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Baba Harare Criticises Shadaya's Views On Virginity, Lobola

Baba Harare Criticises Shadaya's Views On Virginity, Lobola

Jiti musician Baba Harare, whose real name is Braveman Chizvino, has criticised Shadaya for what he considers his extreme views on women.

Posting on Twitter, Shadaya Knight said women should value their virginity and suggested that men should not pay roora / lobola (bride price) when they marry girls and women who are no longer virgins.

Baba Harare argued that the responsibility was also on men to protect the purity of young women.

Speaking during an interview with H-Metro, Baba Harare said Shadaya’s views only serve to further fuel division between men and women. He said:

Shadaya’s views are polarising. There are some who will support his controversial views and there are some that will loathe him.

Normally, I applaud him for starting conversations, but some of his views on women are problematic and can actually start a hate campaign.

A society’s evolution is measured by the way it treats and values its women.

Women are the backbone of our society. They represent life, order and unconditional love.

What did Shadaya say?

Shadaya, whose posts on social media are controversial, has angered some women who consider his views extremely patriarchal. He wrote on Twitter:

For an African man, the moment you decide to pay lobola for a wvman you didn’t devirgin, that signifies the defeat of your manhood.

Lobola is a token of appreciation, so what exactly are you appreciating here, that other men didn’t see fit to appreciate?

Lobola is our culture, imagine denigrating our culture to celebrate a cultural delinquent. In our culture, virg!nity is of paramount importance.

But here you’re celebrating the opposite, instead of shaming it, your ancestors will be ashamed.

What a disgrace to your lineage And with your woke-ism you’ll defend your stup!dity saying “it’s not just about sex” well you should know the previous men got also those other qualities for free.

She cooked, washed, and cleaned for him. Nywe nywe it’s about building a family, well, she also gave him a kid(s) If there’s none, she probably has damaged her womb on contraceptives, family planning pills, jadel, morning after pills, heck even once or twice, she abort3d.

Her womb is a mess, loaded with more chemicals than a laboratory. If this was in football, what you’re doing is no different from breaking the bank for an old washed-up has been player, instead of getting that player on a free transfer.

How do you even look at yourself, aren’t you asham3d of yourself/ You have basically admitted that the men who had her before you are superior to you, what they couldn’t commit to, only you can.

Settling for another man’s l3ftovers. Have some shame, what a disgrace. Learn or perish!!!

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Spencer 4 months ago

Baba Harare anonyanyoda majoki. Learn or perish.

Iju 4 months ago

Shadaya Chibaba anovhura maziso

Tave 4 months ago

Taura hako kubvisira mumhu pfuma akambovatwa hakuite xar

Chief inspector 4 months ago

Iyi inyaya hombe. Vangani venyu vakaroora ma virgin?? Probably 20% yevaripano. The problem then comes kana virgin racho riri bharanza. You can't compromise your future happiness on someone's virginity. Woona akavhurwa wacho aribho and someone you can conquer the world with.

You have a choice to make 😂😂

Sabhuku 4 months ago

says someone who married mvana yake, pussssy mileage iripa 250,000 😂😂😂

pk 4 months ago

hapana akavharwa ari bhoo. unenge warohwa netsiga ndiroorwe. joki zvaro rinoita bhoo pakudii. kungoti boyz remazuva ano haridi zvinorinetsa. pamberi nemhandara uye pasi nekubisa roora kune akaboorwa

Sir Summer 4 months ago

Haihwaho chokwadi chaicho tochiziva. Vazhinji makatora mvandara. Unogona kungotora virgin racho wozongohurirwa paden uchiswera pa pindula.
Takaenda takaenda

mvandara 4 months ago

imiii imiika tisiyei zvedu....iwe unenge uchida kuroora mhandara kuti iwe urijaya here....ko vasikana vese vawakabvisa humhandara wakavaroora here,

😂 4 months ago

sabhuku apa mabura hombe

S**** Mahobo Pamberi Gaba Reuchi 4 months ago

Akambo sviiiirwaaa hanake ukazvifunga muchisviiiraanaa inobva yako yavata kunge yemunhu abatwa achi svviraaa mkadzi wemunhu

