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Banned Zimbabwe And Kenya Included In 2023 AFCON Qualifiers

Banned Zimbabwe And Kenya Included In 2023 AFCON Qualifiers

Zimbabwe and Kenya will be included in the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations qualifying draw despite being under an indefinite FIFA ban.

The two nations will be in the hat when the draw is conducted on Tuesday in Johannesburg despite being banned by FIFA over government interference.

A Confederation of African Football (CAF) spokesman told AFP that they hope the bans would have been rescinded by the time the qualifiers commence. Said CAF:

We have included the two countries in the hope that the bans will be lifted no later than two weeks before the first matchday in June.

In Zimbabwe, the Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) sacked ZIFA executives led by Felton Kamambo over issues including failing to account for public funds, resulting in the ban.

In Kenya, the sports ministry officials disbanded the national football federation after its president, Nick Mwendwa, was charged with multiple counts of fraud.

CAF has set a deadline of mid-May for the bans to be lifted or Zimbabwe and Kenya will not be allowed to participate in the AFCON qualifiers.

Should the two countries fail to have the suspensions lifted, the groups they are placed in will shrink from four nations to three.

However, the top two finishers will still qualify for the finals.

The first two qualifying matchdays are scheduled between 30 May and 14 June 2022.

Two more rounds will be played between 19 and 27 September and the final two next year from 20 to 28 March in 2023.

Ivory Coast will host the tournament which has expanded from just 8 teams when the country last hosted the tournament in 1984, to the current 24.

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Chawabvunzwa 1 month ago

chawabvunzwa you must not act as if you are the chief spokesman of pindula and it's top most official responsible for damage control
we are not here to here you defending them for giving us stale news

Chawabvunza 1 month ago

I totally agree with Dr Hercules and Isaac and disagree with Mangete who pours cold water on PINDULA for publishing news which Mangete would have read from other sources. PINDULA is publishing this piece of news for the first time. So let them do. I humbly advise MANGETE to do due diligence and avoid repeat reading work he will have read elsewhere. Thank you.


Dr Hercules 1 month ago

first time seeing it ,Mangethe can just ignore if he saw it

Mangethe 1 month ago

We know this article pindula ,It was released 3days baq on other platforms

@one 1 month ago

Sometimes pindula they publish their articles a little late,We have Data now 10gigs is cheap

Isaac 1 month ago

But not on Pindula Mangethe ­čśë

politics 1 month ago

So they shouldn't post it cause you read it


1 month ago

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