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Australia-based Susan Mutami Files Rape Charges Against President Mnangagwa

Australia-based Susan Mutami Files Rape Charges Against President Mnangagwa

Susan Vivian Mutami, a 33-ear-old Zimbabwean woman who resides in Australia, has filed rape charges against President Emmerson Mnangagwa with the Queensland Police Service in Australia.

Mutami who lived with President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his wife, Auxillia, as a teenager, claims the 79-year-old ZANU PF leader sexually abused her.

Last week, Mutami reiterated during a Twitter space that Mnangagwa abused her in his army green Jeep Grand Cherokee 2005 model adding that he wanted to “kill” her to silence her. She said over the weekend:

You can call me a hooker. I don’t care the fact still remains that Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa raped me when I was a minor…

I wanted to leave Zimbabwe, and I knew I would set the record straight once I get to Australia because if I had aired out everything maindiwuraya ka [you would’ve killed me]. Do you think I don’t know the CIO counterintelligence team were paying Simba Chikanza to write shit about me, do I look stupid?

She first made the allegations in February this year saying she was just 15 when she was allegedly raped

Her allegations attracted varied responses. Some observers say she has mental disorders while some say she was traumatised. Some urged her to take the legal route.

Analysts say the allegations are a huge blow to President Mnangagwa’s bid to retain the presidency. There are already calls from some quarters for Mnangagwa to either resign or reinstate former Vice President Kembo Mohadi who resigned after an expose of his sexual abuses of his married aides.

Zimbabwe goes to the polls in 2023 but Mnangagwa has to retain the presidency in the ruling party first. His fate is likely to be decided at the party’s congress scheduled for October this year amid reports of factionalism.

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Zimbahwe Lawyers for Hookers 3 weeks ago

We will be flying our lawyers to Australia to make sure we get to the bottom of this...
(no pun intended)

Jim Munkuli 3 weeks ago

very tight

Nimrod 3 weeks ago

The issue has escalatedd to another level

VYBZ KARTEL 3 weeks ago

Susan Mutami must be a mad woman. Kanopenga kamunhu aka.

Mafirakureva 3 weeks ago

@VYBZ Ketero have become a qualified Psychiatrist to vouch for Mutami's mental state?

And @ Blue 💙, what proof is there that "Haana nyaya"? Which Court acquitted him?

Blue 💙 3 weeks ago

Haana nyaya


It is clear she suffers from the Mahere sickness no doubt the unclean CCC fanatics will come to her side.

Ndini wenyu
William Sonboy Chinembiri
(Bush Lawyer)

CHIMOMBEN 3 weeks ago



khalifa 3 weeks ago

why this allegations now when ED is the president ..

Machiavelli 3 weeks ago

It's gratifying to watch @Blue 💙 admitting to chicanery, trickery and going off tangents. Kudos to Zuze for cornering him into admission.


Blue 💙 3 weeks ago

The political world is all about ulterior motives, going off tangents, trickery better yet chicanery. Pasi nemi vanhu vr CCC

Daddy 3 weeks ago

Chinhu Cha Daddy ichi

Zuze 3 weeks ago

@Blue 💙 tipewo humboo (evidence) yezvauri kutaura.
1. Evidence of a Sri Lanka uprising
2. Evidence of CCC/western pullers link
3. Evidence of USA use of puppets to destabilise Zimbabwe
4. Evidence that usa is a war- mongering country (with specific reference to Zimbabwe)

Besides, you Blue 💙 are NOT a competent Court of Law to say categorically that Mnangagwa is not guilty, or that Mutami is lying. You haven't given us the evidence that you have to say Mutami is trying to "besmirch" (sic) the man.

And by the way you went off at a tangent. I simply said Mnangagwa is not Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe is not Mnangagwa. And what relevance does Zimbabwe's oile deposits have to do with this debate?

Your insinuation that Australia is a puppet of USA should be thrown out with the contempt it deserves.