Gabriel 4 months ago

ko ungati chii kana wakamushaya but deep down we all know every man once munhu asina kumboitwa nevamwe


Agreement 4 months ago

Shadaya is 100% ryt

trey 4 months ago

Shadaya anofanira kuitwa Minister ogara nema body guard otherwise anourawa nevakadzi manje manje

Hondoyehwiza 4 months ago

i support you ipapo, Shadhaya for Minister of Truth😂

Madam Winter 4 months ago

ko virginity yevakomana keeee, why are u so concerned abt a women's virginity, we should consider both virginity yevarume neyevasikana, saka mukomana chete ndiye anotenderwa to sleep around with women here, mukomana ngaachengetedzewo virginity yake kna achidawo virginity yemusikana.
moreover kazhinji kacho virginity yemusikana inotobva asingadewo, asingatozvitarisewo,...
I think kt this issue ye virginity should be considered to both parties, totodawo ma virgin guys isu

Sir Summer 4 months ago

Gentlemen lets gather here kkkk 😂😂😂

Chipoko chaQueen 4 months ago

Ehe Madam with all due respect
Havasi varume vese vanopfeva sezvamunofunga and havasi vaskana vese vanoita izvozvo too.Ukaona murume achida virgin ichoice yake coz dzimba dzizhinji dzaputswa nekuroora mvana kana munhu ane milage bcoz munhu wese aunorara naye anokusiira mademon ake and mamwe acho anoputsa it’s safe kutooranabnemunhu ari clean spiritualy

Tk 4 months ago

Virginity yemukomana inopinda papi? Ko vakomana vanobvisirwawo roora here

4 months ago

kungochemera mavirgin imi muine tudora

Sabhuku 4 months ago

Wapotsa nyaya yema roora apo. Unless mabhebhi aakubhadhara token of appreciation.

Sabhuku 4 months ago

pasi nekuroora mvana nema**** guys, pasi nevarume vakazungaira

dada 4 months ago

A woman will forever carry the reminisce of the man who broke her virginity....

kubaz 4 months ago

munhu akauya neroora ndoakatanga musindo...kare vanhu vaitoisirwa mucheka muchena zvoonekwa kut watora mskana akakwana here

amheno ikoko 4 months ago

kovasingabude ropa but ari virgin vaidii navo

gboy 4 months ago

ukaona girlfriend or wife yako ichimaka @Shadaya chibva waziva kuti zvakaendwa. Don't argue with me i don't have time for you

Bagga 4 months ago

Man are so wicked that they are after breaking the virg of every innocent girl around and when they think of settling they start searching for a virgin

Chaminuka 4 months ago

Musikana asisiri virgin haa rorwe zvapera kkk muroore uone ,kuroorera munhu wese kkkkk

Miss Winter 4 months ago

the virginity issue favors men

Chipoko chaQueen 4 months ago

How?,please explain
Nyaya yevirginity tikuitira kuty munhu aunounza mumba ave ari clean mumweya.ukaroora wife material rakarara nevanhu vane mweya yehurombe newe unoitawo rombe so I’m just trying to protect myself .plus kana usiri virgin don’t assume 15Million Zimbabweans are all having **** like you

Dell 4 months ago

Will someone explain to me how someone sleeping nemumwe munhu might leave shavi rehurombe? Equally does it mean kuti akarara nevanemhanza yemari then iwewewo unoita mhanza yemari???


