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Blood Road To 2023: Political Violence Statistics In Zimbabwe

Blood Road To 2023: Political Violence Statistics In Zimbabwe

Information for Development Trust (IDT), a non-profit organisation supporting Zimbabwean and Southern African journalists to report on corruption and bad governance, has released statistics on political violence in Zimbabwe. In a report titled Bloody Road to 2023, IDT noted that violence was more concentrated in Harare, Mashonaland West and Central and Manicaland. Watch the video below for more.

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VYBZ KARTEL 6 days ago

Let's bolonch them😂😂😂😂

Mai Kiki 6 days ago

@Mazibeko thanks for your article but it's enigmatic

Boyfriend yaKiki 6 days ago



Anonymous 6 days ago

Ummm vanhu avo vane attitude

Apathy the Psycho 6 days ago

It does exist. A road of blood. Blood cackled by the sun; a hard layer of blood, coagulating into a amooth tarmac of iron. It's only when you look down that you can realize, with awe, that you are walking on blood. Death is coming, that election day, that day of results announcement. Death is coming. Death.

Apathy the Psycho 6 days ago

I mean curdle. When blood is spilled, I'll cackle - for the end is nigh.

Chimboti Pizza 6 days ago

Ngaabude Hake Mudhara

Mazibeka 6 days ago

Why can't you learn from your history you guys.? Have you ever lived in Zim isingatongwe nezanu? What makes you think your noise will change zanu pf s thinking. I used to think like you guys after finishing my masters, pandakashaya basa. I was bitter, frustrated and angry. This made me resolve to vote for mdc, thinking that the government change Wil make my situation better, I voted several times but winning for mdc was not in view. I nearly went to depression when I realized that Iam nothing even mdc yacho has nothing to give me and irikuruza. So I started vending, later upgraded to having shops.i no longer care whether zim I kutongwa nembwa kana dhongi, I care about my plate of sadza. Chero zvikanzi chingwa chakuita 20usdi will still feed my kids. Azvinei nekuti arikutonga ndiyani. Whatam I saying to you. Pliz regai kurwa hondo dzevamwe varume and fight your own. This is the survival of the fittest Era. The leaders you are fighting for are fighting for their stomachs while you are hoping that they will deliver you to your cannan. Whether it's chamisa, Mugabe or Ed running this company called Zim your situations wont changé until you work your way to your financial liberty. Kana muchida kuramba muchigwauta makagara you are welcome but nothing will change. Ccc won't rule and they won't wedge wondo yaurikutaura.
Do you know cccwill never beat zanu pf.? It's because ccctalk way too much yet zanupf work tirelessly. Varikumora huchi vakanyarara and vanoziva kunyengetedza masahwira avo kumamisha uko kana nguva yevote yasvika. Vanehunhu ne culture yet macccyou are very boastful disrespectful and terrible liars. You depend on manipulating people s emotions for survival. Listen to me imi mukusauppoter. Sisi. Akuna kwaachaenda nemi kana mbereko yokukuberekai hana. Go back to you drawing board, make plans about your family life not ccc business. Even ukafa ccc might not know but if you are good father, brother or sister if you die your legacy remains in your family. While muchihukura zanu pf is eating all the goodies of the land. The better you start joining them or you Wil be sounding like the jealousy Jake all the time. If you can't beat them join them. Mukupedza nguva. I don't like associating with failer. Move forward with the situation. If you wait for change it might not come mozodii

Ano 5 days ago

Mazibeka, well said.
I did the same. Now running two Electronic /Technologies /Service Shops in Upmarket Shopping centers .

I don’t care anymore who rules, in reality, This ruling party won’t leave now.
Truth is truth.

mwenewazvo 6 days ago

kurohwa takarohwa kare isu pa27 June Mugabe muoffice.hatichatya zvava muropa

mwenewazvo 6 days ago

ndaimbotya kutora zvinhu zveZanu,ndikatoona kuti ndini ndakapusa.iko zvino kukanzi mbeu fotereza,mupunga beans.ndoenda nemhuri yese kunopihwa,ndonovhotera mukomana ndakaguta hangu

Topindachete Uchabudachete 6 days ago

New slogan
Ngaapinde Hake Mukomana
Vamwe moti
Ngaabude Hake Mudhara
Everyone I beg go and fill the Zanu structures from cell up to National.Nyaya it's not about structure, scarf, kuenda kumusangano. Even kutora zvese munopiwa mbeu, upfu , clothes,minda or pfumvudza . Nyaya huru iri apo pa Vhoti.
Tose kubva Kuna Mugwadi kusvika kuna mbudziyaora bairirra pamufana .
Haangene Umfana
Haaphume umdala
During by elections one Councillo
was dishing out 2piecer from chicken inn to all his purported supporters , but surprisingly this Zanu structure guy got a zero at this polling station .

Zanuforever we always have free and Zanuforever 6 days ago

We always have free and fair elections. You are free to join the opposition parties and we are free to beat you so stop complaining.

Jinn 6 days ago

We ain't going anywhere with such acts.You won't beat or kill us all

dispenser 6 days ago

They have seen a free and fair election before.people don't want them.The only option is to draft draconian laws to intimidate civilizations

Da Truth 5 days ago

laws work in a normal society.Soon all hell will break loose .The unthinkable is coming.Time to CCC yellow power 😜 enrich.Tsunami for Zanupf can't do anything just watch as events unfold on your face . Can't stop it winds of change.The end is near so close can smell it, feel it,. This time if u rig there's plan B.kkkkmmkkkkkkkkmmm yaaaaaaaa

Borrowdale Brooke 6 days ago

Hameno ikoko kuma rukisheni and kumapfanya.We regularly have tea n biscuits with your fake leaders.

Da Truth 5 days ago

Borrowdale my a s s you mother f u c k e r .We are coming to get you

Mai Kiki 6 days ago

@Borrowdale Brooke you are a scourge.

Chimboti Pizza 6 days ago

@Borrowdale Brooke nyarawo

getto yutti 6 days ago

shame on you

Dirigsme 6 days ago

We don't have party cards. We don't have party regalia. We don't belong to any cell,branch or district. Conversely we don Zanu regalia.Are in Zanu cells. Chitepo branch. Tongogara district. We await freebies from Scott Sakupwanya. Tochera mvura pachibhorani chine pikicha yaPresident wedu ED. Pavhoti apaaa toti tsekete tsekete panaChamisa.

Chawabvunza 6 days ago

This article is short staffed with information. It should give figures of incidents in the Provinces in which they have said violence is prevalent.




🙄 6 days ago

That is why tiri kuti we are not in a hurry to have open structures were we have registers of party members as CCC. Vanhu vanopondwa using those structures to identify people. That is what happened in the 2008 bloodbaths.
Our members are even found in Zanupf cell registers...tosangana kuelection.

Top dog 6 days ago

☠☠enough is enough

hame 6 days ago


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