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Zimbabwean Musicians Charge Maize Buckets For Show Entrance (Explained)

Zimbabwean Musicians Charge Maize Buckets For Show Entrance (Explained)

A music show poster circulating on social media has raised interest amoung Zimbabweans.

On the poster, a band (Simon Mutambi & Cobra Kings) is charging a bucket of Maize (Chibage) for admission to a show they’ll hold at a beerhall in Rafingora (Zimbabwe) this month.

This form of payment struck many as unusual.

Here’s the full poster:

Pindula got in touch with someone close to the band who explained the model:

These guys (the band) were given a flat fee to perform at that place. Whoever is the promoter of the show, is the one who will have people pay buckets of maize. 

It’s because in that area, people are farmers. So they may not have hard cash, but they can bring bags of maize. That will also happen even for beer sales. There’s nothing different here. Isn’t a bucket of maize is around $6? So [effectively] he wil be charging more than he ussualy charges [in cash]. 

What’s happening here is it’s not the band that’s going to be taking money here. The band was given a flat fee and the promoter holding the event is the one who comes from that area. He is aware of how people in his surroundings can pay up. Because money may be an uphill task for them.

There’s usually scenarios like this in different areas. There’s nothing awkward about this anyway. In other places sometimes they go there and the person receiving payments is the one who knows about the area… Let’s say people have gold but they have no hard cash – maybe you can say a gram of gold for entry.

The band normally charges US $5 admission to its shows.

A gram of gold currently goes for about $56 on the international market.

Zimbabwe has a currency problem, with the country’s own currency sometimes not accepted by informal traders. The US dollar is increasingly used more than the local currency to pay for things.

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worried citizen 1 month ago

welcome to world of barter trade ­čśä­čśä­čśä­čśä

1 month ago

beonco 1 month ago

ma**** chi chonz 1 buckets of maize


I tell you that what this band or promoter is doing is very reasonable. He will sell the maize to recoup his takings.

At one time here in Zimbabwe parents were encouraged to pay school fees in goats, sheep and chickens !!!!!


Yours sincerely
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

Songo 1 month ago

Kwedu taitotemera maTicha huni wotengerwa maBooks

NHUBU 1 month ago

I am one of them,I went to xool through selling chickens, and mbewa chaidzo

VADER­čç┐­čçŽ 1┬ámonth ago

­čśé­čśé­čśé it's 2022 ffs,why are we going backwards ?

barter trade association of Zimbabwe 1 month ago

keep up the good work.

pindula 1 month ago

if you are struggling with the comment section comment as a reply , your comment will reflect.muve nehoza Friday yakanaka.dont drink and drive but drink and drunk.


36 1 month ago

That's very thoughtful of you mr promoter Im very very sure you'll get more money from this well planned strategy.Keep it up.

Anti -corruption commission 1 month ago

Our fellow Zimbabwean please bear with us as we go through the statutory instrument that says maize is now a controlled crop .If this Promoter is violeting it we arrestet& release him as soon as possible

Gwedu 1 month ago

nothing nee System Tazvida once used same strategy mumuprazi


Formidable and convincing MARKETING STRATEGY

Anonymous 1 month ago

Thats very reasonable, barter trade. Imagine kuenda kushow watorova smart, bbe paside wakatakura a sack of maize. And you will also need another bucket of maize for the beers kkkkk, 2 buckets wakajima uchienda kumafaro

ery 1 month ago

apa waisa 2 buckets for 2 ppl then u need 2 more buckets yekudhakwa nekurova bhinzi ehe chiweti umm. matura anopera apa chibage chakashandwa nemhuri yose daddy voga ndivo voenda voga kwaSimon Mutambi kumafaro mhuri haimbofari

kkkkkkkk 1 month ago

dzimwe nyika dzikuenda mberi isu tikudzokera stone age ­čśą

Chipo 1 month ago

What about payment in kind, (those who know know)?

dey 1 month ago

Chipo ukuda kubhadhara shiw nechiweti manje kwaane Iphine 14pro uchatopihwa edzi nembinga kuti upihwe iphone ndachema zvangu Chipo apa urip huya pamatura ebhangeti kunzwe nyaya yako

­ččîŻ 1┬ámonth ago

@chipo gara pasi kana usina maize,,sufuna kulala lo promoter

Sungura Promoter 1 month ago

yeah that's zim for you

Sir 1 month ago

Thats being innovative.

youth 1 month ago


Gafa 1 month ago

Thats why we are second after Lebanon in poverty rating Zanu ngainzwire vanhu tsitsi kuromba here chii

Nyt xul Graduate 1 month ago

There's is nothing wrong about this methods only kuti as mentioned above zvine basa going to show wakatakura 2buckets of maize ibasa

Apolitically 1 month ago

no matter how you may try to explain that,that simple shows that something ain't right in the nation period

worried citizen 1 month ago


Dr Gres 1 month ago

Signs of a Collapsed economy

nhamoinesu 1 month ago

System Tazvida used to do that..

Manikiniki 1 month ago

ZANU is the cause of all these funny innovations. Zanu must just go they have failed this nation nxaaa.

GaÔł┤ 1┬ámonth ago

Dont forget you are second after Labanon in poverty rating hazvishamisi Zimbabwe ineurombo hunotyisa.

youth 1 month ago


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