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Bulawayo, Kariba Residents 'Ignore' Heroes Day Commemorations

Bulawayo, Kariba Residents 'Ignore' Heroes Day Commemorations

The 42nd Heroes Day Commemorations were poorly attended in Bulawayo and Kariba with some residents who spoke to NewsDay saying the event has lost its significance because the government is failing to honour the “real liberators”.

In Kariba, the commemorations were held at Nyamhunga Stadium while in Bulawayo the commemorations were held at the Nkulumane provincial Heroes Acre. Few people turned up at both venues.

ZIPRA Veterans Association spokesperson Buster Magwizi said President Emmerson Mnangagwa should first take care of the country’s former liberation fighters rather than harping about Vision 2030. Magwizi said:

Poverty is the measurement of war veterans; they are the ones who engineered push carts in the 1980s after they were sidelined.

Up to now, they are still pushing those push carts to try and earn a living.

The graves of the fallen heroes are scattered across the country, and up to now some of these fallen fighters have not been reburied.

They are speechifying on pulpits but are failing to honour their promises to the heroes.

Magwizi accused Mnangagwa of downplaying the contributions made by ZIPRA war veterans such as Jaison Ziyaphapha and Nikita Mangena as well as fallen heroes from Umkhonto weSizwe (the military wing of South Africa’s African National Congress). He said:

He does not talk about Jaison Ziyaphapha and Nikita Mangena because he has no business with them and wants to downplay their contributions and those made by Zipra forces. He only mentions Ndabaningi Sithole and James Chikerema.

The ZIPRA war veterans also questioned the criteria used in selecting national heroes.

Ibhetshu LikaZulu co-ordinator Mbuso Fuzwayo said true heroes are living in abject poverty while the politically connected are enjoying the country’s wealth. He said:

It’s unfortunate that the dream of freedom for 42 years has not yet been realised by the masses. We still have several unsung heroes who died and lie in unmarked graves or mass graves.

Genuine cadres are wallowing in poverty, while those that are politically connected are benefiting. The true liberators lost their properties and have not yet gotten them back.

Some ZIPRA war veterans allege that their contributions during the liberation struggle are being downplayed by the ZANU PF government, which seems to be amplifying those played by ZANLA forces.

ZIPRA was the military wing of ZAPU then led by Joshua Nkomo while ZANLA was ZANU’s military wing during the liberation struggle.

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1 month ago

Mari dzemuchovha hadzisi ku balancer

Zuze 1 month ago

Point of interest nobody seems to be saying anything about Edgar "TwoBoy" Tekere.

Is it because he was instrumental in torpedoing ZANU'S once cherished "One-party-state"?

Terrace Watch 1 month ago

Heroes who died in the struggle are now turning to n their graves vanamujibha Nana chimbwido from BB to Chirundu Plumtree to to Mutare.

Terrace Watch 1 month ago

Lip service is only used in politics when things are hard with no problems no mention of the likes of Eddie Tekere.

YouAreGuilty 1 month ago

War veterans and zanupf supporters are to blame for the bad state the country is in for not holding their leaders accountable for their incompetence and dishonesty and self enrichment. You made the bed we are sleeping in.
So stop crying 😢 crocodile tears 😭.

Imwe Mbeu 1 month ago

Iriko rini

Captain Jack Sparrow 1 month ago

These so called liberation heroes would have done us a big favour if they hadn't participated in the war kkkk Many Zimbos will voluntarily go into slavery it's a better life than the ones they are living kkkk

History 1 month ago

The war was not necessary as Britain was going to defeat Ian Smith's government and then hold elections for all parties.
War veterans fought Smiths government and never won the war. They only won the 1980 elections that Lord Soames the governor organized.



No one would wish the Kariba residents to come out and celebrate Heroes Celebrations if citizens take into account that they were recently thanked with balls of sweets. This was belittling them.

As for BULAWAYO residents, they are not happy with the way their former fighters are being treated. They always give examples of Nikita Mangena and Jason Ziyaphapha Moyo. This indicates that things are not rosy for the ruling party in these areas.




Yours sincerely
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

Kule Dhambi 1 month ago

kubvisa hudzvinyiriri hwema ngezi tichiisa vadzvinyiriri vatema. hakuna kufira mahara kunodarika zvatakaita

MuPfungwe Chaiye 1 month ago

Vadzvanyiriri vakasiya hudzvanyiriri

Zuze 1 month ago

Ndenge ndiri kuedza kurerutsa ndima.
1980 takaisa vadzvinyiriri.
2017 Vadzvinyiriri vakaisana vega (pun intended)

g 1 month ago

@zuze, makaisa here kana kuti vakazviisa?

Zuze 1 month ago

Isu tikazoisa vadzvinyiriri

Bonzo 1 month ago

Cde Edgar Tekere rimwe remagamba ramusingataire nezvaro

Rodrick 1 month ago

We did not ignore Heroes Day Commemorations,there is no water in Bulawayo,u want us to go there without bathing.

1 month ago

Tkt 1 month ago

Kkk aaayaa
Then if @History says War Vets never won the war against Smith but elections, soon @Future will appear to say the Current Generation will not win any election before they actually win a war of both GUNS & WORDS

💎The Truth 1 month ago

how can I attend that while I have 2weeks without running water, ngiyabe ngingayazi into engiyi yenzayo.

💎Qiniso lami lelo 1 month ago

thina labanye sibone kugcono , siyenzi tshwatshwatha esibhoraneni kulokuthi sitshiswe lilanga for amahara. lawe uyabona kodwa

Doctor Amai 1 month ago

Ndati Stop it musayende munoshandiswa mahara,isu takadzingwa wani, Jonathan musorobhangu aichinja mitemo kkkkk arikuKenya ndozvinoita zanu.
Mungatongwe namanyengavana kkkkk newuyu asingabviri mumaDhirezi ahhhh yasi.Mthuli katsotsi kanongoti hee economy yachinja for the better iko kachinyeba karikungotora mari kkkkkk Gold coins haachinjise economy Stop it proffesser of economic destruction

Sir Kaffir 1 month ago

Zanu Pf killed Herbert Chitepo because he did not to entertain an political settlement with Ian Smith had agreed to surrender power in 1980.
Chitepo wanted "majority now". so they assassinated in 1975 .Zanu does not acknowledge him yet he started the armed struggle.

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