Chipoko chaQueen 4 months ago

First of all this applies only if you are Christian or any religion basically.kana uchibeleiver kuty takangouyawo panyika/takabva pagudo and hakuna Mwari then skip my explanation
Every time you have ****.you are interacting spiritually too
Which means munhu wese awarara naye mave nyama imwe .if u sleep with 3 people who have demons unomatora ese iwe wovasiirawo ako and so on.Thats why you should do **** after marriage with one woman to prevent unnecessary drama

Chipoko chaQueen 4 months ago

@Dell kana une nharo tarisa kuty why bby rinorara nemhondi mbavha rinopedzisira ramujeri.bby rinotengesa kuma avenue rinongofa nenhamo.mvana inoramba ichimitiswa vana vachiwanda

Dell 4 months ago

@Chipoko ChaQueen. Kana wakuti it only applies to the belivers only aren't you promoting exclusivity to virgins. ? Yes i do understand pawati if someone associates with certain criminal minds they will end up in Jail. But isn't that only a matter of association? Surely you can't hope for the best when you're with criminals.
Then pa issue yemvana , we have some who were married vari ma virgin then it didn't work out cycle ndobva yatongoramba ichidaro. Can't speak for ma**** honestly

Lastly i know some men who are very conspicuous but successful financially(opposite yerombe). Lets say they married a devout virgin but they are sleeping around. Vachaitawo marombe or there's a totally logical explanation.?

MutShe 4 months ago

Shadaya's twit has a grain of truth which all of us should work on to restore the lost glory. If we all believe that lobola is token of appreciation then exactly is being appreciated kana mombe dzakatopoyera mugarden macho. If it's appreciating education, the men is too. Thus parents from either side do everything possible to maintain purity in their children most particularly the brides', which is then recognized and appreciated by paying mombe yeChimandamanda. Tinotoona zvedu anatezvara vachichager mombe iyoyo ivo vakatadza kuchengeta mwana wavo, achitoita kunge an abandoned mine shaft. Sorry to be a bit too hard but the fact is, let's all be responsible because these girl's don't make themselves abandoned shafts but men do. Vasikana ngavasose maoindu avo zvakanaka, uye vakomana ngavasungire tumbuzi twavo turege kurunza

,,, dott 4 months ago

Munhu akaborwa haaite,, haazomire ba kurohwa chinhu

Richcracy 4 months ago

Bamwe vasikana vakazvarwa vasina virginity, so choose wise.😂😂😂😂😂😂

Dell 4 months ago

Seems #virginity is trending.Now we know how men think. Chiendaiwo munoshanda. Vasikana venyu vari kuvhurira makumbo to the highest bidder 😂😂😂. Iwewe paunozouya anenge angwara

Richcracy 4 months ago

Inini hangu heede kuroora munhu akamboiswa, even kuyisa anemugodi wakanyatso kura it's better I forfeit match pa spot because vaskana who are longer virgins who are used to sleep with different man ,,ndivo vekuti yeeye wejongwe 2mins yeyee kadora wat wat bhodo hangu

Citizen raPep naChamisa 4 months ago

Men nowadays are slowly becoming weak and **** beyond repair
How can one justify paying over 1000$ lobola kumunhu akavhurwa.ko munodi kuuya kubhawa tichikupai doro rakavhurika tione kuty hamurware here

Zim 4 months ago

Vabereki havafaniri kucharger mwana asisiri virgin. Vanofanira kungoti mukuwasha bvisa hako mari yawakasununguka kubvisa kukuto mwana wedu pakasara 😂😂😂😂😂

Zim 4 months ago

*kukokota mwana wedu pakasara.....*

Y oh 4 months ago

I'm looking at the girls today losing virginity at mostly around puberty at form1 or form 2 to their earliest boyfriend, who have not it in them to marry due to their own young ages ; read immaturity and economic standing etc. By the time the young man leave University and are ready for marriage their female equals had since lost virginity. The new marriage act says 18 is now the official marriageability age. Who is a virgin then?

