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Azam TV Launches In Zimbabwe

Azam TV Launches In Zimbabwe

Azam TV, owned by the Tanzania-based Bakhresa Group, has launched its services in Zimbabwe, its seventh country in Africa.

The pay-television company has partnered with the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) television channel in broadcasting the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) games from Cameroon.

Azam TV is already operating successfully in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Malawi as it makes inroads in other African countries.

Speaking at the launch in Harare on Friday night, Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Minister Monica Mutsvangwa hailed Azam TV for its investment in the country.

She also expressed hope that this will help in the development of local talent in content creation in arts, sports, culture and documentaries and introduce these to wider African audiences. Said Mutsvangwa:

Not only is the availability of these platforms bringing value for money for Azam TV viewers and listeners, but it is also worth celebrating the achievement of universal access to information.

She added that the investment by Azam TV should create employment for Zimbabweans involved in the sale and distribution of products and services of Azam TV as well as installation of TV equipment.

Azam TV chief financial officer, Kedarnathrao Bedare, said packages included sports, movies, cartoons, documentaries, news, drama and series, among others.

He also said there are three main packages; Azam Pure which shows 100 channels that cost US$5, Azam Plus which shows 120 channels at US$10 and Azam Play which shows 130 channels and costs US$15.

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Zbd 5 months ago

I advise you not to buy these Decorders rate changes traffic ichachinja. They just want to gain popularity...

Remember DSTV yaimboita 7USD yaaakuma 20something

Zbc 5 months ago

My people this is foolish ZBC is just partnering. ZBC didnt lauch these channels ingori Azam yauya muZim. ZBC must have launched free to air channels like SABC did kwete izvi zvekuti partnership.... Xaah

Msimba 5 months ago

Eh guys can someone tell me kti how much is the Azam decoder please


R'G 5 months ago

The service is still on launche and promotion stage and the 100 channels ahasi echurch hre iwayo

Gabadela 5 months ago

Those are good channels wangu believe you me. EChurch hauzomashayi but the majority it's entertainment,sport,cartoons and documentaries

Daily prophecy 5 months ago

@RG 😂😂😂😂😂😅Gospel here wangu

Daily prophecy 5 months ago

Dstv ngaichi review matariffs ayo or it will face a huge blow
Iyo Azam yacho ine HD here

Doug 5 months ago

Are we admitting that ZBC Digitalisation has failed? We should be hearing about ZBC Digital launch before a foreign company launching in similar space. Besides ZBC and the citizens benefitting from watching AFCON matches, what then afterwards? ZBC Digitalisation should be revisited and ZACC should investigate officials who benefitted from travel and subsistence allowances and hotel stays all over the country giving the nation information that the digitalisation was almost complete. Can the failure or delay of Zim Digital be taken as abuse of office among all those who were involved. Welcome to AZAM, I hope you will maintain the subscription rates for a very long time to come.

Dennis takaza 4 months ago

Rino wanikwa here mumu local towns

MaFyt 5 months ago

When kwese launched its services paya intended to be given,the gvt tender to,supply settop,boxes at the height of digitalisation but the deal politicaly flopped.
Someone in the Gvt as usually alleged demanded huge back throws resulting in Econet easing on disbursing the monies for tge programe,.
Econet and its subsidiaries we all know that they are under spotlight and during that period it is alleged that ECONET was the major shareholder in the consotium funding zim-digital, it was not the ministry as published. That is the reason why Ecocash became under threat as it was the primary source for the funding of the deal.
now that AzamTV has launched its services, the reason is to try and lure investors in the same field again

Gafa fut 5 months ago

Mari dzopera nemazidhishi aya apa kwese taka disipureya panze nemumba

Doroguru 5 months ago

Yaah AZAM ndizvo manje. Once watched it fulltime while in Tanzania. It's a good substitute for DStv kwete zvana Zbc nana ZimDigital. For AZAM,even the or ce structure is reasonable.

EPL 5 months ago


0774890960 5 months ago

Why in USD? Ko ma set top box a George aaitaura paaitenderera nezve digitalisation kwedu haasati asvika wani? Ko ZimDigital where are you? Batai vanhu vadzose mari dzavakatora todziziva hedu... I've nothing against the investment, but accountability yakangonaka. Pamwe vanofunga takanganwa... GORE RINOPERA KUCHITANGA RIMWE!

Doroguru 5 months ago

@Fashanu,why would an international organization charge in local currency when the govt is charging it's services in USD?🤔🤔🤷

Bright 5 months ago

Usazozviona seunoketa zvese ka ku Kariba uko ndakatomboshandisa kwacha ko ma rands ahishande here muno pfutseki mhani

Zodoc Chikaponya 5 months ago

@ Fashanu reason inemusoro unoyiziva but wakuda kunyepera kupusa. Mari yemuno it's unpredictable, it can lose value at any moment, so why should they rely nayo . For them to allow the payment in RTGS, firstly the RTGS should be stable henceforth a payment in RTGS can be achieved. Pasina iyoyo fogeti endi smayilu

Bright 5 months ago

Iwe Mari yeku Malawi ku Zambia inoshanda wanzwa unoenda Kuma bank ka or ma change money even yekumiza inoshanda muno ft yemuno ndiyo yega isinga shande wanzwa kana iwe usina kuishandisa usati apana akaishandisa ka iwewe

Mudhara Fashanu 5 months ago

Ini zvangu ndoona sokuti Azam yaingofanira kuwhandisa Mari yemuno. Izvo zvekuti Mari dzevamwe dzinoshanda kunedzimwe nyika manyepo akabhoyirisiwa. Munoti kwacha reku Malawi rinoshanda kumwe kupi. Shiling reku Uganda rinoshanda kumwe kupi. Tikakupayi Mari idzedzo toti Gara nadzo ungabvuma here. We just have to accept our currency as a nation otherwise we are not doing good upon ourselves. Yes I agree the service is reasonably affordable but it was going to be more reasonable if citizens we going to pay in local currency. Let's like our currency it's ours for our sovereignty. To tell you the truth that is indisputable Azam like DStv is only interested in looting the little US$ that we have. If they have the interest of the citizens they should just do the most expected noble thing. Charge in local currency simple.

Signing off

Ndini wenyu

Yini owenu

Mudhara Fashanu

Bright 5 months ago

Inyaya yekuti Mari yemuno ahishande kune dzimwe nyika ka asi ma us anoshanda asi dzimwe dzimwe nyika vanobhadhara nemari yavo bcz Mari yavo inoshanda kwese

Sir🔥🔥🔥 5 months ago

Yaaa zvave Nani zbc ummm inorwadza hayo ii

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