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Bulawayo Closes Main Post Office Gardens Following The Collapse Of The Veranda Roof

Bulawayo Closes Main Post Office Gardens Following The Collapse Of The Veranda Roof

Bulawayo City Council (BCC) has closed off from members of the public the Main Post Office Gardens following the collapse of the veranda roof a few weeks ago.

Experts deemed the whole roof enclosure as potentially unstable and a danger to the public leading to the council closing off the whole place until repairs have been carried out and the place deemed safe again.

In a statement released by the town clerk Mr Christopher Dube, the local government authority said: 

The City of Bulawayo would like to advise members of the public that a portion of the Main Post Gardens Veranda roof collapsed a few weeks ago. The whole roof enclosure is deemed potentially unstable following expert assessments. To avert any possible danger to the public, Council, interms of Section 48 Chapter 2 of the Model Building By-Laws has closed off the place to the public forthwith until necessary repairs have been done and the roof certified safe and stable.

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Stop whinning about sanctions 1 month ago

Stop making excuses about sanctions and deliver. Vote CCC

Machiavelli 1 month ago

That a true example of proffetionalism being exhibited by the City Father's at City Hall. Hands up to the City technical team. I tell you, you are safe, the moment you set foot in the City of Kings.
It does not matter who the building owner is.
Hands up to the City of Kings leadership. They are a true model city management team.

Machiavelli 1 month ago

Celebrating closure of a City icon is the pits of retrogression. Closing of a Post Office cannot by any stretch of imagination be considered as model city management. What happened to preventative management? Preventative management obviate the need to close city amenities. No wonder this country is sliding back into oblivion.

Yes, people will be safe kept away from collapsing verandas. What about patients in Parirenyaywa and Mpilo Hospitals whose ceilings are collapsing on them? Are they to ve evacuated to parking lots as well?

ZANU has failed. Period.

Machiavelli 1 month ago

p.s. Fake Machiavelli, note that the correct spelling is not 'proffetionalism' but professionalism.

Please do not assassinate The King's Language, unless you want to create a new ShoNgrish Fanikalo (Pidgin English), in which case start with a ShoNgrish dictionary.

Dzvamu 1 month ago

Truth, national economy is dead. Everywhere there is failure

Nyika 1 month ago

Yamaichemera yaita mamvemve by Thomas Mapfumo

Citizen 1 month ago

ipai ma basa vanozvigona vachi vaka

CCC by birth 1 month ago

The economy is totally being ruined most of those infrastructure are the ones which were left by the colonialists . and after that they are busy saying "takayitenga ne ropa " how can you say we are now independent while we are still depending on the residues of the whites and failing to maintain. ipapo you will hear them saying Chamisa depeUeropiends on European countries achatengesa nyika sei fut

Guka 1 month ago

Veranda rino vakwa neVene varo

1 month ago

... raputswa nevene varo (ZANU)


1 month ago

Lilungisa nini babu gavamendi

1 month ago

does it always have to go through constitution to be sure that the roof is old and sunken do we realy need that in section wat wat chapter 2 of the wat wat yhe roof inst safe i wonder where we are going as a nation it has fallen period those chaoters are tge ones stoping us repairs could have been doneif not for the chapters that contradicts its says it fell weeks ago weeks maybe 30weeks

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