Ndasvikawo Manjeso 4 months ago

1) I do support Shadaya ana Baba Harare vava nemaless life value life cz zvinomuraramisa hazvisi nyore kuti atambire chokwadi sechakataurwa naShadaya .
2) Kuroora virgin or not must be someone's choice zvichienderana nehunhu hwaangada pamunhu waanoti mukadzi cz 45% yevasikana varikurasikirwa nehumhandara varikujutwa or they are being drugged only to wake up ava mvandara vamwe nevanhu vava novimba .
3) Girls must learn kutaura chokwadi kune anenge ada Kuroora e. g akabviswa humhandara asingade but Ari a wife material ukaudza waaada chokwadia a) zvinopa mukomana hushingi to ignore kti haachisir mhandara but hunhu bhoo so acharoora a girl to be a mother with pride regardless non-vignity issue. b) kutaura chokwadi kunokuvhura musikana iyeye brain zvekuti no one is going to have another intimacy naye asingade chakaita apihwe drug anenge ava kuchiziva .
4) Issue yevirginity I do blame parents more than the victim (unless kune vanonzi nherera vaye) cz maparents tirikuita setiri kupa vana respects kusvika pakuti amai nababa havasive kuti mwana haasiri mhandara cz mwana paanongota kuita zvake ega behind parents' back that's the beggining of all troubles , fun part Vaya vatamboti nherera kazhinji ndivo vane % hombe yevarikuwanikwa vari sealed .
5 ) Idea yaShadaya iri 100+% correct kungoti a) yataurwa kuvanhu vasina kusvitarisira uye kuvanhu vadhakwa nenhema kusvika vava kudziita chokwadi zvokuti panozotaurwa chokwadi chinenge chatova nhema . b) Issue ikatorwa serious like what Shadaya say it's only one generation will face real challenge then the next generation to the next will be sober enough taking from example of the generation inenge yaaffectwa vava kuziva ukaingoita mvandara chisiya zvekufunga marriage so tosara nereal wife material girls for sure , dzemusango dzotandinisana nemapere musango .
6) Lastly most boys are vulnerable to this issue tukomana turiko idzungu zvaro but 85% yavo vanorara nevasikana uye pfambi but non of them test how a virgin girl/lady test like , vakawanda vana baba mudzimba vasina kumbotester virgin but vane vakadzi vari presentable so we can't say toda mavigins boys Iko kumabhawa, cools and churches kune pfambi hobho kudarika mawife material but if this issue yaShadaya ikatorwa serious it will be possible mukomana nemusikana Kuroora vese pasina akambotester b o n d e / s eCs
So zvikatotanga izvozvi kuti akavhurwa haroorwe neasiriye akamuvhura our nation will be great . I closer to University Intuition vasikana vepachikoro ichocho or even kuVa' s mazhinji zviito zveko handingazvitauri pano , IWE ndiwe mukomana kana ungava wave unooda here mamemories iwayo wachiroora hako bho kana waroorwa hako nemhunu asina kumbosvitsvaka zvevirgin izvii?
Sorry all guys nelong typing !!! Kungoedza kuvhurana maziso .

Chief inspector 4 months ago

Iwewe wapedza ma sports. Me i am nor yet married but this issue haizongori yekupinda nedzungu . Discussions are meant kuvhurana maziso.
These days hatisisina ana tete na sekuru vari active in grooming us into adulthood. Obviously there are more advantages to marrying a virgin. The decision is yours at the end of the day.

ABCD 4 months ago

who is Shadaya to tell people what to do with their cash money ??????????? kana munhu achida kuroora a none virgin ndezvake izvo who is Shadaya to tell us men who to marry and who not to marry

4 months ago

He is talking the truth and u can't run away from it

Zimyouth 4 months ago

Ko iwe ndiwe ani asingadi chakanaka se virgin?

4 months ago

As I see it 4 months ago

When men respect their own virginity they can then respect a woman's virginity. It's a two way street.

Sixpence 4 months ago

Better kutoroora rakapedza nazvo pane kuroora zero mileage inozohura yanzwa kunaka kwayo yaamumba.

