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Bulawayo Resident Finds Newborn Baby Abandoned In Park

Bulawayo Resident Finds Newborn Baby Abandoned In Park

A newly-born baby boy was on Sunday afternoon found dumped at New Lobengula recreational park in Bulawayo by a passer-by, reported CITE.

The baby was reportedly found alive and still had his umbilical cord attached.

A passerby spotted the naked baby in the grass and quickly alerted some community members who contributed baby clothes to keep him warm.

A report was then made at Magwegwe Police Station which referred the case to Mpilo Hospital. Said Admond Ntini:

I stumbled upon the baby boy at New Lobengula park on Sunday afternoon. He had no clothes on and the umbilical cord was still attached to suggest that he had been born a few hours before. We are currently rushing the baby to Mpilo Hospital.

The community chipped in and assisted with some clothes to keep the baby warm. We then made a report at Magwegwe police station and they referred us to Mpilo hospital.

Cases of baby dumping are seemingly on the rise in Bulawayo after two infants were found dumped in different parts of the city two weeks ago.

On 12 November, in Matshobane,  residents found a baby boy wrapped in a cream and red blanket. The baby was abandoned near Matshobane football ground.

A day later, another infant was picked up in an area called Emagodini in Pumula South. The baby was placed in a plastic bag.

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MTHWAKAZI 2 months ago

if it wasn't for Moses😥😥

Tateguru 2 months ago

Just imaging if my mom dumped me

2 months ago

Thank God the life has been spared and saved. Some would have chosen to kill to save the selves from shame and humiliation

2 months ago

Aa this afternoon. Soo pindula is always in bulawayo.

Pindura 2 months ago

Yes we love the city of kings, the food is nice here, the ladies oh my God .....

Pastor 👤 2 months ago

these baby's are blessed their parents don't know that, if they knew how blessed these babies are, if they knew that these babies they dump they are carrying light in them to change the baby and parents lives they wouldn't be doing this.

Elder 2 months ago



Guka 2 months ago

People love money more than themselves more than family if the father was rich the baby was gone be used as a leverage to get money from the father

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