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Boy (4) Chokes On Leach Fruit Seed

Boy (4) Chokes On Leach Fruit Seed

A four-year-old boy from Hobhouse, Mutare, died recently after he choked on a leach fruit seed.

Zimbabwe Republic Police spokesperson for Manicaland Province, Inspector Nobert Muzondo, confirmed the incident. He said:

Ashton Jakata died after being choked by a leach fruit on December 11 in Hobhouse suburb. The young boy was eating leaches with his aunt when he choked.

After having the fruit, the aunt noticed that the boy was having difficulty in breathing. She tried to assist the boy but failed.

The aunt took the boy to Victoria Chitepo Provincial Hospital where he was pronounced dead upon arrival. The matter was reported at ZRP Chikanga.

| The Manica Post

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Marchiavelli 1 month ago

KO chinombonzi leach fruit muchero upi wakonzeresa Rufus rwemwana.

Mmmm 1 month ago

I think you are a zanupf leach Sucking the blood out of the oppressed people.

farmer 1 month ago

small like.peach in size.but it's outer layer is pimple like

Machiavelli 1 month ago

Both the article journalist and MARCHIAVELLI (obviously fake) got it wrong. The fruit is spelt litchi not leach. Leaches are insects or arthropods that suck blood from a living organism, normally humans. Litchis are stone-cored fruits like peaches but smaller and very sweet.

Hwesa 1 month ago

But spelling haiitse news to be fake.

1 month ago

Lychee or lichee are the other correct variations of name of the fruit The fruit has got a rather large seed and I think that's what choked the kid Sad indeed

Machiavelli 1 month ago

@no name, you are absolutely correct. I used the Afrikaans name which is more used here and South Africa. Tge other variants are French and English (in the order of your use).

@Hwesa, my sincere apologies. I wasn't referring to the news as fake, but the writer, impersonating my nom de plume. I should have made it clearer.


Doug 1 month ago

This is what happens when basic first aid is not taught in our schools. If there are people you love, learn basic first aid as you will definitely need it sooner or later.

Progressive Citizen 1 month ago

Very true

1 month ago

Indeed@Doug I actually think it should be taught in schools as an integral part of the curriculum

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