4 months ago

Haufungi unenge wakaroora wekubhawa iwe chero akazohura at least ndiwe wakatanga kuvhura iweunenge usina kumbonzwa the feeling of devirgin mukadzi wako majaira mughodhi .nyarara hapana chaunoziva usade kufurira vamwe nhema iwe roora ma**** ako siya vamwe varoore mavirgin .ndimi vana baba vanopihwa vana vasiri venyu uchinzi ndewako wozoziva wakura ndipo pauchaona kunaka kwekuroora virgin baba .Musapuse

Tintin 4 months ago

mvana ndedze mabhambi...uye dzinozvara vana mazungairwa...anogara pagroup 6 kuchikoro...🤔🤔🤔

Wezhira 4 months ago

@Sixpence ungazodawo **** here ranzwa nekukwirwa nemunhu wese

Chinese zodiac 4 months ago

Ini hangu sekuona kwang pakakanganiswa kubva pakutanga tichitarisa mitemo mizhinji ikuiswa pavana vedu vakukura mwana haachabvumidzwa kurohwa kana aita musikanzwa uye iri yehuvirginity iyi kare vabereki kana vakuru venharaunda vaifamba vachidzidzisa vana nezvekukosha kwehumhandara uye vabereki vaikwanisa kutarisa mwana wavo,kuti achiri mhandara here pavanofungira pese kusiri kuti kutyora marights zvakutaurwa mazuvano asi yainge iri safekeeping ini n**** mitemo ndoikukanganisa coz mazuva ekare zvaitonyadza kuti unowanikwa usisiri mhandara musikana wese asati aroorwa waitongoziva kuti imhandara iye zvino hakusisina mitemo iyoyo uye kuda kuti utaure nemwana kana kumutsiura wakutonzi ukutyora kodzero dzemwana sakaaa hapana kwatikuenda nemitemo yedu iyi yatikutora kunyika dzekumadokero

g10 4 months ago

it's still okey garai maziva virginity can be restored munhu kuita mhandara blv it or not Saka mvana dzose dai dzaiziva vaingozvita zve munhu ofunga kuti wawana virgin yako

Tman 4 months ago

Exactly.. Mapills, injections and even surgeries ekurestore virginity azara... Imimi vanoda virginity munorara navo vanongodzora kuzasi... The more pressure you put on girls anokungwarira...

The Man 4 months ago

inini ndakatobvisa vasikana 5 virginity not kuti ndaida kuva wachisa but ndaitovadawo nemoyo wese but vese vari 5 kudaro we ended up tanetsana kana kuti ndabata kuti arikundihurira, tobva am happily married ndakawana futi musikana aiva mhandara takadanana tikarara tese kusvika ndazokwanisa kumuroorawo, I just wanna thank God kuti no matter how much I ****ed up ndichibvisa vana vevanhu mavirginity Mwari vakaita kuti ndiwani futi a virgin girl, Who is now my wife....may be it's bcz Mwari vakaonawo kuti pandairara nevamwe vasikana vese avo vandakabvisa humhandara zvaiitika out of true love I had for these girls and I was loyal kwavari but ndivo vakazondivhiringa Saka ndakanzworwa nyasha ndikawana futi mhandara......kune avo vakaroora vasiri mhandara it's fine guys as long muchiwirirana nemunhu wako bhoo. but I know kuti sometimes munogona kumbobhowekana nazvo....stay strong macomrades

Kudzie 4 months ago

I will be by your side Shadaya,being married a woman whom u didn't devirginity it signfies defeat in manhood

Wezhira 4 months ago

Haa humhandara hongodiwa actually its a necessity mukufamba umu. Ini personally I respect mhandara kusangana nayo ndakazviona handitotambise mwana wevenhu but kunana shava out there who are on a mission to de- virgin the whole world. Havana tsitsi vanhu vacho. Iwe paunozoti chandawana batisisa mudzimu haupe kaviri unotorohwa nehana and wotoshaya wekubvunza kuti vaipinda vaipinda nejombo here kana kuti. I strongly agree with Shadaya and vakadzi should learn to value their body and before I go let's go and register to vote and tovhotora chamisa chete chete.

Good day

Yours Sincerely


TeamShadaya💪🏾🔥🔥 4 months ago

Shadaya is the speaker of the truth and we as men lacked that voice with this so called equality movements which y’all’s have been pushing.

