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Bulawayo City Council Names Streets

Bulawayo City Council Names Streets

Bulawayo City Council (BCC) has named some streets in the city’s new suburbs for easy identification of properties.

In a statement yesterday, Bulawayo Town Clerk Mr Christopher Dube said wider consultations with residents were conducted before new street names were adopted.

Dube said the exercise is guided by the council resolution of the 8th August 1990 where the Council adopted guidelines for the naming of public features including streets.

He said in suburbs which are already developed and have residents residing there, ward councillors were engaged to liaise with the residents to come up with the street names in line with guidelines for street naming which were availed to them.

Dube said street naming is ongoing in suburbs such as Mahatshula North, Mahatshula South, Parklands East Extension, Emhlangeni, Harrisvale, Lochview, Sunninghill, Manningdale, Marvel, Newton, Neqi, Selborne Park, Willsgrove, Buena Vista and Donnington West.

He added that Council on 4 January 2017 adopted the following street names for Mahatshula which are based on the Nguni chieftaincy surnames and totems:

a). Chiefs: Chief Bidi, Chief Khayisa, Chief Tshitshi, Chief Nkalakatha, Chief Sivalo, Chief Nyangazonke, Chief Sikhobokhobo, Chief Gwebu, Chief Tshugulu, Chief Dlodlo; Chief Mathuphula, Chief Maduna, Chief Mabhikwa, Chief Maqhekeni, Chief Mzimuni, Chief Magama, Chief Gampu, Chief Mguni.

b).  Some of the names and totems include Sokhela, Manyewu, Mgutshini, Njola, Mguni Fethe, Mazibuko Thwalabesebe, Mangwana, Gogo Natali and Tshili Mkheswa among others.

Mr Dube said the themes chosen were names of late leaders whom they felt had contributed to the development of Bulawayo and the country and indigenous trees. These include:

i). Nicholas J Mabodoko – BCC Mayor of Bulawayo 1981-1983,

ii). Abel N. T Siwela BCC First Executive Mayor of Bulawayo 1996-2000,

iii). Bishop Siphuma Roman Catholic Priest,

iv). Bishop Kaslew Lutheran Church Priest.

v). David Ndoda – Salvation Army Priest,

vi). Reverend Nunu-Methodist Church Priest,

vii). Rev Manyoba Methodist Church Priest,

viii). Dr Joana Davis-Former Medical Doctor and

ix). J Mkandla and SDA Church Priest.

Residents of Buena Vista, which is adjacent to Lochview along the Old Esigodini road, chose to have their roads named after indigenous trees: Umvimila, Iminyela, Umphafa, Umviyo, Umkhuna, Umvagazi, Umhlali, Umlugulu, Umkhiwa, Ugagu.

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- 1 week ago

This is not fair until you include the first Africa player to play in EPL Peter Ndlovu. Maybe you are waiting for him to die first then you will honor him

Night xul Graduate 1 week ago

why you not include pius Ncube on the list

Putin 1 week ago

service delivery first not this nonsense

Zithukuthuku 1 week ago

I really wonder Why Rev Danisa UCCSA formerly LMS the oldest Church in Zimbabwe was ommitted???

Observer 1 week ago

Naming streets after "has_beens" is not a good system.. a better and immutable naming convention would be better to stop confusion.
Has_beens belong in a museum.


missed 1 week ago

diversify izvi zvine nzvimbo yavo where naming is good and important

factos 1 week ago

naming streets doesn't solve economic problems

kkkkkkk 1 week ago


Asalif 1 week ago

why is Chief Ndiweni not there

Mtwakhazi 1 week ago

This is Bulawayo not Fairbridge

Mafirakureva 1 week ago

Who do you think Chief Khayisa is ?

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