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British Peer Voices Opposition To Zimbabwe's Commonwealth Return Bid

British Peer Voices Opposition To Zimbabwe's Commonwealth Return Bid

A British parliamentarian has said Zimbabwe must not be readmitted into the Commonwealth following the continued pre-trial detention of Zengeza West MP and prominent opposition politician Job Sikhala.

Baroness Kate Hoey, a member of the House of Lords of the United Kingdom (UK), was commenting on Sikhala’s letter which he wrote from Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison a few days ago.

Among other things, Sikhala said he had developed a strange illness and was prepared to be killed for defending the values and principles of a free and open democratic society. Said Baroness Hoey:

A shocking abuse of human rights by Emmerson Mnangagwa and ZANU PF. Zimbabwe must not be allowed back into the commonwealth.

Sikhala, who is the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) vice chairman, was arrested on 14 June 2022 on allegations of inciting violence following the murder of Moreblessing Ali, a Chitungwiza Municipality employee and resident of Nyatsime who was linked to the opposition political party.

His trial only began on January 2023.

Meanwhile, Zimbabwe left the Commonwealth group in 2003 after it had been suspended for a year over alleged human rights violations. |

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Ali Tinasheba albamohamed 1 month ago

Haaaa zvakutimakisa a latter from maximum prison here amana
Ngavamusiye zvakuwedzera
Or hangman ngachiita hake basa zvakubhohwa izvi

1 month ago

Well done

Dred 1 month ago

Free Job Sikhala

Dispenser 1 month ago

Shame on Ed and crue, zvongoratidza kuti is an illegal gvt. Let's go in numbers to vote tibvise this illegal gvt.

CHAWABVUNZA 1 month ago

I do not enjoy sanctions, but I do not see the Commonwealth readmitting Zimbabwe because of its Human Rights record.

pk 1 month ago

hatitongerwe nyaya dzedu nema british. mugabe tekere and others were jailed for 10 years without trial. job ane nyaya dzake,

zelensky 1 month ago

God 👁️👁️👁️👁️vana venyu

@pk 1 month ago

Where is the person who invited the brutal murder of Mboweni Ncube in Kwekwe. Where are the vimpers who killed him, free of course and roaming in the streets of Kwekwe drowning in kambucha, kambwa and mtoriro.


Mukanyapazvese 1 month ago

If you want to dine with the king then play by the king's rules period

ED Shweeee 1 month ago

Zimbabwe will never be a colony again

Vesto 1 month ago

And you promulgate Patriotic Act?
And you blame CCC for calling sanctions when you (ZANU) invite sanctions by your own actions.

With friends like ZANU, who needs enemies?

1 month ago


Blue💙 says 1 month ago

Sekutamba sekuseka

Patriot 1 month ago

If the issue is revolving around Job Sikhala then the regime must simply free him to be re admitted in the Common Wealth. This will be a noble cause if they are truly serious about re engagement. Asi if it is not then the British must go and hang !

Jack Chigamba 1 month ago

@ Vesto... 😁
"with friends like Zanu PF,who needs enemies?"
I admit bro ,you got wit .

nostro vostro 1 month ago

musazvifonere tambotsura mumwe

mlambo naume 1 month ago

taneta nenyaya dza sikala

Zuze 1 month ago

You are free to skip any and all articles that have Job Sikhala on the headline banner.

Better still don't subscribe to Pindula. You are also advised to read any of the following:-
1. The Sunday Mail;
2. The Herald;
3. Kwayedza;
4. H-Metro;
5. The Chronicle;
6. The Sunday Times; and
7. The Manica Times.

These will save you from reading about Sikhala. However, if you are illiterate, as I assume you may be, I advise you to listen to DeadBC, both TV and Radio.

Dubs 1 month ago

@pk Zimbabweans fought fo feedom & removal of human rights abuses and exploitation. What then is indepedence if exploitation is carried on by our own?

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