TeamShadaya💪🏾🔥🔥 4 months ago

Shadaya is a national treasure🤝🏾🏆

Madam Winter 4 months ago

saka mukomana ndiye asimgasari mema demon here paanorara nevasikana ,tibvire apooo...
virginity favors men chete chete, n virginity yemukomana also matters the same as yevasikana, kunoda kutsikirira the woman gender uko, mvana ndidzo dzamuri kuzoroora henyu zveeee, vane ma milleage iwawo uchida usingade...

its not like virginity ycho tetaibvisa ne mombe zve,

4 months ago

Kkkkkkkkkk hasha dzako idzi ndiwe unenge ukurehwa naShadaya kkkkkkk .

Citizen raPep naChamisa 4 months ago

Ehe zve,it’s a two way street ndosaka ndaty virgin boys want virgin women,avo vakamborava vanorooranawo pachavo vachizadzana mweya ye**** hapana anovarambidza

4 months ago

ndosaka muri kuzopfekerwa mishonga kuzasi nekuti mukuda mavirgin.makapusa stereki varume munonyepera senge makangwara izvo hapana chamoziva nezve mavirgin aya

Citizen raPep naChamisa 4 months ago

Mukadzi anokuroya ari nani anoratidza kuty anokuda pane anokuhurira nekukuchengetesa vana usingaziye

Mens conference 4 months ago

Give Shadaya sando zdake 🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨

teekay 4 months ago

haa ndaguta be comment section pindula ma sports

4 months ago

varume vakupusa zvokuti,ndosaka muchizopfekerwa mushonga kuzasi nekuti munoda mavirgin.kuchemera zvamusingazive munokuvarira izvozvo

Tman 4 months ago

Shadhaya wacho has slept with more than 2 women and that's a known fact. Iwewe murume how many women do admire muroad, how many **** stars did you admire, you have done so many with just your least 60% of Women in colleges and universities have sharp minds and have known so many d*cks. Those with poor intellect or **** are still virgin until they become another man's prey. In our days we do not value virginity because it does feed my kids, it does go to work, it does run businesses, marriage is about who can bring something to the tables might it be ideas, 50/50. Women have the right to do what they want with their bodies so as man. Have you ever seen a virgin business woman(no) but at the end of the day akapfura neparoad ndiwe unoti dayi arimukadzi wangu.....virginity is a thing of the Past..

Citizen raPep naChamisa 4 months ago

Ukuona chii iwewe
Bhoo zvinyepere uchity virginity haina basa😂😂
Roora mughodhi wega
Uchitopihwa kiss nemunhu aidya **** dzemadhara ese muZimbabwe
Ndimi type inopusiswa nemabby muchinyemwererwa kunzi besty muri lovely

4 months ago

Uyu mubabie uyu gara neburi rako iroro

. 4 months ago

Kasi virginity yacho inodyiwa here... dzimha** dzevanhu....

Citizen raPep naChamisa 4 months ago

Ukaona urimurume uchifarirwa nevakadzi sterek ziva kuty wakapusa and unobvuma kuitiswa just for mahugs kubva kumabby
Ukaona wakawengwa saShadaya ziva kuty une chimuty ,Vakadzi havafarire munhu akangwara kuvapfuura period

Registered Voter Voting for CCC 4 months ago

Nhai Citizen rep munhu akafarirwa nemababie abva apusa futi. Pane vanofarirwa naturally vasingabude mari wani?

Citizen raPep naChamisa 4 months ago

@Registered voter Ukuona chii
Kazhinji kacho
Look at Boss G and Mudiwa Hood
Mudiwa anogara achidhiswa coz he doesn’t usually spend money on slay queens😂😂
There are exceptions but usually ana Besty vasingagone kana kubata Ga** zvaro ndovanowanzofarirwa

Registered Voter Voting for CCC 4 months ago

This has been the most eye opening conversation ever. Conversation of the year contender 90 comments and going. Vasikana ngavazvichengetedze anhu wee

