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BancABC Suffers "A Serious Visa Card Outage"

BancABC Suffers

BancABC business executive and current Managing Director, Lance Mambondiyani has apologised over “a serious Visa Card outage” that has left many customers stranded. Many have of late been resorting to using Visa Cards for online transactions especially when countries imposed lockdowns to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Pindula News presents Mambondiyani’s statement.

In the last few days, we suffered a serious Visa outage which affected 3 countries in which BancABC operates. Whilst service was fully restored on Friday for the majority of users, a significant number of our customers are still facing challenges and have been unable to transact.

We now know the root cause to be multiple transaction attempts by the affected customers when the service was down which erroneously resulted in some cards being blocked under suspicion of attempted fraud. Whilst we are working on a global solution to clear these errors, all customers still experiencing this problem should contact our Contact Center team for help to have your cards unblocked instantly.

l am extremely saddened to have let down so many of you who rely on this service, especially those who would have been stranded outside the country. I apologize for the anguish and the inconvenience we caused you.

On behalf of all of us at BancABC, I am sorry.


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Delan Muktarian 6 months ago

Why would such a major card be down for so long when we depend on your service? If i experience the same problem for so long again i will sue you. If you can't keep up with technology just say so.

Thando 6 months ago

Poor services provided rectify that .even their security guards are corrupt.

Nick 6 months ago

Besides that ,even their serveces are verry poor lots of paper work

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