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Bank Workers Demand Salaries In US Dollars

Bank Workers Demand Salaries In US Dollars

Bank workers in Zimbabwe are now demanding salaries in United States dollars from their employers as inflation remains at unsustainable levels (above 60%).

The cost of living in Zimbabwe has been rising since the Government reintroduced the Zimbabwe dollar a few years ago rendering salaries for the majority of workers worth little.

The Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries (CZI) recently noted that residential “rentals, bread and cereals, vegetables, meat as well as fuel remain the top inflation driver” products.

Last week teachers’ unions announced that teachers will not report for duty when the new school term commences (on 7 February), demanding about US$540 per month.

Even school heads stayed away from work when classes resumed yesterday, saying they are too incapacitated to report for work.

Bank workers have also given notice to their employers that they want to be paid in US dollars to mitigate against the continuing rise in the cost of living.

The Zimbabwe Banks and Allied Workers Union (ZIBAWU) had a meeting with the Bank Employers Association of Zimbabwe (BEAZ) on Monday and the two parties agreed to use dialogue to break the impasse.

Shepherd Ngandu, an assistant to the ZIBAWU secretary-general told Business Report in a text message that they had suspended the (strike) action, for now, to pave way for dialogue.

This followed a meeting of ZIBAWU with BEAZ with the intervention of the Ministry of Labour.

The Ministry urged the two parties to hold dialogue sessions to come up with “better terms and conditions”.

They will then report back to the Ministry within the next three weeks, and bank workers are adamant they will go ahead with the strike if an amicable solution is not found.

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Mikel michael 3 months ago

Kunonzi an EARTH rotates...why am i still in ZIMBABWE....chinyika chedu yoooh.....CHAKADHAKWA

Fyt 3 months ago

-- Bank workers demand SALARY in USD

-- Teachers demand pre-Oct_2018 salary

-- NRZ demands salary as at 2011 CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) thus min at 230USD while management just OFFERED today a 2% increment on someone basic salary of RTGS9-000. KKKKKK

-- UNCONFIRMED internal memo, Gvt likely to award ARMY 200USD alongside their RTGS salary + 75USD COVID allowance

-- 50USD at BankRate now remains for selected sectors in the ECONOMY

-- Duty now payable in ZWL a reverse from USD bcoz ZUPCO intends to bring in more buses, Gvt to buy new cars for service chiefs, ALL FOR THE CAMPAIGN PERIOD STARTING in the next coming few weeks

woto shaya kuti zviri kumbo famba sei munyika

Bright 3 months ago

Haaa hurumende ichazvi airways hayo nenyaya iyi

Ini zvangu 3 months ago

Kwasara masoja nemapurisa kuwonawo chokwadi, chomva chanyatsobvondoka.

MuGrade 2 3 months ago


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