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Beitbridge Houses Destroyed Hours After Being Commissioned By Mnangagwa

Beitbridge Houses Destroyed Hours After Being Commissioned By Mnangagwa

Four of the 28 government staff houses commissioned by President Emmerson Mnangagwa in Beitbridge on Wednesday suffered roof damage during a storm just hours after the official ceremony.

Strong winds blew zinc roofing sheets from a nearby house onto the four properties, causing damage to the asbestos roofing.

The incident took place at around 3 PM after Mnangagwa had left for a ZANU PF rally at Dulivhadzimo Stadium.

Zinc roofing sheets from the neighbour’s house, identified only as Ndou, could be seen lying near the new houses commissioned by Mnangagwa just a few hours earlier.

Faith Tamirepi, a tenant at Ndou’s house, told ZimLive:

The roof was partially blown off during a storm and our property was soaked.

We picked some of the roofing sheets at those new houses and we’re just waiting for the owner of the house.

A picture showing the damage to some of the new houses after zinc roof sheets from a nearby house landed on them
The house whose roof was blown off, only for the zinc sheets to land on new houses which had been just commissioned by President Mnangagwa

She said no one was injured.

President Mnangagwa commissioned the 28 new houses which are part of 52 built so far to accommodate government workers in the border town – Zimbabwe’s gateway to South Africa.

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head boy wema penzi 6 months ago

ahhh garwe ndoo pasina zvino zikanwa ukuona kaa ada ku cover paka fambwa na mugabe in a wrong way also team rino murongera rwendo i think vano wana ma benefits pakufamba kwanenge achiita am done

Chapwititi 6 months ago

Regai Uncle Robert Mugabe vaiti ndashaya wekusiira Chigaro.What a waste of resources,kuno commissioner 28houses,apa
Mastaff quarters.

Younger 6 months ago

Mukuru vakutiregerera

Ghetto yut 6 months ago

Official opening kkkkkkkk

Bright 6 months ago

Something wrong

ED 6 months ago

Good evening

@damn, there is not yet full genuine devolution. Some of the things zvinofambirwa kundovhurwa I think should be done by sabhukus like zvibhorani, houses by Minister of State, but Minister of housing wat wat anenge aripo as guest of honour, road reconstruction by Minister of transport, n so forth

Look abroad, Presidents of China n Russia rarely talk or commission those small things. Pavanozonzi vataura even Americans would want to know kuti kwanziyi.

Next door, in SA Ramaphosa haangonzi ataura.

Yours truly


Zim 9 6 months ago

Remember this is Zim, European, American or South African politics may not be applicable in Zim. That commissioning of houses got the President close to Bietbridge folks, its being practical, he showed him what he can bring ti the community and then he is going for a rally to promise them more. Thats Zim politics, stay connected to the people, small things matters, if he (ED) can make time for those small things surely they can make time vote for him.

Remember all those who say they don't like ED are the ones who enjoy the sound of sirens of his beautiful motorcade😎


Damn 6 months ago

Why president we xim achingo commissioner zvese zvese.... Aaaaa. Chero pakavakwa chimbuzi .anoenda nxaaa.. Garbage.. Daia south africa ichiita zvoita nemaxanu pf dai predisenf akafa nekumbeya.. ..zvidzimba 28 ndozvotambisirwa mari kuti rindovhura

Ini hangu 6 months ago

Mapfupa ambuya nehanda omuka...

Yohwe! 6 months ago

Mhepo iyi ine mamhepo

Gabadela 6 months ago

Izvi zvinechirevo🤔🤔

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