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Bill Curtails Healthcare Workers' Right To Go On Strike

Bill Curtails Healthcare Workers' Right To Go On Strike

The Government seeks to bar healthcare workers from engaging in industrial action for more than 72 hours in a week by amending the Health Services Act.

The Health Services Amendment Bill has provisions for compulsory arbitration when the Government and health workers’ representatives disagree and negotiations reach an impasse.

Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Minister, Ziyambi Ziyambi presented the speech for the second reading of the Bill in the National Assembly on Tuesday as Vice President and Health and Child Care Minister Constantino Chiwenga is out of the country on official business in Indonesia.

The Second Reading is when the responsible minister for a particular Bill gives the reasons for the proposed law. Said Chiwenga:

We as Government highly value our public health service workers but they are not the only public service workers we have to care for.

They, like other workers in the public sector, are entitled to decent working conditions and Government will never stop hearing their reasonable grievances about their material well-being but we must balance the aspiration with the reality that in any state, the delivery of affordable public health service is a basic public health good that cannot be withdrawn from our people because of a labour dispute.

Chiwenga added that the Health Services Amendment Bill will make health service an essential service which prohibits healthcare workers from going on strike like other workers. He said:

We are not yet a high middle-income country but our training facilities for health service workers are very good and they are frequently sought after by other countries.

Accordingly, the Bill will declare that health service to be an essential service.

This means that the service cannot be withdrawn by ordinary methods of industrial action.

Instead Madam Speaker, negotiations must be undertaken leading to compulsory arbitration if there is a deadlock between the parties.

At most withdrawal of services during collective job action cannot exceed 72 hours in any week.

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RemoveDictators 4 months ago

This is slavery in your country by your own people

Vote for Chamisa. Vote for CCC.

Chawabvunza 4 months ago

This bill although flowered with sweet words, it is meant to curtail the rights of healthcare workers.


icho 4 months ago

a mother ,sister, brother and all have been dying cause hospitals dont have even a paracetamol
the big pocture is...things are falling apart

Blue 🔵 4 months ago

Just because something is termed a right that doesn't mean it's good. They still have 72 hours per week, and during that time, someone's parent's will die, someone's sister. Balance is imperative

Chimboti Pizza 4 months ago

Iyi islavery yechokwadi, nezvinomboita hurumende pamasalary mutemo uyu hauite. Mhuri dzemanurse dzinofa nenzara

Asalif 4 months ago

no need to have a long discussion with you about that the nurses answered Clinic s in Harare and Bulawayo were closed because of staff shortage hope they didn't employ nurse aides in replacement for SRNs who cares when they are on demand in other countries they are now just using the British syllabus for training then booomm gone, even nurse aides very soon they will be soon not enough for your service

fan 4 months ago

ini ndikunyatsoshaya kuti why these diploma holders are still hanging to an employer who rewards them with 157usd salary
guys ini m not into health sector zvangu but have multiple immigration agents who are always looking for nurses
whats stopping you nurse to exode ,most employers do sponsor visa,airticket salary advancement soon u land as long u are a diploma holder

Dhuterere 4 months ago

what is bothering some of them they served in the government long back they're waiting for the pension but ndirini handimirire zwl$27000 ndoisiya


VaGwede 4 months ago

Izvozvo ndozvinouraya nyika ndosaka mabasa achinetsa munhu unoita maoffice mangani ndiwe Vice President ndiwe minister wotonzwa munhu achiti pamberi nekubatana Varume chokwadi chaicho vakuru vanokara ngavatsamwe zvavo asi kukara vanokara full stop

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