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Blessing "Mbudziyadhura" Chimhowa Quits Acting


After spending close to three decades in the arts industry, actor Mbudziyadhura, whose real name is Blessing Chimhowa, is quitting acting.

Chimhowa first made the revelation on Tuesday afternoon via a social media post. The 48-year-old wrote on Facebook:

I am quitting acting because ever since I tried to make a comeback, I have never enjoyed acting the way I used to do, the feeling is gone, it is no longer there, and I was not myself.

I have to be selfish and consider my happiness; that is the main reason I am quitting. I am no longer enjoying this thing despite the fact that I acted for the past three decades or so.

Speaking in an interview with The Herald, the Gweru-based actor revealed that the reason for quitting was a lack of proper endorsements and financial security. Said Chimhowa:

The main reason for quitting acting was to find happiness. I no longer feel happy playing or acting anymore.

In Zimbabwe, acting and the arts, in general, are more like part-time rather than full-time jobs.

Yes, I am a brand now and during those days, I was happy doing it and also when corporate sponsorship used to sustain the television drama series back in the day, but now things are different.

As such I can conclude that lack of proper endorsements and financial security has resulted in my retirement from acting.

Out of love for acting, I entertained people for free, sometimes I would take up gigs on pro-bono.

When that is done, I go home having made people happy but feeling empty inside.

I have been acting for more than 30 years, but professionally on stage and on screen, we can date it closer to 1998.

Chimhowa rose to fame after he replaced actor Collen Dube, who acted as John Banda in the once-popular drama series Gringo following his death in 1999.

Award-winning Gringo series producer Enock Chihombori said he needed someone who was totally different from Banda and a fresh new character, Mbudziyadhura, hit the small screen on national television ZBC TV. | The Herald

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. 1 month ago

kufa kwemumwe machena emumwe

Bright 1 month ago

Vaisota drama vanhu ava kunyanya producer uyo uuuu ma one ma drama emazuvano akunyanya vheti kubuda varimu dzimba dzana chiyangwa haa azvichabuda look kune epa south Africa apa panoda chirungu vanochishandisa kana epa Zambia apa haa kuseri ma drama avo

1 month ago

What a hillarious fella he was He was always acting in the shadows of Gringo but he acquitted himself well ­čĹő­čĹő­čĹő

pk 1 month ago

mbudzi yacheaper

kulumani 1 month ago

afemeswa moto nana jati namatsanga akati regai ndibude mundima

1 month ago

Unonyepa iwe munhu akaremera ma streats uyo kwete zuva jati zvekushaya
Mbudzidhura was simple and acted like a normal person

Bright 1 month ago

Wanyepa apa zvana jati zvembanje izvozvo usamufananidze ne zvisina basa ka iwe aisota real life uyu akuchina achagona kdarika team iri fti zvatopera so

­čĄĘ­čĄĘ 1┬ámonth ago

Haa kwana iwe avo nana mkadota paraffin vaiita ma drama e real life avo kwana iwe

Musoro bhangu 1 month ago

Bata yako uti ndiri benzi

suga 1 month ago

unofira mafufu segonnzo mbudzi


tinTin 1 month ago

the words of one planning to leak a **** tape.just kidding... thanks for the good memories.­čĹĆ­čĹĆ­čĹĆ

mai shantie 1 month ago

@ tintin ­čĄú­čĄú­čĄú wakapenga

lincoln kids 1 month ago


@ tin tin 1 month ago

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tintin's lawyer 1 month ago

my client hakwire majokiy

consider 1 month ago

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1 month ago

Nyorai zvinoverengeka iwe

kana kungoregedza 1 month ago

kunyora kwacho

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John Chibatura 1 month ago

Manje anaMbudziyadura vanozvikwanisa here izvozvo kana kuti technology vanoperera kune Whatsapp chete.

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