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'Broncleer Is Not Banned In Football'

'Broncleer Is Not Banned In Football'

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) says the use of Broncleer cough syrup by athletes cannot be a sports anti-doping matter as the drug does not contain substances listed under prohibited lists.

WADA was established in 1999 as an international independent agency to promote doping-free sport.

Responding to emailed questions from Chronicle, WADA senior manager, media relations and communications, James Fitzgerald, said Broncleer does not contain any banned substances. He said:

The product contains no prohibited substance and, as you suggest, actually negatively affects performance.

Why is this a sports anti-doping matter? What is it that WADA should look at?

Warriors’ doctor and chairman of the Africa Zone VI Region anti-doping organisation Nick Munyonga also said Broncleer does not contain prohibited substances. Said Munyonga:

It (broncleer) contains Codeine and alcohol, which I understand are not on the prohibited list.

Recently, Bulawayo City FC coach Philani “Beefy” Ncube claimed that 80 per cent of Zimbabwean footballers abused drugs, particularly Broncleer. Ncube was quoted as saying:

I can tell you that almost 80 per cent of Zimbabwean players are on drugs. I will not mention names but when we played Highlanders there was a player from their end who was clearly under the influence.

He was just sleeping. I know for a fact that he takes drugs. Then you hear people saying the coach must go.

The biggest problem is that some of the fans are selling these substances to the boys.

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Chik 3 months ago

I think Bronco is a prescription drug. Without a prescription noone is allowed to consume Bronco, it's therefore banned. Zvaava WADA ndezvimwewo, this story may be misunderstood by our drug loving youths to mean legalisation of Bronco.

Me 3 months ago

should be banned at least to enhance performance

guy t 3 months ago

its doesn't enhance performance,but it downs you forcing you to extremely relax and calming your nerves,

MuGrade 2 3 months ago

It doesn't enhance performance..How do they perform when they are STICKING?? ANTI-DOPING is against cheating in sports...Broncleer can't qualify as cheating...with Bronco n Beer you can't perform at your best in sports--buh it is very well in Comedy world n dramas...

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