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Biden Warns There Is Every Indication Russia Is Planning To Invade Ukraine

Biden Warns There Is Every Indication Russia Is Planning To Invade Ukraine

United States President Joe Biden has warned there is every indication Russia is planning to invade Ukraine after Ukrainian forces and pro-Moscow rebels traded fire.

Moscow, for its part, on Thursday ejected the number two official from the US embassy and released a strongly worded letter accusing Washington of ignoring its security demands. It threatened unspecified “military-technical measures”.

Early morning exchanges of fire between Ukraine and pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine raised alarm, with Western officials who have long warned that Moscow could try to create a pretext for an invasion saying they believed such a scenario was now unfolding. Biden said at the White House:

We have reason to believe they are engaged in a false flag operation to have an excuse to go in. Every indication we have is they’re prepared to go into Ukraine and attack Ukraine. My sense is it will happen in the next several days.

Biden ordered Secretary of State Antony Blinken to change his travel plans at the last minute to speak at a United Nations Security Council meeting on Ukraine.

Addressing the council, Blinken sketched out in graphic detail how Washington contends any Russian attack would begin and unfold. Blinken told the UNSC:

Missiles and bombs drop across Ukraine, communications will be jammed, cyberattacks will shut down Ukrainian institutions.

After that, Russian tanks and soldiers will advance on key targets that have already been identified and mapped out in detailed plans.

The US has declined to share the evidence underlying its claims.

Russia denies planning to invade its neighbour and said this week it was pulling back some of the more than 100 000 soldiers it has massed near the frontier. Washington says Russia is not withdrawing, but in fact sending more forces.

More: Al Jazeera

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World war 3 Armageddon 7 months ago

Rovanai zvipere tione mukuru kwete kungo perera pakutaura **** dzevanhu

Jombo 7 months ago

If USA would only keep quite and mind its own business

Him007 7 months ago

which dictators are you talking about??and which communists are we talking about here???

Realist 7 months ago

USA is helping the world against dictators and communists. Dai pasina USA dai tichiri ma colonies up to now saka kana usingazive shut up. You think Zanu pf won in 1980 zvisina american go ahead? Musangowawata comrade the world needs democracy because dictatorships oppress people and they cause a lot of political instabilities

Mark 7 months ago

We'd all been dead a long time ago if they didn't

Tkt 7 months ago

haiwa ngaa nyarare uyu. zvaano isira dzimwe nyika masanctions for not doing what he wants done ndiyani akambo bvuma hr kuti maINVASIONS iwayo

Mujumba 7 months ago

Masanctions apiko Zanu isaiwoka enyu tione kuti anoshanda chii musakangohukura **** dzevanhu

Joe biden 7 months ago

Fuk you all

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 7 months ago

America can only poke its nose in Africa 🥱 Putin is also super power he won't listen to what Biden has to say, touch let's go...


Bright 7 months ago

Vanokuvadzana vanhu Ava aaa pfuti dze Russia dzandaona ps news ummm ma1 a

Jombo 7 months ago are the one who should keep quiet because you know nothing. America claims to promote democracy but when things get out of hand,they withdraw their support, living their allies at risk.Look at what happened in Afghanistan and as we speak they are withdrawing from Ukraine, yet they claim to support.... Here in Zimbabwe they make noise but when their friends are being persecuted, they give warning and do nothing about it...ALL I'M SAYING IS... AMERICANS SHOULD MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS BECAUSE THEY CAUSE NOISE AND WHEN A CONFLICT STARTS, THEY RUN AWAY

Him007 7 months ago

America claim to be promoting democracy all around the world yet in actual fact they are a symbol of everythng against democracy...When Trump lost the elections chii chakaitika...violence kuita seZimbabwe, in Afghanstan they financed terrorism, in Yemen they financed a prolonged and protracted war against a poor people of Yemen, in Palestine America is taking Israels corner in supporting annexation of Palestinian territories eg Golan heights etc, here i Africa they are purporting to support democracy by imposing their values wch are against our culture eg homo****uality...Hapana zvedemocracy zvinotaurwa ne America apa

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