weeks ago

Ok i saw a lot of cars wen i was passing thru that area thot there was a beer party or something ah shame 😩

Mr F 2 weeks ago

Yooh kunzima yazin

Chirandu 2 weeks ago

zvinogona kunge zvakonzereswa nemunhu zve gas ndazviramba

2 weeks ago

Vakomana Ve CCC

2 weeks ago

I was at the site,its so painful because it took fire fighters a long time to put out the fire,Can you imagine a fire engine ran out of water literally a few minutes after arriving at the site,pipes were leaking n water just got wasted,the equipment is just old.

Dhara 2 weeks ago

Hapasi pama sofa here guys help me understand

Tv sales 2 weeks ago

Vanhu havachatengi ma products edu... So taakupisa kwazvinobva

Tv sales 2 weeks ago

Vanhu havachatengi ma products edu... So taakupisa kwazvinobva

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