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Bread Price Increase Looming As Millers Say Bread Flour Price Has Gone Up

Bread Price Increase Looming As Millers Say Bread Flour Price Has Gone Up

A bread price increase is looming as the Grain Millers Association (GMAZ) has said the price of bread flour has gone up by an aggregate of 10%. In a statement seen by Pindula News, millers said the increase takes into account exchange rate depreciation, and fuel price increase among others. We present the statement below:


The milling industry continues to face serious inflationary headwinds which include:

1. The finance cost occasioned by the increase of interest rates from100% to 200% 2. The increase of the local wheat price from GMB to millers by 08%. 3. The interbank exchange rate has moved up by 5,5% from US$1: ZW$362,6 to US$1: ZW$382,5. 4. The currency devaluation has severely impacted on the general operation cost. 5. There was also an upward review of the prices of fuel.

The aggregate impact of these movements will be around 10% increase in the price of flour to bakers. However, individual millers and bakers will continue to deliberate on prices, leveraging on quantity discounts, payment terms and any other considerations.

Andrew Kunambura

Corporate Affairs Manager

13 Bodle Avenue, Eastlea, Harare, Zimbabwe +263 8644 255 873 / +263 242 797 457

Prices of bread have been going up recently with bakers citing depletion of wheat reserves in the country and an increase in prices of wheat imported.

The bread price, at about US$1.30, is already too high for some members of the public. An increase in prices will only make matters worse.

This comes after the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ), Drย John Mangudya last month, said the central bank expects bakers to review the prices of bread downwards.ย 

Pindula News

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