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Biti, Hwende Ejected From Parliament Over Pomona Waste-to-energy Deal

Biti, Hwende Ejected From Parliament Over Pomona Waste-to-energy Deal

Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda Thursday ejected Harare East legislator Tendai Biti and his Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) colleague Chalton Hwende out of Parliament following a debate on the Pomona waste-to-energy project.

After local government deputy minister Marian Chombo’s presentation on the deal, Mudenda ruled there was no longer going to be any other discussions around the matter.  

There was chaos and commotion which occurred when Biti demanded that his submissions be noted. 

The deal, which was approved by Cabinet and reportedly forced on Harare City Council by local government minister July Moyo, is racking up a daily bill of US$22 000 since being penned. Mudenda said:

Whether the matter rests with issues of corruption, whether there is some prejudice against the City of Harare, that will be determined by the courts.

The reason for this application is to determine whether the agreement is valid or not. If the court decides that this contract is valid, then it shall stand. If it says it is not valid, then the agreement made to establish that contract becomes void and there is no Pomona Deal. 

In my ruling, this court application is part of the matter. Was this contract entered into and is it valid or not? Once the court has sealed this matter, we can still proceed accordingly, but if it says the contract is null and void, then there is no issue. I thank you Hon. Biti for that one.

After being barred from discussing the matter any further as it was before the courts, Biti then highlighted some of his submissions had not been addressed, eventually leading to him being ejected.

Biti begged Mudenda to explain why he was being dismissed to no avail, and within the confusion, Chombo disappeared from the august house. 

Mudenda ordered Hwende out after he continued shouting over the matter. 

Speaking to after being ejected, Biti said the CCC party would continue to push for the reversal of the deal even if it meant the whole opposition bench would be chased out of Parliament again.

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😃 2 months ago

saka hwende wanga uchiti candle lighting chii chii muchiziva hentu kt munenge musipo isu tisu torohwa. hayaa

Focused Youth 2 months ago

Hwende itsotsi.He obviously knew he would not be attending candlelight virgil since he would be at Parliament.

Chawabvunza 2 months ago

I do not mind that Advocate Tendai Biti was ejected from parliament because it now shows that we now have robust parliament. Until you have a vibrant or robust parliament, you are being syphoned money by those who pretend to represent People in parliament.




citizen 2 months ago


Observer 2 months ago

Being ejected from parliament for raising issues for a good reason is a medal 🎖 of bravery and is well respected by the people.

dispenser 2 months ago

Biti Uri engine ye land cruiser Prado chaiyo kanaukasavapo hazvifambi inga wani hapana asina kuzvionera tange tavakufa kunge south America muri finance minister. kana Mugabe chaiye wakasvika pasitegi ye kuramba vana Ed nokuti vanga vasingaserve any purpose .ndiye munhu Ava kunzi President nhasi . President is a worker haasi King , sabuku kana kuti chief .nhaiveduwe President is the first worker of e country .ko kungoti hatichadi zvemapresident ke

Asalif 2 months ago

Thumbs up Messers Biti mukugadzira nyika give them sleepless nights vanga vajaira kuramba pada in parliament nanaMwonzora

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