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Aunt Forces Niece, Nephew To Burn Themselves

Aunt Forces Niece, Nephew To Burn Themselves

A woman from Penhalonga who ill-treated her sister’s two children by forcing them to burn themselves with hot molten plastic and to eat their own waste has been sentenced to 24 months imprisonment by a magistrate.

Melody Zvevanwe (33) of Chakonda Farm appeared before Mutare magistrate, Rumbidzai Kabasa presided over the matter, while public prosecutor, Tafadzwa Chiwanza, represented the State.

Zvevanwe was convicted on both counts of ill-treatment or neglecting young persons as defined in Section 7 (i) of the Children’s Act, Chapter 5:06.

The magistrate suspended six months on condition of good behaviour which means Zvevanwe will serve an effective 18 months in prison.

She denied both the charges but was convicted after a full trial due to the overwhelming evidence that was produced in court.

Chiwanza told the court that Zvevanwe had been staying with her niece and nephew, aged 11 and 5 respectively, at Chakonda Farm since early last year.

Her elder sister, the children’s mother, works and resides in South Africa.

Zvevanwe allegedly routinely beat the two children with a whip and a cooking stick for no reason.

On one occasion, Zvevanwe reportedly burnt her niece on her back, stomach and hands with hot molten plastic.

She then burnt her nephew with the same plastic on his tongue and right hand. Said Chiwanza:

She used to pull both children’s tongues using a pair of pliers as punishment. She ordered them to spend the whole day working hard without eating anything.

Sometime in November, she ordered her niece to excrete in a tin and then forced her to eat all her waste while she watched. The child ate all her waste after she had been threatened with death.

The matter came to light after a tip-off was made to the police by concerned neighbours.

A team of police officers and officials from the Women Affairs and Social Development Department reacted to the tip-off.

It was then found that the allegations were true.

The children were then taken to Simukai Child Protection Services for safe shelter, while Zvevanwe was subsequently arrested.

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Gogodera 5 months ago

Judge avo pavachaitirwa Panama yavo vacharwadziwa because Mwari vacharatidza simba ravo 1day zvoitwa Pahama yavo

Mwanakomana 5 months ago

Aiwa uyu ngaaaaatongerwe more than 25 yr ummmmm zvakaoma

G#ie@ 5 months ago

Iiiiihhh this is a devilish spirit, she deserves more than 5yrs n jail

Msimba 5 months ago

Aaaaah judge, what is that now hey??????that she Devil must rot in Prison please revise the sentence,oh zimbos hey. Pindula post our request ndozvatataura,ndarwadziwa mhani.judge avo bhoo here apa

Bienouza 5 months ago

Ahh smoro bhangu wemkadzi she ndz 10yrs

Bienouza 5 months ago

Ahh smoro bhangu wemkadzi she ndz 10yrs😬

Chikandamina 5 months ago

Ndaapinde apiwe yellow .


Imwe Mbeu 5 months ago

Pakadai unodemba kuti dai maMonths akakura semaYears

The Devil's Advocate 5 months ago

24 months is nothing considering the harm she did to the children. That woman deserves a death penalty...

MuGrade 2 5 months ago

I can sense use of juju by e accused...she is e kid of e evil one...she must rot in jail n come back as a changed human

Zodoc Chikaponya 5 months ago

Yes yes you are right and above all doesn't this situation looks very familiar 🤔🤔🤔.

Ohhh yeahhh I've just remembered pardon my memory, I can relate the same situation to fellow Zim Citizens and Zanu Pf. Of which in this case Zanu being the Aunt, molten plastics being ZNA and ZRP and the Children being us the Zim Citizens.

The only difference is that we've noone to cry to

Manikiniki 5 months ago

Thats too lenient for this devil she deserves deserves worse

Mhazi of silobela 5 months ago

The magistrate erred. This witch deserves a lengthy prison sentence. She must have been forced to eat her own shit. Nxaaa Sharia law is good in some instances......ndapedza

Mwana wevhu 5 months ago

Ivo vai toda 20years magistrate avo vanoda kuongororwa sei vachi pa mutongo wakapusa kudayi vana vakaitiswa zvisingaite

chimuti 5 months ago

Life behind bars satani uyo iiiiiiiii this is too much woooooooh

Daily prophecy 5 months ago

Anoda 5 years uyo #SATAN

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