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Bishop Mutendi Mourns Chimanimani Bus Disaster Victims

Bishop Mutendi Mourns Chimanimani Bus Disaster Victims

Zion Christian Church (ZCC) leader, Bishop Nehemiah Mutendi, said the church will provide material, psychological and spiritual support to the families and survivors of the Chimanimani bus disaster.

Thirty-six (36) ZCC members were killed while 70 were injured when a St Charles Lwanga High School bus in which they were travelling crashed in Chimanimani on Thursday night.

The bus, which was carrying 105 passengers en route to Mbungo for an Easter gathering, lost brakes on a steep slope about 5km before the Jopa turn-off before it veered off the road and rolled over 200 metres downslope.

The accident was declared a national disaster by President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Friday.

In a statement on Saturday, Bishop Mutendi said the church was praying for the departed and the families of the victims. He said:

The entire Zion Christian Church is profoundly saddened by the Jopa accident which claimed the lives of [36] of our congregants.

Our prayers are with the departed and their families at this trying time.

The ChurchÔÇÖs relief arm RUCORS is now extended to offer material assistance such as food items and clothing, while on the other hand Church Elders are engaged in psychological and spiritual support to victims of the accident and their families.

Our hearts have been touched by the outpouring of condolence messages we have received from people from all walks of life.

We also express our sincere gratitude to His Excellency, the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe for offering appropriate State assistance in mitigating the effects of this disaster.

We also thank our partner Ecosure for standing by our side at this time.

May the dear souls of the deceased rest in eternal peace.

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Ern 1 month ago

Ma1 rip

Iwe 1 month ago


mudhara zvambu 1 month ago

sei pese pavaitira misangano yavo hapashaikwe accident kubvunzawobchokwadi hanku RIP mazion

Da Truth 1 month ago

Tatomirira nextyear futi zvedu zvirikuita .

True man 1 month ago

zvikwambo zvako zvinoita matama Gore rino twe Zanu twukauyako dzingaa but apo waita mari tsvimbo iyo ndeyemuti werudziyi


Mai TJ 1 month ago

zororai murugare veduwe

Christians 1 month ago

rest in peace zvinorwadza

Christians 1 month ago

rest in peace zvinorwadza

aa 1 month ago

rest in peace

Ree 1 month ago

Nyaradzwai naIshe hamadzangu zvinorwadza izvi

musorobangu 1 month ago

it's like God's protection is running away from apostolic churches bcz instead of being true prophets like Isaiah they turn churches into political platforms even to the extent of threatening congregants that if the do not support a certain party you Wii be dismembered from the church. So let's preach love and not slogans and hatred in churches

walo 1 month ago

Nehemiah is false and fake zanu pf profet, zvikwambzvake izvi,watch the space

­čśą RIP . 1┬ámonth ago

Drivers must not rely nema brakes ..sure.

CHANDO 1 month ago


Blabber 1 month ago

Itai mushe!! Dont comment zvisna basa! Wane hama fzakafa dzakafa wakanyarara warikuchema! Kwanai

cde 1 month ago

very sorry chokwadi kuhama dzakarasikirwaa nehama nevadikani vadzo rest in peace to all tosangana kudenga nanamutendi vacho varikuchekeresa ivava

Chapwititi Kestombela 1 month ago

My advice to drivers, don't rely on brakes alone on steep descents or ascents. Brake drums have a tendency of overheating when used for too long. Engage lower gears please drivers, it's easy to loose brakes when over used. Lower gears first before using brakes!!! MY CONDOLENCES TO THE BEREAVED FAMILIES

putin 1 month ago

yaaaaaa we only live once RIP mbungo stars.......

Pastor 1 month ago

MTSRIEP God will console us all.

mafriq 1 month ago

rest in peace hama dzose dzarasikirwa

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