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Bulawayo Residents Concerned About Accidents Involving ZUPCO Buses

Bulawayo Residents Concerned About Accidents Involving ZUPCO Buses

Bulawayo United Residents Association (BURA) has expressed concern over a spate of road accidents involving Zimbabwe United Passenger Company (ZUPCO) buses.

The association blames both ZUPCO and Bulawayo City Council (BCC).

This comes after two ZUPCO buses have been involved in road accidents in different parts of the city in just a week killing a combined four while injuring over 25 people.

BURA chairperson, Winos Dube said it was sad that the accidents were involving the main transport provider, ZUPCO whose mandate is said to save the people. Dube added:

It’s an issue of concern as residents as well as the leaders and representatives of residents that we have to go through such. This experience leaves us to ask ourselves what causes these accidents.

The state of the roads is very bad and needs serious attention.

And the buses themselves are they road worthy and are they the ones that should be providing these services.

Dube also suggested that the personnel tasked to ferry passengers may not be mentally sound to be delivering these services.

Dube urged the relevant authorities to fix the issue.

The accidents involving ZUPCO buses have not been confined to Bulawayo, they have been happening nationwide.

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MuGrade 2 3 months ago

Everywhere accidents happen...if you want to protest abt Zupco monopoly you are right buh don't hide behind a finger.

Boss Veda 3 months ago

MuGrade 2 uyo sure mugrade 2. Hauna kana zvawanzwisisa panyaya iyi. Its an issue of concern ikutaurwa apa wakungo rotomoka.

Manikiniki 3 months ago

Accidents do happen everywhere but obviously if its the public transporter the noise will get louder whether monopoly or no monopoly, public transport should be safest hence all those ViD checks for one to operate.

Riyaz 3 months ago

Mabhazi ekuti unovhura umbrella ⛱️ wapinda mukati kana kuchinaya, kana kuchipisa they are good conductors of heat unosweta ukazvirega. Bhazi rekuti you take 2hrs panodiwa 20 mins. Bhazi rekuti Unotenda kana rakona. Bhazi rekuti Unotenda Rika breaker. Bhazi rinoita kunge chimota chema vemperor.

MBAngwa 3 months ago

Ngavasiye vanhu vaite zvavanoda nemota dzavo,haikona kuda kukama dzevamwe varidzi vemombe muchivapa mutuvi ngavachigadzirazve Mabus acho handiti varikuti ndeavo

Khalifa 3 months ago

Zupco bodo🐤🐤🐤🐥

Madzibaba 3 months ago

Eiish ma1

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