Mutengi 4 months ago

Totenda Baba Harare vaita kuti tinzwewo mashoko aShadaya ane udzamu

Shadaya Knight 4 months ago

Pamberi neni
Kuvhurwa hakuna kuipa asi kavhurirwo

Sabhuku 4 months ago

Someone give Shadhaya a Benz, wataura banga mukomana uyu! Marry a borehole at your own peril. Haisingori nyaya ye gomba chete, inyayawo inozokonzereswa nehunhu hwe gomba. Unowira mu gomba rizere marara mafia rakarasira masiriri aro imomo iwe teki-teki hawuwone watozviruza. Learn or perish

Muthwa________ 4 months ago

Yes men shouldn't pay lobola to a none virgin sipuru, but that doesn't mean if she opens her legs I wont hit it____________

From Chikurubi 4 months ago

Mukawana nguva tererai 96.0 FM. Varikutotaura nezvazvo. But varikuti you can still marry a non virgin but pane mari isingabviswe. I am not advocating for it but we marry under different circumstances. Vamwe vanotizirwa, vamwe vanosiirwa munhu

Tman 4 months ago

Kungopedza kadiscussion kenyu aka. Tinokutendayi anababa vanokara virginity kunge mari.. Muchanyurira virginity iyoyo uye munoita kuti isu vanotengesa mapills ekudzora kuzasi or ekudzosera humhandara afambe... Tichavatengesera ose mareturn soldiers muchapfidza...nemhandara zhinji dzatichaku gadzirirayi

Professor 4 months ago

Ini semaonero angu musikana anofanira kuroorwa Ari vigirn nekuti mubhaibheri shoko raMwari mune verse ino taura pamusoro pekuroora inoti kana ma****orana hamuchafanire kurambana asi kana marambana hapana anozoroora kana kuroorwa nekuti kana ukaita saizvozo urikuita upombwe saka panyaya ye***** ndiyo yakabata marriage saka kana ukaita zvebonde usati waroorwa kashoma kuzororwa nemudiwa wako anogona kukuramba wozoroorwa nemumwe unenge wakuita upombwe uye pamaten commandements paneinoti you shall not commit adultery uye kana iye anege akorora kana kuroorwa ndinofunga kuti Ari kutopombawo saka vasikana ndavasabvume kunyengerwa nevakomana uye vakamana ndava dzidze kuzvibatawo kunyaya dzeb**** kana vasati varoora kuti zvi zvifambe zvakanaka nekuti zvino sembura kurara nemukadzi akamborarwa nemumwe murume kana murume akamborarwa nemumwe mukadzi

Tupac 4 months ago

Pamberi nekuroora mavirgin as long as usiri virgin uchato chitiwa nemurume mumba please vasikana chengetedzai humhandara. Ipai munhu abvisa something kumba kwenyu kwete kungopa munhu wese wese

G boy 4 months ago

ukaona girlfriend or wife yako ichimaka @Shadaya chibva waziva kuti zvakaendwa. Don't argue with me i don't have time for you

Mafyt aka Tkt Says 4 months ago

I will simply say SHADAYA is extremely right
Then I come to respond @MadamWinter... Thank you for highlighting kuti even men should keep their virginity. Wow, that's great but can someone explain to me how to identify a man's virginity? Pachokwadi handizive
For your own Infor, your man might not tell you in future but hakuna murume ano pemberera mvana, ayo manyepo
Haungati ndakungopa vanhu privacy yangu bcoz vandi kumbira ka wotozvi rova dundundu kuti haaaa ndamugona kkkkk
Haaa Shadaya wapedza ma sports, hanzi her WOMB HAS MORE CHEMICALS THAN A LAB, kkkk I will add TOXINS there,, kuzvida kana kusazvida wakambo ona murume anomwa maPIRITSI ekuti asaitisa nhumbu here or anoto mwira kuti aone kunyatsoku DAMAGER & ADVANCE the 250 000milage kkkkk

Chasura 4 months ago

Apa pataurwa dama... Fact yataura Shadaya .. Baba Harare hapana zvozikanwa

Virgins only 4 months ago

Pasi ne mvana,

Fireman 4 months ago


Jojina 4 months ago

Hmmm vasikana wee ndinovimba madzidza chokwadi. Musazviidze magamba nekufamba muchivhura makumbo pesese. I hope murikuvanzwa vakomana nevarume. Kana voda ku settler avabati zvemvana. Musashandiswe ndapota. Remekedzai goride iro ririmukati. Kwete kungorimwaya oese pese. At the end you will be the loosers.

