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"Be Careful Not To Make Muvevi A Legend", Mangwana Tells Media

The permanent secretary of the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Nick Mangwana, has warned the media against inadvertently making suspected murderer Jaison Muvevi a cult hero.

Mangwana was commenting on a tweet by a local tabloid showing pictures of Muvevi “in happier times”.

Mangwana said the media should be sensitive to the families of the people who were allegedly shot dead by Muvevi. He said:

I think the Media has to be careful about the way they are covering this story.

There is a risk of creating a celebrity or folk hero out of a possible cold-blooded, sociopathic killer.

There are families whose lives have been irreversibly damaged by his actions. Be sensitive to them.

Muvevi was arrested on Monday, 16 January for allegedly killing three people in Hwedza on 13 January.

His alleged victims were Chrispen Kanerusine (48) of Hwedza, Hwedza officer-in-charge Inspector Maxwell Hove (43) and 27-year-old Munashe Majani, who was a bartender at Ruzema Bottle Store, Mukamba Business Centre, Hwedza.

He has also been charged with the murder of Nyarai Round (33) of Domboshava.

Police are now investigating leads linking the ex-detective to six other murder cases that took place in and around Harare and Chitungwiza over the past three years.

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Maparamuro 2 weeks ago

Amweni akauraye anhu muma streets e Harare akapromotiwa kuita amiriri enyika.
In Zimbabwe it's normal to praise murderers.

Gboy 1 week ago

haurevi nhema wasu

Doug 2 weeks ago

That is the type of role model our children have been exposed to. The mbingas and people with unexplainable riches, people who cannot explain or teach anyone how they got where they are or what they have.

Totito 2 weeks ago

Thats what we expected you to say on the death of Moreblessing Ali

Billboard Of Public Opinions 2 weeks ago

Nick Mangwana and the whole zanu Pf system should feel the same for us Zimbabwe. Actually Zanu Pf should stop making us destitutes in our own country, people have fled Zimbabwe to South Africa where they are being killed day and night. If Mangwana was so sincere with us, he should simply abandon the ruthless zanu Pf party.

Tintin 2 weeks ago

you called the land reform program...the 3rd chimurenga... you disposed of R.G.M via...a military dispossessed N.C of his electoral victory via...1st degree murder ...and... you have the guts to tell the media and the nation at large to be sensitive 2 victims of violence... LAUGHABLE...🙄🙄🙄

Billboard Of Public Opinions 2 weeks ago

Dear Mr Mangwana, it is not social media which have glorified Muvhevhi into a celebrity or a hero of the moment, it is the the incompetence of our zrp members which have shown us who truly a hero is between Muvevi and zrp. For you own information, Muvhevhi was alone when he was confronted by the police men and the police were four against one man Muvevi. But he managed to gun them down and took away their guns. A few of zrp who survived the attack had to run away for their dear lives, leaving their own station chief in the hands of an angry Muvevi. Your zrp only discovered that their government has had provided them with toy guns instead of real guns. So please let the public enjoy the drama and show. Ini hangu ndongofarira party yekuti Muvhevhi is eager to kill all fake profets.

ZANU taught them to harass and kill 2 weeks ago

Now these ex cops and soldiers are killing their innocent people


2 weeks ago

In Zim we have got people who have been made legends both living and dead who are known to have committed heinous murders Some even killed people and drove around dragging them but nothing was done to them They are still serving as Members of Parliament

Member 2 weeks ago

Can't you see, you also fueling it.

Billboard Of Public Opinions 2 weeks ago

Mangwana does not see, he knows nothing besides praising a failed zanu Pf.

Frank 2 weeks ago

some people are making **** comments human life was lost trying to protect the citizens.The police are there for us.When u are in serious trouble u run for help from them they had doing wonders caughting many armed robbers.

jz 2 weeks ago

**** you dimwit. This a free society where free speech is our fundamental right.

siyana 2 weeks ago


Frank 2 weeks ago

Let's have constructive criticism.It helps us.Remember these people killed were innocent

jz 2 weeks ago

Do it yourself. Let people say whatever they want to say. Stop being a dictator, izvozvo moitira ku Zanu Pf.

mbuya bhemba 2 weeks ago

konistrakitivhu kritisizimu zvinorevei chizukuru?


I agree with Mr Nick Mangwana that we must not give too much praise to Muvevi because relatives of the murder victims are still moaning the deaths of their relatives.

However, with due respect, Mr Mangwana must realise that the way convict Jaison Muvevi committed the crimes is filmaking material. Imagine how he murdered a prophet in the presence of his congregants, how went on to murder an Officer in Charge of a Police Station at at an impromptu roadblock. It is interesting to note how he evaded arrest from Wedza to Manicaland, to the Zimbabwe/Mozambique border and eventually into Mozambique where he was arrested by Mozambique Police with the assistance of some locals.



Yours faithfully
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

frank 2 weeks ago

munhu anofanigwa kutsoropodza zvinotibatsira

Tintin 2 weeks ago

@ frank inga unoteerera wabva wacommenter neshona😂😂😂 indaba uchibvuma kukwatiswa nemabharanzi

Tintin 2 weeks ago

unotaura chokwadi...asi hazvitimisi kuudza mangwana neparty yake kuti their tears...are crocodile tears...tinotongomudza chete...hatimbomusiye

passion java 2 weeks ago

hakuna hurumende inogona kutonga kudarika ye ZANU PF chero kudenga haiko ....E.D koppo

2 weeks ago

People are not saying what they are saying because of insensitivity We are just saying the likes of Mangwana are not qualified to make such comments because of their blatant double-standards We are mourning with the people who lost their loved ones as much as we are mourning with the loved ones of the likes of Blessing Ali What we heard after the murder of Blessing Ali was shocking Some Zanu Pf stalwarts were even saying Ali was a prostitute and her murder was a prostitution deal which gone wrong Mangwana and company were dead silent I totally agree with what he said but he must be consistent

Firelady 2 weeks ago

Mundipewo mapix amuvhevhi weee ndigare ndamuziva angandinyenge ndikamuda ndingauraiwe

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

JohnWick 😹✊🏾

Ngondi 1 week ago

To hell with Mangwana,Hhokoyojoyo na Muvhevhi

k 1 week ago

apa wataurawo

k 1 week ago

muvevi ndiye ega wandinoti pasi naye

Muvhevi 1 week ago

Udzai mangwana akwane

Muvhevhi The Legend 1 week ago

Muri mudhara

Hamlet 1 week ago

Jason Muvevi is not a legend but is infamous. when you are known for doing bad things you are infamous. Just like Hitler. What committed heinous crimes and from the looks of it, these 3 horrific murders are not the only ones. What is most chilling is that such a psychopath appears in a group picture at state house with the Head of State.

SWEDEN WIZARD 1 week ago

Gambaaaa iGambaaaa

Blessman 1 week ago

Nick Mangwana should learn to shut the hell up

1233445 1 week ago

zanu republic police maiti zvinoenda nepi,basa kusunga vasina mhosva vanemhosva muchitadza kkkkk,welldone vana agora police yepamoza 👏

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