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Blind Beggar Accuses ZUPCO Driver Of Harassment

Blind Beggar Accuses ZUPCO Driver Of Harassment

A Zimbabwe United Passenger Company (ZUPCO) driver has been dragged to court for allegedly harassing a blind beggar, at the company’s depot.

The complainant, Emma Saliwe approached the Harare Civil Court, seeking a peace order against the driver, only identified in the court papers as Passhoma.

Saliwe also alleged that Passhoma pushed her at his workplace resulting in her sustaining a knee injury. She told the court:

On the 24th of July, he pushed me violently, hurting my knee, saying I was blocking people from getting onto the bus.

On the day in question, he was helped by his friend to carry me out of the bus.

In response, Passhoma acknowledged carrying Saliwe out of the bus but denied pushing her. He said:

We had an argument some time ago, and I took her to the police station.

I noticed that she was moody that day and carried her out of the bus, and did not push her.

The bus is not mine and I have never denied her the chance to board the bus.

Magistrate Rutendo Machingure dismissed the application, saying the driver cannot be barred from executing his duties to the public.

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Gwedu 1 week ago

That blond beggar need. or to report to cibil court but shld have gone through CSOs first. This driver is a Zupco driver and is always supported by these captured judges. Dai range riri private bus the driver was going to face Justice. Now, can someone locate me that blind beggar todzifambire nyaya dzacho, beggar was abused, haana right yekumuditsa mu bus zve nharo ka. ..biased law

Vendetta 1 week ago

😂And on what grounds will you base your accusations on??law is not a game of emotions netsitsi ,you need to have evidence that he pushed her...obviously there were no physical injuries on the knee and seriously can u go to court just bcz u were kicked out of the bus? who does that...even a renowned attorney will tell u it's waste of time!! it's a dead case

VYBZ KARTEL 1 week ago

Empty vessels make the loudest noise

Vendetta 1 week ago


Omar 1 week ago

She had no did she see that Passhoma is the one who really pushed her

Gwedu 1 week ago

Human Rights are not hustler rights. Being a begger does not mean they are not humans. Being a zanu worker does not mean you step above the law. ED akama mi swa 2018 mukati kudiii, mukauray vanhu. As of present those who have their relatives killed you say munoda evidence kuti 6 vata vakafa here? Non illiteracy haisi mhosva yenyu but ndeyemadzibaba enyu namai anoroya. Muchapamama badzi

Vendetta 1 week ago

😂😂problem is u think everything is politics...ukaita mafunnies unofa uchingotuka zanu papindula yemahara


Bvongie Chibvongodze 1 week ago

Chihera anonetsa parank. On Wednesday aitonetsa and she harassed me paBoth repekuisa mari muTapcard, she should be removed ipapo, anotuka vanhu just because she is blind.

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