El Zorro Dorado 4 months ago

Haa gentlemen,risiri virgin racho rinenge ramboboorwa naan in the first place. Lets not be childish handiti ka,imi ndimi nyakutumbura nekumitisa zvese ka 1 and vazhinji venyu mune matoita rape fut mwana wevanhu asingadi mozoti nywe nywe toda virgin,mat*zvi enyu

😂😂😂 4 months ago

Haaaa hanzvadzi marwadziwa kkkk asi muri broadway kani kkkk

truthspeaker 4 months ago

saka munoreva here kt mese imi muri mavirgin pamuri varume. ivo vasikana ivavo vakazvibvisa vega virginity hre. both men n women vazhinji hamusisiri brand new makavhurwa kare

Mdara Odza 4 months ago

As long as a man is paying loyola, he has every right to make it a requirement that his bride be a virgin, even if it means he has slept with women before. The money he pay gives him the power to do so

Bounty Hunter 4 months ago

Pasi nekuroora ma**** munhu roora mhandara yako bhoo. Kana ukaroora **** rako zvichakudya moyo kusvika murufu siyanai nemvandara idzo

Anonymous 4 months ago

No s3x before marriage, kana musiri mahúre munovhurireyi makumbo musina kubvisirwa chero lemon rinovava zvaro. Murume wese chero pastor akawana punáni yakamera pamuti anongorova. Its up to you to protect your pride. For men haikona kuroora aka****hwa cuz akavhura musi waanodzoka anongochitinha. Even ma virgin acho tsvagai akadzikama cuz amwe ma virgin nekutoshaya aivhura musi waunomuvhura anobva atotangawo kuhura so look at character plus purity. Akavhurwa haabvisirwe mombe

JMP 4 months ago

Ãzvîkø izvivañõpëñgãå

Chabaya 4 months ago

Isu vamwe takarora ma virgin zero stress kana azohurawo ndozvozvo ...

Chelsea fc 4 months ago


G Wagon 4 months ago

Girls munhu asina kubvisa cent kumba kwenyu usamupe makumbo. Zvinozokunetsa mangwana. Do you know kuti ndogona kungohura murume and mkadzi you ask why muchidaro ndokuudza kuti ndiri kutsvaga mhandara yekuvhura hanzi dzonaka. Marriages are breaking every day because of this virginity thing. GIRLS DZIDZAI KUVHARA MAKUMBO

Queen 4 months ago

Aaah guys I was tolerating you now , I want you to know that not all girls want to lose their virginity because it's her priority after all. In some extent other girls are abused ****ually and forcibly. Other girls lose their virginity while they are children because of watching ****ography while trying to do what they saw. Some do it to earn a lliving not all girls are like that. when u talk about virginity mind your tongue coz both are at fault and boys learn to mind ur ****ing pipes because it's your fault coz u are the ones responsible for the removing of virginity. Boys u also have to know that hormones are the ones which makes somebody likes **** it's natural

Queen 4 months ago

Aaah guys I was tolerating you now , I want you to know that not all girls want to lose their virginity because it's her priority after all. In some extent other girls are abused ****ually and forcibly. Other girls lose their virginity while they are children because of watching ****ography while trying to do what they saw. Some do it to earn a lliving not all girls are like that. when u talk about virginity mind your tongue coz both are at fault and boys learn to mind ur ****ing pipes because it's your fault coz u are the ones responsible for the removing of virginity. Boys u also have to know that hormones are the ones which makes somebody likes **** it's natural

Micke Bee Mickey Vee 3 months ago

a girl should value her self just have self respect usanyadzise clan 🤣

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