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Bride Humiliated As Groom's Wife Stops Marriage

Bride Humiliated As Groom's Wife Stops Marriage

A Harare woman was so humiliated that she collapsed several times after her white wedding was stopped by the groom’s first wife in Harare on Saturday.

The groom, Everisto Mukura, who has four wives, intended to wed Anne Ntini Dube.

However, Everisto’s first wife, Sheron Chitowa, stopped the wedding after coming with her two children to the ceremony, and had their birth certificates, to prove her marriage.

Pastor Mathias Madzivanyika and his wife Mildred, who were among the guests, tried to console the bride and spoke to Sheron first before meeting Anne and Everisto.

Some of the invited guests wanted Everisto to hand a token of divorce (gupuro in Shona) to Sheron, so as to continue with the wedding ceremony.

Other guests blamed Everisto for preparing a wedding fully aware that he was attached to four other women. Said a guest:

Everisto deserves to be treated that way because he knew that he has four wives.

We have different types of marriage Acts in our country and he should have chosen one that goes with his beliefs or preferences.

A white wedding is for men who are comfortable with one wife, kwete vebarika (not polygamists).

As for Anne, she wasted our time in preparing two bridal showers when she was aware that Everisto had four wives.

The two have shamed us. They invited us to a shameful wedding.

Reverend Shirichena who was the presiding marriage officer said Everisto and Anne were not his congregants. He said:

The two are not my congregants but engaged me to officiate at their wedding.

They never said anything close to the issues that is why I asked with confidence if there was anyone among guests who had queries about the two.

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S 3 months ago

Hazvibatsire kumisa muchato. Kana usisa diwe. Musamanikidze kudiwa. Dai akachata muchato iwoyo. Pamutemo, the other wives would have been termed illegal marriage. But forcing someone to love you hazvibatsire.

Kid 7 3 months ago

I think anga asingade to force him to love her, but kwaiva kudira jecha kkkkk, imagine unenge wakwereta kweta kuita muchato apa the expenses still need to be meet, apa hauna kana picture remuchato. Mukadzi uyo wanted to fix the guy.

chimuti 3 months ago


Tanyah Mashy 3 months ago

Yaa ichi chakanyanya

Nkust 3 months ago

Imwi vedare may be I'm missing a point here chii chombovhairisa nemuchato, kana kty i used wrong term chii chakambonakira muchato kana kty pane zvinopiwa vakachata kupfeka kumeso kuti Vasa chive here kana kty zvinopfekedzwa order dzavo kuti kana akachata haazohwi kuda vamwe vakadzi

Gono 3 months ago one chaiwo

gunners 3 months ago

kkkk iri ndo gweregwere chairo, bhuru chairo

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