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Browse Zimbabwean Job Vacancies Online Without Data Bundles - Yes it's possible

Browse Zimbabwean Job Vacancies Online Without Data Bundles - Yes it's possible

Here at Pindula we sometimes encounter people who say:

I can’t find a job because jobs are posted online. And I can’t get online because i don’t have money for data bundles

We are surprised when we hear this because it means they don’t know yet they can use the Pindula App without needing to buy data bundles.

So we tell them about it. Their response is usually: “haaa shuwa here? 😲 “

We then tell them that we post several Job Vacancies in the app every day. About 100 jobs a week in total!

This is why we are posting this message here. More people need to know about this because times are hard.

If you know someone that would be helped by the Pindula app and being able to browse job vacancies in it, please send them the Pindula App APK.

You can download it here: (If you are on Econet this link actually works even if you don’t have data)

The app can also be downloaded on Google Play here: 

How to find Zimbabwean Job Vacancies in the Pindula App

Once the app is installed and opened, here’s how one can browse the job vacancies:

  • At the bottom of the screen, click on “Explore”
  • On the page that comes, click on “Pindula Jobs”

You can then see a list of recent jobs posted in the app. The jobs are posted throughout the day so it’s always good to check back if there are no jobs suitable for you.

If you’re reading this message on WhatsApp, please help others by forwarding it to family and friends and in groups.

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tongwai 3 weeks ago


Vaye vaye 3 months ago

Ko tipei mabasa acho ini ndiri kutsvaga reku drive ndine class (2)two with (6)six years experience

Washington Mubayiwa 3 months ago

That's Excellent, thanks Pindula

Captain Jack Sparrow 3 months ago

The app is crap it crashes after every few mins or is it kuty it wasnt optimised for iOS kkkkkkk

ChiBhinzi 3 months ago

Team Pindula BIG UP.... Real patriots reaching out to all m****es at your own expense. Free munyika yezanu haibatike

Collins 3 months ago

Maita basa

Cde Tongogara 3 months ago

lwe chikomana unondishungurudza chokwadi unotofunga kuti wakarwa hondo wega.Isu vana tongogara takaifira nyika iyi asi hatina kubvira tafunga kuti mungatochinzvimbo chevangere.Tinonzwa kurwadziwa patinotarisa vana vezimbabwe,aiwa zvinorwadza hatina kurwira vanhu vatatu asi munhu wese.Vana vevhu vatambudzwa nevangere vaneganda dema.NEHANDA MAPFUPA AKO NGAAMUKE


Executive Zvimbazi 3 months ago

Most Zanu pf elites have not downloaded the Pindula app . As the pindula executive i have found it not cool and am concerned about that.

So we tell them about it. Their response is usually: “haaatizvidi hatizhidi , ngazhiende zhigoenda ? 😲 “

Jinn 3 months ago

Awesome app, keep it up Pindula!

Mistubish Pajero 3 months ago

Thanks pindula ne application ta downloader

@YoungAcademic 3 months ago


Manzini 3 months ago

yaa why not?

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