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Bulawayo Mayor, Deputy Boycott CCC Meeting Allegedly In Fear Of Mwonzora's Wrath

Bulawayo Mayor, Deputy Boycott CCC Meeting Allegedly In Fear Of Mwonzora's Wrath

Bulawayo Mayor, Solomon Mguni and former deputy mayor, Mlandu Ncube, Thursday boycotted a Citizens’ Coalition for Change (CCC) meeting organised for councillors in Harare allegedly in fear of the MDC-T leader Douglas Mwonzora.

The councillors were in the capital attending an Urban Councils Association of Zimbabwe (UCAZ) workshop. CCC sources said the party took advantage of the UCAZ indaba to summon the councillors following the recalling of Ward 3 councillor and deputy mayor Tinashe Kambarami by the MDC-T allegedly at the instigation of Mguni and Ncube.

It is claimed that while Ncube has been actively participating in several CCC Whatsapp groups, Mguni’s allegiance has not been clear since Mwonzora started recalling members viewed as aligned to Nelson Chamisa.

Sources said 13 councillors attended Thursday‘s meeting while one councillor tendered his apology after failing to attend.

Bulawayo City Council has 29 councillors with only one belonging to ZANU PF.

One councillor who attended the meeting addressed by the CCC’s leadership spoke to

Following the recalling of Kambarami, the party wanted to know those councillors, who are still with us and those who are pretending to be with us, while they are with Mwonzora.

Thursday‘s meeting finally exposed those fence-sitting individuals.

Some of the CCC councillors, who were present at the meeting include Donaldson Mabuto (Ward 9), Arnold Batirai Dube, (Ward 24) Sikhululekile Moyo (Ward 17), Edwin Dube ( ward 8), Ernest Rafamoyo (20) and Kambarami.

Due to fear of losing their posts, which will see some forfeiting cars and other perks, some have allegedly been attending meetings of both political parties to assess where the political wind is blowing.

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mubhabhatidzi 4 months ago

😂😂😂😂😂muchanaka this time famba nayo Doug;maCowards ayo


Time will catch up with the fence sitters.

Fence-sitter 4 months ago

Lukewarm believers

SA AND ZIM 4 months ago



msaigwa 4 months ago

vanhu avo ngavadzingwe Ku CCC hatidi makwara akadai

Maparamuro 4 months ago

Kuyedza dziva igumbo ribodzi makumbo ese unoyerera akadaro Tuku.
Why is this so important???

Zuze 4 months ago

@maparamuro, wakazvarwa nepaiko?
Kana uri muzukuru wadabhuku ukatumwa kwaMambo wosvikako woita kunge ndiwe wekumuzinda, uri duche.

Akutuma ndiye wako. Kwete awasangana Nate munzira. These imbeciles were voted into office under aegis of MDC Alliance under Chamisa. To change allegiance to Nzvonyora is selling out.

What is important is allegiance and principle, not prostituting themselves for monetary expedience

Maparamuro 4 months ago

Duche ndiwe @zuze wakazungaira zvisingaite. You don't understand the difference between party and party leader. They were elected under MDCT not under Chamisa the coward who chickened out of military training, the pathological liar who claimed to have been promised 15bln$ by Trump, the liar who says he is talking to UN to supervise elections when he is not. Uchasvinura zvako. CCC is a new party with the MPs and councillors who have been winning the recently held by elections, it cannot claim people who were elected in 2018 when it did not exist. Unofunga nepai nhai Zuze. Those people can publicly quit their posts and get reelected under CCC. Pfungwa shoma dzinoparira. The people who elected them can recall them if they so wish and feel they nolonger represent their interests. You need to develop a brain. If they were elected under Chamisa's CCC then let him go ahead and recall them.

Zimbabwe is stuck in the mud because of voters like you who worship elected officials. Zanupf worships Idhi imi you worship Chamisa 6 na 9 draw draw.

Zuze 4 months ago

Maparamuro, People voted for MDC Alliance under Chamisa in 2018, and are still voting for CCC under Chamisa in 2022. MDC-T didn't get any votes in 2018 (under Tokozani Khupe, Mwonzora & Company.) MDC-T only got the MDC Alliance bodies in Parliament courtesy of a captured judiciary not because they had voters behind them. Your assertion that there's a separation between leader and party is fallacious.

