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"Bitter" Man Posts Ex-Wife's Bedroom Photos On Social Media

A woman from Pumula South suburb has obtained a protection order against her former husband who habitually posts her nude images on social media and physically assaults her.

Thabeth Moyo (36) separated from her husband Mandla Nkolomi (39) and went to live with her parents.

However, Nkolomi would visit Moyo and demand to be intimate with her and when she refuses, he would hurl unprintable words at her.

Nkolomi insists on being intimate with his ex-wife telling her that he paid lobola and she was still his wife because their eight-year marriage has not been formally dissolved.

He forcibly took her phone and sent all her nude images to his phone. Nkolomi is now posting her nudes on Facebook and WhatsApp.

Moyo said when her ex-husband’s friends see her with any man, they would inform him and then he would phone her, and call her a prostitute. In her founding affidavit, Moyo said:

I have been married to Mandla Nkolomi for the past eight years. We separated in May this year because he was physically, verbally and psychologically abusing me. I’m now staying with my parents.

He usually comes to my parents’ place and demands to sleep with me. When I refuse he would become angry and would assault me with fists.

He took my phone and is now sending my nude pictures on WhatsApp groups and Facebook to ruin my reputation. He is also in the habit of shouting obscenities at me.

Magistrate Jeconia Prince Ncube granted Moyo a protection order against her former husband.

She ordered Nkolomi not to physically, verbally and psychologically abuse Moyo and to stop sending her images on WhatsApp groups and Facebook.

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S 5 months ago

Munhu ngaango batwa chete kwete kupiwha warning. Warning yeyi iye atokanganisa mwana we munhu. Jail is waiting for you. You sick animal.

V 5 months ago

Mkoma Mandla varikuuziva hre mutemo munyowani uyu, pamwe $280000 fine yacho vanayo zvayo🤣


To this day l still don't know why someone would take pictures of themselves naked .

banda 5 months ago

imajini nezera racho zvinomboitirwey kunyanya kuda zvinhu stereki manje akairasa

Gogodera 5 months ago

Anouya achiti s x ndozvanofunga kuti panyika ndochete zvinongoitwa mapics Amendola mumove vasina kupfeka handiti ndozvamunenge makuteedzera then moti mukaona enyu moti zvaitirwei

S 5 months ago

Women why do you get pictured naked for someone. Please respect your body.

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