Blue 💙 3 weeks ago

Zuze, zuze, zuze...I know the west are trying to spark a Sri Lanka in here. Such a case, assuming Ed did rape her, has not enough evidence to besmirch the man. So why do this when you know you can never win? Plant confusion and rip confusion, that's what she , CCC and your western string pullers want. It won't work

Zuze 3 weeks ago

@Blue 💙, Mnangagwa is not Zimbabwe. If Susan is destabilising Mnangagwa, she is not necessarily destabilising Zimbabwe

Mkanya 3 weeks ago

Pasi ne zanu. Pasi nema rapists

Blue 💙 3 weeks ago

Zim has large oil deposits, Australia is an American puppet, The States is a warmongering country. This is planned stunts by the puppets to destabilize our country. Pasi na Susan,npasi na Mahere, Chamisa ne CCC yake. Vote Zanu PF for peace

xyz 3 weeks ago

mhosva haiwore

John 3 weeks ago

Visualize the statute of limitations

Queensdale Police Force 3 weeks ago

We will be sending our Cst Dicky Ouhooker to Zimbabwe to take a statement from the accused.

zelensky 3 weeks ago

akupenga nhasi,chinomhara chete .

Chaminuka 3 weeks ago

Ndaona Paita kupingana vazukuru .Muchenjere kutarisa hov****si iripachimuti muchisiya munda wenyimo .Mhembwe dzakafa nenzara nenyaya yekutarisa hov****si kwanzi kumunda mune munhu .Vana hloni vakasvika vakapinda vakadya havo .Musatarisa hov****si nyaya iyi nema erekisheni hazvidyidzani dzidzisai vazukuru kuvhota seyanai nayo Hatibudiriri muno mu Zimbabwe .Asi Shingai nekuti muchakunda vorambira pachigaro Gore dema rozouya rine ropa

Mafirakureva Jeremiah 3 weeks ago

Rape is rape.
Whether it's perpetrated on a woman or man .
Of interest is the legal implications of the victim reporting the alleged office in Australia and not in Zimbabwe.
The charge now falls under international law. as opposed to Zim law.
Visualise Interpol not ZRP.
Quite interesting!

John 3 weeks ago

Visualize diplomatic immunity my guy. These guys don't even get searched/go through customs when they are in other countries. What makes you think they can be arrested.

Manikiniki 3 weeks ago

Pashata apa, paipa ayiwa paipa, mumwe anonyura.

Mukulumukuru 3 weeks ago

E.D.I.O.T atonyura apa. Dzimwe
hobho dzichatanga kubuda.

Mukanyapazvese 3 weeks ago

The violation of a minor is traumatic and has consequentially far reaching post traumatic effects She's not the only case but could be the only one strong enough to disclose. We all know another rather similar case in the gospel circles

parasite 3 weeks ago

umm ED have those qualities harambirwe

klux k k 3 weeks ago

Batayi munhu - Interpol basa iro, child abusers should rot in jail. Manga majaira protection ya madzibaba Taguta(of the infamous 25 wives). Zvino akafa zvafumuka.

Legal Intern 3 weeks ago

So what is the Queensdale Police expected to do with this report?

John 2 weeks ago

Jurisdiction issues and that still

Angel of Hope 3 weeks ago

Sorry @John, Diplomatic Immunity does not apply to certain crimes, like rape.

John 3 weeks ago

@angel of hope, the guy has diplomatic immunity. Nothing of such will happen

Angel of Hope 3 weeks ago

Invite the accused to come and make a statement, failure which they will issue a warrant of arrest, copied to ZRP and Interpol

i 3 weeks ago

mwanangu sings jombo kana wada nyaya dzakadai idzi.icho chibharo chako ichi imhandoyi chekumbo batiswa mborrrrro hee neanzi ndaisa kahwani katwo.ndabhukirwa hotera ummm chitosunga njombo nekuti kana uchiti bvura nzeve wechenjera kuwira mudziva time🐊

mm 3 weeks ago

iwe chibharo chako imhandoyi hehe ndanzi bata mborrrrro hehe ndanzi ndoisa kahwani katuu ndaibhukirwa hotera saka muhotera umu waibuda sei haàa dzimwe nyaya idzi hamheno.beware of 🐊

Zizi 3 weeks ago

Why think she is associated with CCC aaaaah kokana zviri muhari yavo ve Zanu munodirei kutsvaga muroyi kure iye arimumba menyu

