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Bulawayo Council Plans Crackdown On Open Air Churches

Bulawayo Council Plans Crackdown On Open Air Churches

The Bulawayo City Council planning a clampdown on open-air churches across the city in response to complaints by residents of noise pollution.

Speaking at a full council meeting last week, Bulawayo deputy mayor Mlandu Ncube said:

The city is now dominated by flags of different churches. They are spreading cholera because they are using the bush as ablution facilities. I am saying let’s remove these churches from the city.

Ward 4 Councillor Silas Chigora said the problem should be dealt with once and for all. Chigora said:

We are shocked whether it’s worshipping or money-spinning activities, let’s write to these churches to say they should vacate those sites.

Let us (also) engage someone like a debt collector who will go around removing these people because I am tired of the complaints of these churches.

My community respects the environment, they respect trees, they respect rocks, they respect hills and mountains.

Let’s engage someone to round up these churches just like we did in George Silundika, let’s do that and deal with this problem once and for all.

Ward 27 councillor Alderman Siboniso Khumalo said the churches should apply for stands to construct places of worship.

Recently, Churches Council of Africa (CCA) founder and president Rocky Moyo said local authorities were demanding large amounts of money. | Business Times

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madzibaba 1 month ago

ndaoneswa gom a mberi kwenyu conillor hanzi kunodiea huku chena.

🤨🤨 1 month ago

Nyorai zvakanaka imi madzibaba

alshababa 1 month ago

krebii sgunemiiii...shundukutu mhai mwedzi wadarika makatemwa nemusor gundooooo hai hai hai criiiii panidiwa mucheka werudzi rwe nhundurwa 1m

Ngonidzashe - The Law Aspirant 1 month ago

Well done Bulawayo City Council. These churches have become the epicenter of crime and deviance. Rape cases & extortion among a hive of illicit activity are the day-to-day norm.

I firmly believe and subscribe to the notion that any church which is divorced from the Holy Bible is not a church simply because the Holy Bible is the sine qua non of the Christian doctrine. Churches need to be audited.

In the same vein, Bulawayo City Council should render public goods and services including water provision, refuse and garbage collection.

Worzell Gummidge 1 month ago

@Ngonidzashe - The Law Aspirant: You aspire towards a noble profession & that's commendable. However, a lawyer must never be encumbered by personal bias, personal feelings or personal religious convictions.

You have to think for both sides. You never know who approaches your chambers seeking legal representation or advice. It might be the Defendant or the Plaintiff. It might be the Apostolic Sect Congregants or the Bulawayo City Council.

Look at the facts, issues & the applicable law. Remember that freedom of worship, freedom of conscience, freedom of assembly & association are sacrosanct constitutional rights that Mapostori are equally entitled to. On the other hand the BCC has by-laws that enforce public health but the by-laws are not superior to constitutional rights.

So you must either strike a balance (a win-win situation) or win outright for your clients based on the provisions of the relevant laws. Lastly, Never use the Bible as a yardstick or authority on legal matters.

Sungwe 1 month ago

Ha destroy these things. Too much noise. Anyone who makes noise should be dealt with. If you make noise that spreads to other people who don't want to hear it you should be penalized

Kupera kwenguva 1 month ago

asi kana munhj achiridza radio pamba pake akachurisa radio hamucomplaine. vanhu mazuvaano varikutsvaka kuti chiChristu chihwandiswe varege kuchiona kana vasina kuenda kumabuildings avanenge vari. havachakwanisi ku-endure kunzwa shoko raMwari.

labushulu 1 month ago

pama comment pano pane wandaona anemweya wehurombe mweya wemadzinza unoda kudzingwa.. munhu iyeye asikubasa asi anoita zvemaoko kuti ararame anonzi kudakwashe ngaandibate ndimubatsire

👤 1 month ago

chingo mubatsiraika sezvo mazviona,zvekuzo tsvagwa ndozvinei

Hwesa 1 month ago

Ava havana problem, iwo masmart church ndiyo atove nenoise nemazispeaker avo. Nyaya yeu**** put yo effort kumaBottle store, maHwindi mumaTerminus. White churches itai vachere maBlair toilets chete.


CIO 1 month ago

Mwari mwari nei madaro mweya webulawayo Audi kunamata kwevanhu
Asi mhombwe nepfambi muma streats

1 month ago

Riiiiii panodihwa sheredhe, nhamo kucity council maindustry akavharwa now on church stands riiiií

k 1 month ago

itayi henyu asi mwari churches aingovapo kubva kare aya.chii chashamia nezvima councilor zvenyu mwari na councilor

k 1 month ago

if you deal with it once and for all God will deal with you also

ngozi 1 month ago

gabrona mambo eriya

Dofo 1 month ago

Mapostori siyanai navo,,noise kudii imi yamotiitira muchitinyebera nezvema services asiko makambosungiswa nani,,mabhawa radio full blast zvimwe zvidhakwa zvinoitira weti pese pese hamuvasungi,,,Taurai zvemagetsi ne mvura apa

Gareth Southgate 1 month ago

these gangsters in suits masquarading as bulawayo city council must respect freedom of worship and freedom of association as enshrined in the constitution of the Great Zimbabwe

1 month ago

Your Freedoms should also not infringe on other people's Rights

Daddy 1 month ago

Pahu**** apo ichokwadi chaiyo, havacheri maToilet, something sure needed to be done

Zimbo 1 month ago

Good move vanhu varikusvibisa nyika.Mbiya netumucheka kuzara pese pese nhai.Vamwe kungo mha ma kwese kwese nekushaikwa kwema toilets

Mr Byo 1 month ago

BCC is failing to repair sewers and potholes .. All they know is going after churches. Bulawayo looks like hell.. and its dirty

1 month ago

Mr. Byo, if you think Bulawayo is dirty, you haven't seen Harare. Be grateful for small mercies

kkkk 1 month ago

@**** uriright coz everyone is making noise political parties bottle stores,beerhall,pentacostal churches,homes,bands why single out mapositori

Timothy 1 month ago

Toilets needed😷😷

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