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Beitbridge Border Post Officials Intercept Bernard Mnangagwa's Trucks Loaded With Lithium Ore

Beitbridge Border Post Officials Intercept Bernard Mnangagwa's Trucks Loaded With Lithium Ore

Beitbridge Border Post officials Friday intercepted a consignment of lithium ore on three haulage trucks belonging to one Bernard Tafadzwa Mnangagwa.

The ore was being smuggled from Zimbabwe to South Africa and was declared as manganese, NewsDay reported.

Mines and Mineral Development ministry officials arrived at the border post on Friday morning to attend to the trucks, now under police and Zimbabwe National Army guard.

It is understood that the raw mineral was extracted from places near Sandawana in Mberengwa, and transported to Bulawayo, where it was kept near Khami Cafe close to Bulawayo’s Vehicle Inspection Department.

The mineral was reportedly stored there to facilitate smuggling.

This comes after the government banned exports of raw lithium last week in an effort to value-add Zimbabwe’s minerals and support local production and employment creation.

The ban was effected through Statutory Instrument (SI) 213 of 2022 titled Base Mineral Export Control (Unbeneficiated Lithium Bearing Ores) Order, 2022.

Lithium is becoming increasingly important as the world shifts towards clean energy systems.

Zimbabwe has abundant deposits of lithium and, with rising global demand and firmer prices, it has become an attractive destination for investment in this resource.

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Führer 3 weeks ago

Pure lies

3 weeks ago

Kkkkk Pure lies.... Says who?

g 3 weeks ago

kkkkkkkk charwadzaka🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 zvanzi vane hukama here

Fo di pipo 3 weeks ago

Hatitambe nemi, tipei proof anatsosungwa zvee kwete to play dummy gestures to attract international sympathy Econo Development woyeee

. 3 weeks ago

ummmmummmm pakaipa

g 3 weeks ago

is the transporter by any chance linked to zim 1

mthwakazi ka ndaba 3 weeks ago

it's so disheartening to hear Kuda Tagwirei has already captured large swathes of lithium claims at Sandawana
people are being brutalized
very soon lithium at Sandawana will classified as bloody mineral and will be embargoed from international trade

3 weeks ago

This is coming bad , it means all minerals belongs to one family, the government should try lsomethinhg good for Zimbabwean citizens,,.

3 weeks ago

Kuda is doing all these deals for the #1


mlambo 3 weeks ago

ndipeiwo magrp epindula

Sorojena 3 weeks ago

Why is this happening whilst mukuru ari pa leave?

B 3 weeks ago

But why beloved Zimbos. The person doing the digging of the lithium ore will remain the wretched of the earth and those buying and smuggling making a killing. For how long shall Mberengwa and it population continue to be used and abused while their place has nothing to show in terms of development? The people of Mberengwa are only made to see their worth when they enter into the booth to vote. My heart bleeds for Mberengwa

3 weeks ago

Joram Gumbo and co.

dololo 3 weeks ago

pambili lozanupf

lolodo 3 weeks ago

ngatiitei tichivata Vana imimi

benard mashata paweni 3 weeks ago

pane ukama na Ed wedu here I doubt nekuti hazviite simple policé should have protected the image ye first family

paweni mashatile bento 3 weeks ago

ndozvawamukira here izvozvo

3 weeks ago

It's not the Constitutional role of the police to protect individuals suspected of any criminal activity.No one is above the law.SAY NO TO ABUSE OF POLICE FOR INDIVIDUAL GAINS.

Patriot 3 weeks ago

mbudzi inodya payakasungirirwa gyz don't complain even dai Chamisa anga ari pa nyanga aingodarowo futi.

Dan Fulani 3 weeks ago

No my Man we are all patriotic to our beloved country but on this no president is trying to pull as out of this jeopardy, but someone because he has same name with the man on the throne want to tarnish the image and some of us said mbudzi inodya payakasungitirwa who is Taff guy to us .It is a privilege to have same name to the president but he must not take that as an advantage
Vachiti tiri Hama vaMunangagwa vakati lithium haichatenderwe kubuda iri raw mineral
wose anobatwa imbavha yange uchabva Mumba mani

Hypocrisy at its best 3 weeks ago

The same people who put in place commissions of inquiry, anticorruption committees like ZACC, have become the number one perpetrators of the crimes. HYPOCRITES.

pk 3 weeks ago

President dai vakatoita cancel leave yavo. pakaipa apa

Peter Parrot 3 weeks ago

Bernard Tafadzwa Mnangagwa should desist from spoiling the name of our beloved President!
ED has ,time & again ,stood against corruption!
Nyika inovharwa nevene vayo
Bleak by bleak!

chinondidya chii 3 weeks ago

bleak by bleak ayaya

Hwezha 3 weeks ago


John chivadu 3 weeks ago

Pane macomments ese hapana anoratidza kushungurudzwa nekurikuenda nyika neramangwana rezvizvarwa zvinotevera.nyika yezimbabwe atovemawere chaiwo.yangove jungle chaiyo. The people are cursed.

Justice 3 weeks ago

We are living with devil 😈 in our country.What else do you people complaining about , you voted for crook ,so everything will be crooked .ED was always a thief since Mugabe time , he was the one who destroy everything to tarnish Migabe's name so that he can raise to the top. This family is cursed family with too much blood in there hands , but one day is one day , there judgement day Will come.We told the old was better than this uneducated two presidents. ED sons are taking everything to there side and we are watching but they will die one day. There are going to die like animals like How Khadafi dies .

3 weeks ago

Sons of devil are living with us as our leaders, You voted for a devil 👿 what else do u want ?.ED is history guys he will never bring good life to Zimbabweans ,this guy is murderer,a thief and a manipulator. Mugabe was much better, he was educated, he sees a lot things himself not this ugly human being, with also this try bhBharasi , a vice who can not even pronounce a single word. ED sons are stealing everything, but they will die one day that is what I know. For putting pains to ordinary Zimbabweans ,they will pay I promise you people.

Takura Agostino Chatikobo 3 weeks ago

First of all i don't support any political party and corruption should not be allowed to take poll in whatever means. Coming to Mugabe, people say that hw was educated but his education brought us to this mess. And the new president is riding on the mess too. We need people who have our nation at heart period.

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