SWAT 3 weeks ago

Listened to some of the audios. Her story seems to be too detailed to be false or made up. The question we may need to ask is if it is indeed true then is she the only one who went thru such

chinhu chadaddy 3 weeks ago


Jojola@07 3 weeks ago

hazvipere mushe

Daddy 3 weeks ago

Chinhu Cha Daddy ichi 🤣🤣🤣

never 3 weeks ago


Chimboti Pizza 3 weeks ago

Iyi inyaya iri serious, kana chiri chokwadi ED ngaabve pachigaro😠

WILLIAM SONBOY CHINEMBIRI 0777373902 3 weeks ago

This is what I have been saying all along that George Charamba and Tafadzwa Mugwadi can not stand in for His Excellency Advocate President ED Mnangagwa because this case is criminal and not political where the likes of Mugwadi and Charamba would have fitted tightly.

His Excellency Advocate President ED Mnangagwa is required to answer for himself against these heinous allegations of rape.

I have read in some the commentries that Susan Mutami is a hooker. Yes, she can be one, but the law still protects her from being ****ually molested or raped.

While the likes of Mugwadi want to smear people from other political parties, I want to ask him to recoil and look into the factionalism in ZANU PF political party. ZANU PF is going for their Congress in October where they will choose a candidate for the 2023 Harmonised Elections.

If His Excellency Advocate President ED Mnangagwa fails to be given Presidential Candidate status who then is next in line ? That is food for thoughts. The answer is yours.

Susan Mutami has reported her rape case in Australia and not Zimbabwe. This was for obvious reasons of the fear of retribution. She is now fearing for her safety.

President ED Mnangagwa may select a team of lawyers from either Zimbabwe or Australia to represent him.




Yours sincerely
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

Kakistocracy🤣Muchakaka 3 weeks ago

I would like to, profusely, thank Edmund Kudzai for attacking Fadzai Mahere without providing evidence. God is for us all. There goes Mutami with grave and detailed accusations against your Master kkkkk.

I normally write about KUKAKA kwedu maZimba at the mercy of ZANUPF but today 🤣🤣🤣🤣NDAKAKA nekuseka hangu.

Pasi nevanodyisa vana Chinhu ChaDaddy🤣🤣🤣. Someone must answer with facts to thwart these allegations if indeed they are mere allegations. One thing that is clear is that the details are too much to be a creation of Mutami's mind even if we claim she is mentally deranged.

Pamberi neCCC. Pamberi neGolden Future.
#Register to Vote.

Doc 3 weeks ago

Ed is suffering from ED (erectile disgrace). 😂

Doc 3 weeks ago

E D is suffering from E D(erectile disgrace). 😂

Cesar 3 weeks ago

It's so sad that when a woman speaks out on rape not even her fellow women support her instead they rush to say it's Political propaganda , why would Susan accuse the President of such lies as he and his family looked after her , there is no way any person would turn on those that took care of her unless the allegations are true .

XYZ 3 weeks ago

..... and Sunridge in Harare

Tete 3 weeks ago

True, madzimai emuno will remain mum while their children are being abused by these political bullies. I am sure Susan's mother was aware of this, kana kutoti ndivo vakatosundira mwana. Its no hidden secret that EEEEDEEE has many girlfriends (small houses) in Refcliff, Torwood & Kwekwe, with the full knowledge and support of the girls' mothers, all of whom belong to the Women's League.

Maparamuro 3 weeks ago

The person who needs psychiatric help is Idhi. Power drives him crazy.

fun time 3 weeks ago

this is a game, Zimbabwean politics is getting more dirtier and brace for more interesting times. I pray for peace cde president choose peace when the time for choice comes.

comrade shefu 3 weeks ago

Varikufunga kuti acha resigna kkkkk

Anonymous 3 weeks ago

My phone cant send comments ndodii

Android 3 weeks ago

Siyana nazvo, ko waruzeyi nekungoverenga chete

Majority Rule 2 weeks ago

Susan is speaking for herself,let the accused men answer for his accusations,vamwe varikudefender hamuna chamunoziva full stop.Stop it

Hanzi manyengavana hehede kudya nhiyo

patriot 2 weeks ago


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