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Binga Man (65) Murdered, Skinned And Homestead Burnt

Binga Man (65) Murdered, Skinned And Homestead Burnt

A 65-year-old man from Mutunda Village, Chief Siambuwa, Binga, was allegedly killed and his head skinned by five unidentified men on Wednesday last week.

Acting Matabeleland North provincial police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Christopher Mahohoma confirmed receiving the report.

He said the reason for the murder is yet to be ascertained and the suspected murderers are still at large.

Asst Insp Mahohoma said on Wednesday, the now deceased Amion Bube was at the fields with his wife until about 5 PM when he decided to go home leaving her behind.

The wife then followed after a while and as she approached their homestead she saw five men she could not identify running away from their homestead which was on fire.

When she got inside the homestead she saw her husband’s body lying in a pool of blood close to their burning bedroom hut.

The matter was reported to the police who attended the scene. The Sunday News quoted Asst Insp Mahohoma as saying:

The police found the deceased lying in a pool of blood and under him were a spear and an iron bar. The head of the deceased was skinned and it had two deep cuts on the forehead and one on the left ear.

Also beside the body of the deceased was a blood-stained axe. Our officers also observed struggle marks and five huts that had been burnt.

We appeal to members of the public to assist with information that may lead to the arrest of the five who are still at large.

Members of the public should also desist from using violence to solve differences as it costs lives.

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BB 1 month ago

akuudzai kuti vaiva five ndiani

1 month ago

Read the story first Zvataurwa wani kuti the wife saw five man running away

Major 1 month ago

That's Buruweyo for you... The spirit of Tshaka still lives in them

under curatorship 1 month ago

@Majir you are a Xamu and primitive minded

Anonymous 1 month ago

M**** hole elinukayo. Ilizwe lifile ngani bomadlimbeba mgodoyi ongela ziboya

Ngonidzashe - The Law Aspirant 1 month ago

It's disgusting that you tribalise such, it's purely inhuman whoever the perpetrators are should be brought to book...

1 month ago

@BB chirungu mochihwisisa here kana kuti munongofambisa maziso.

1 month ago

Kasi **** here iweee ahugone kuverenga chirungu

Ngonidzashe - The Law Aspirant 1 month ago

This is inhuman. The cold-blooded murder is unjustified.

It is my prayer and hope that the long arm of the law catches up with the five murderers!


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1 month ago

Byo zvekare

1 month ago

Is there Binga in Byo

parasite 1 month ago

mushakabvu anoziva nyaya yake.

Dofo 1 month ago

@BB zvakangonyorwa kuti mkadzi wacho akaona vanhu 5 vachitiza kubva pamba,,,madii kuzama Kwayedza vakuru vangu

mobby 1 month ago

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The Mad Genius 1 month ago

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