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Bad PR At Registrar General’s Offices Condemned

Bad PR At Registrar General’s Offices Condemned

Bad public relations at Civil Registry Department offices countrywide have been cited as one of the reasons why thousands of people do not have national documents, such as national identity cards and birth certificates.

The Government recently acknowledged that a million people need vital national documents.

Staff at the Registrar General’s offices has been accused of being rude to clients and impolitely turning away applications without any courtesy of explaining why they cannot access documents.

Godfrey Nyoni of Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) challenged the Civil Registry Department to train its employees in good public relations.

Nyoni was speaking on Thursday during the launch of an Amnesty International Report on documentation titled “We Are Like Stray Animals – Thousands Living on the Margins Due to Statelessness in Zimbabwe.” Said Nyoni:

Public relations at the registry offices is an area that needs to be addressed because it’s a key issue going forward beyond statelessness.

Has anyone ever found out the qualifications of people who are employed at the registry offices?

Do they have a public relations office that looks at those issues?

We ought and must address this gap. If this aspect is not addressed, all these efforts to me are not honest.

The registry may be doing mobile registration but if its officers who are going to people have no public relations, (it will not work).

Think of the elderly who will approach them and receive negative feedback.

The elderly will just give up and that will be the end of their efforts to access documentation.

Meanwhile, the Civil Registry Department will conduct a countrywide mobile registration exercise from 01 April to 30 September 2022, ahead of general elections in 2023.

During the exercise, the Department will be issuing birth certificates, death certificates and national identity documents.

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Phidza 3 months ago

Its true kana usíná mari yekutonyora hauna chaiko ndine 34 yrs no chitupa ndaneta kuzvifambira

Dubs Magehlegehle 3 months ago

Do they have any PR training at all?The way they treat people who need their service eish.The government should do something about these rude guys.They earn their livelihoods from taxpayers so they should treat taxpayers with due care.

Tanu Mark Finnity 3 months ago

They Ku be taught manners these workers they must not take us for granted.

Povoo 3 months ago

marough vanhu ivava... enda uchida passport yemari shoma iya unoita sekunge irikuda kugurwa zino une mukanwa musingagezwe haa unochiona


More 3 months ago

vanhu vane hutsinye ndachema zvangu

Vybz Gokwe Kartel 3 months ago

Sure you spoke well vanhu ndivo vanehutsinye, because people don't follow instructions. When going for special documents carry correct documents IE can you collect your child's birth certificate when you don't have your ID in person ?No. But you can get and an issue of a parents from Kariba going to a registry office @Harare without those documents and trying to collect a birth certificate for their child. That's insane.

Citizen 3 months ago

Pa dearth certificate it's really an issue they should fix this but I smell a rat they are using our late relatives to vote for u know who what a shame

zoe 3 months ago

vybz yes our registration is biometric but our voting is very manual so there's nothing that can stop them from using our late relatives who are registered to their favor

Vybz Gokwe Kartel 3 months ago

There is nothing like that, it shows you simply didn't vote because you are not familiar with the voting procedures and it simple tell me you haven't registered already to vote. People who registered on the B V R are still few ,that is why many people didn't vote this time.. Madhanda head akawandisa mu Zimbabwe..

Daudi 3 months ago

Unotonzi Tenga drink kuti uwane chitupa or birth certificate.Zvinorwadza zvinoita vanhu ava😭

Jinn 3 months ago

They have got nothing to their,Civil Registry Department is corrupt.

Jinn 3 months ago

They have got nothing to offer to Citizens

Harare 3 months ago

my brother died 2017 and I obtained a burial order when I went back to facilitate the death certificate ,I was told to bring someone with the same surname since we use different surnames and hapana anayo .
The wife died 2009 and there was no proof since there is no death certificate.l can not get assistance all the way to struggle for a death certificate from Hurungwe to Harare Market brother died at Pari and buried in Hurungwe . I was given a slip with a number to come back with but the cost of doing it is equal nekungozvirega.
I don't blame anyone if that is the process but all these things are done fast zvekuti you are not allowed to explain.
my brother died asina kana mwana and. he was a headman I tried to have a later written from our nearest school and other headman with stamps but didn't not work.
Gadzirisai mashandiro avo uye mabatiro evanhu.
l was never asked for a bribe but I know it was me who was supposed to ask for it of Which it's not worth it.
Saka tinongosiya zvakadaro.

@openforbusiness 3 months ago

vybz igokwe chokwadi,you rush to comment,y? Ati hapana munhu ane same surname still existing wani

Vybz Gokwe Kartel 3 months ago

My friend it is you who is very dull, collect any of the late brother relative sharing the surname. Write an Affidavit and as for you, you'll sign as a witness only.

Jack Bauer 3 months ago

Vanonzwisa hasha vanhu ivavo😤😤

inini 3 months ago

team rakanyenama haro iroriya

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 3 months ago

People who are employed to help citizens get their births, IDs and deaths are a disgrace to the nation because they treat them like dogs.

when my father died they asked me to bring my sick mother who had stroked and my uncle to get a death certificate. i told the lady at Mpilo in Bulawayo that my mom can't walk and she said to me if you need the death certificate you will bring her 😀 i laughed and left, it was 2008 and to date i still have my father's burial order.

Death certificates for my parents are not so important to me, its our cultural law in Zimbabwe that made me want to do so and can not suffer to put government records straight handisvikiko chero zvodini...

Vybz Gokwe Kartel 3 months ago

Today you have briefed us your own ****ity and ignorance, you failed to hire a taxi for your next of kin and simply collect your fathers Death Certificate. Those documents are very important especially when it comes to inheritance issues like immovable properties, for instance the case of Ginimbi, the next of kins were required to produce the Death Certificate for the whole process to be filled and without those documents you might lose what rightfully belongs to you.
Thanx man

Thanks 3 months ago

Fake news

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