You assume that I am a CCC functionary which is also erroneous. I am not as jingoistic as you are about your party and its leadership. I discuss issues, not personalities. For example you waft eloquent about the shortcomings of Chamisa's lies but you conveniently forget the 42½years lies that ZANU under Mugabe and Mnangarwa have given us. Has anything positive come out of this jingoism that you spew?

1. Air Zimbabwe inherited 18 aeroplanes from Rhodesia Airways in 1980, how many does Air Zimbabwe have today?
2. ZUPCO inherited a functional fleet of Harare United Omnibus Company (HUOC) in Harare and Zimbabwe Omnibus Company in (ZOC) in Bulawayo. What is the state of affairs public transport in the 2 cities today?
3. Rhodesia Railways? - ditto
4. Piped water? - ditto
5. Electricity? - ditto
6. At independence every student studying at the University of Rhodesia/Zimbabwe either hot a scholarship ha a loan advanced by government, repayable after graduation. - and today?
7. ZANU has superintended over de-industrialisation since independence
8. Name significant infrastructural development that has taken place since independence? - DOLOLO (I will not accept shanty towns like Epworth, Southlea, etc with no tarred roads sewage, piped water and electricity)

All you can point out are perceived character deficiencies of Chamisa who hasn't been given opportunity to prove himself. Chamisa spoke of spaghetti roads in the run up to 2018, and you have hijacked the idea and what a corrupt shambles is Mbudzi Roundabout turning out to be.

Sorry pal, I am not as parochial as you are. Chamisa may have his faults but he us certainly heads and shoulders above the ZANU heriattics. Give me Chamisa any day of the week against any that ZANU can put forward

Maparamuro 4 months ago

@Zuze you sound like you can read and understand wani. I said zanupf and CCC are the same, CCC being a clone of zanupf. I never praised zanupf at any point hence the two being the same in my eyes. Chamisa's lies are in the public domain not debatable, that you will vote for him nomatter what is your right which I respect. That zanupf has lied for 43 years is also public knowledge.
One thing you are making a mistake about is the MDC Alliance VS MDCT issue.
Chamisa was president of the alliance by virtue of him being president of MDCT. Alliance was a collection of parties and their agreement is also in the public domain, that you choose to ignore something that even Chamisa and his followers do not dispute is also your right. One day you will recall this discussion and realise chamisa is the reason why the MDC split because the boy does not have any respect for any law, it's the praise and worship he gets from you that elevates him above the law and makes him behave like his mentors Mugabe and Idhi. Give him a chance it's your democratic right but forewarned is forearmed.

Maparamuro 4 months ago

@Zuze if CCC owns those councillors and yet they are flirting with Dougie then Chamisa has the right to recall them either as president of MDCA or CCC. He can't do it because they were elected under the banner of MDCT. Law is very stubborn my brother

Zuze 4 months ago

With all due respect @Maparamuro, the captured judiciary handed over MPs and Councillors voted for under the MDC Alliance banner whatever the definition you may allude. The MDC-T participated in those elections as MDC-T and got ZERO seats. Big fat ZERO seats.

Excuse me for breathing


Tsvukukuviri 4 months ago

The trick is to attend both CCC and MDC so that you don't recalled and at the same time you protect your future political life.


Grapevine rumours circulating in the city of Kings, Bulawayo, is that most Councillors under the banner of Advocate Mwonzora shall desert him at the last hurdle and join CCC political party.

I am not privy to the fact that those arrangements involve CCC political party or not.



Yours sincerely
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

Maparamuro 4 months ago

I feel sorry for the voter who has no representation in this game. Recalls are done because MPs and councillors do not represent the voter but the party bosses. There has never been a recall in consultation with the voter, they are all done by the party bosses, they don't even consult any party organs. MaZimbo takarara too much.
If these people leave Dougie the last minute it will be a good sign they are the worst political prostitutes who are out there to serve their personal interests and not the voters. They will sell their souls and allegiance to the highest bidder.

Moyo 4 months ago

There's some bitter truth in Maparamuro's argument.

mtt 4 months ago

sanctions must go. vote Strive

mtt 4 months ago

woona rimwe duzura richiti hapana masanctions it boggles my mind kuti kupusa rudzii apa konzi vakadzidza matakanana mupfungwa sanctions must go vote Strive

mtt 4 months ago

sanctions must go

Econ et 4 months ago

Unopenga iwe asi une nhumbu yaStrive nhai mumpfana mtt

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