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Bulawayo Council Disconnects Water Supplies To Over 70 Schools

Bulawayo Council Disconnects Water Supplies To Over 70 Schools

Over 70 of Bulawayo’s schools are operating without water after the council disconnected supplies due to non-payment of rates, Sunday News reported.

The schools reportedly owe the council a combined $100 million while those connected are having to make do with intermittent supplies owing to water shedding.

The Bulawayo City Council says 72 of the city’s 86 schools that are not run by the local authority had their water supplies disconnected in August during the school holidays.

Most of the affected schools are government schools.

Bulawayo City Council’s Financial Services Department Director Mr Kimpton Ndimande told Sunday News last week that some schools had come forward to make payment plans and have since had water supplies restored.

However, 41 schools are still dry.

Ndimande said the city was forced to take drastic measures after multiple attempts to encourage the schools to pay had failed. Ndimande said::

We don’t want to disrupt their programmes. Those children are our children and we want them to learn. Therefore, the decision to suspend water supply during the holiday was meant to give the school an opportunity to regularise its standing way before schools open so that by the time the term resumes, water supply would have been restored and learning was not disrupted. However, it is unfortunate that we have tried numerous times to engage most of the schools on their debt, however, they have not been forthcoming, we then came to the decision of disconnecting water supplies in order to encourage them to pay.

He said his department was considering engaging the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education provincial office on the matter and said in previous years, the ministry had intervened and made schools pay.

Bulawayo City Council Acting Finance Manager Revenue in the Financial Services Department Mr Euther Siziba said the water disconnection exercise had helped the council to recover $21 million since August. 

He said the 41 schools that had not yet made efforts to pay or make an arrangement included Hugh Beadle, Milton Junior, Sobukhazi, Lobengula Secondary, Mpopoma High School, Lochview, Trenance, Newmansford, Amaswazi, Sikhulile, Helemu and Fusi Primary.

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Mafirakureva 4 months ago

Even government ministries in Harare are not paying rates and water bills.

And the learned Professor of (Lack of) Finance says Zimbabwe has a budgetary surplus apa haasi kubhadhara zvikwereti and service bills. Hu**** hwacho hunopisa tsitsi

Mafirakureva 4 months ago

**** =

Duduzani 4 months ago

Well done City of Kings, these are rate paying defaulters, you pay and I offer you services like refuse collection and a guaranteed safe tap water. Sibonge izinduna zakoBulawayo

yoli 4 months ago

itai yamukuita isu kuno kugokwe bho


This is the doing of the CCC council trying to wage war against the citizens by causing cholera where do the think the children will go mama and not wash hands infact this is biological warfare .
Anyway schools will be closed then you wonder why the mandere have a zero pass rate.
Yours faithfully
Dr William Sonboy Chinembiri

Zuze 4 months ago

MaZANU maschupeti, kuda zvemahara so you can blame local government. How do you expect service delivery when you don't pay for water and rates?

Fanika uyu anozviti Dr. Sonnyboy, mudehenya make makazara mat.uzvi

Chipoko chaQueen 4 months ago

Dai waiziya kuty Sonnboy vanhu vangani kaa😂😂,izvezv you can even pretend to be him

Hwesa 4 months ago

Bhadharai zvifambe. Vamwe tobhadhara vani. Vana munodzinga kuchikoro kana vasina kubhadhra, kanzuru yovharawo mvura kana musina.

Zuze 4 months ago

@Chipoko, vana Sonboy vakawanda pano paPindula. Vari pabasa kuona kuti vanhu vari kuitei and propagating ZANU interests.

Wakambomuonepi munhu ane ndakati kwesere mukore uno anoti pamberi neZANU ?

Nimrod 4 months ago

Hoping they had exhausted all possible channels before taking such drastic action. ko vana vanozivei?


mtt 4 months ago

cholera un schools water hachisi chinhu chekutamba nacho inoudza rufu rukuru. vote Strive for Success and sanctions must go . matakanana kwete

Chinese zodiac 4 months ago

Mtt uri sascam **** chairo strive adiyi kunyangwe akacontester haazive politics hatimbomuvotera uri benzii kana usina zvktaura better ubonyore zvikange nani

Self-Help Projects 4 months ago

Bonyorai together, the winner tomupa Mai Titi

Jay jay 4 months ago

Mai titi rangove tunnel risisina magumo

Murivo nemapotato 4 months ago

finish 😂😂😂😂😂

leader 4 months ago

punishing xul kidz nxa

leader 4 months ago

Punishing school kidz nxa

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