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August 1, 2018 Shootings: "The Only Compensation We Got Was ZW$1 000" - Family Of Victim

August 1, 2018 Shootings:

The government reportedly gave ZW$1 000 only as “compensation” to families of the August 1, 2018 army shooting victims, NewsDay Weekender reported.

The amount, given to assist in the burial of those killed by army personnel during the post-election protests over the delayed announcement of presidential election results, translates to less than US$2.

Last week, the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition (CiCZ) hosted a roundtable discussion to measure progress on the implementation of the recommendations of the commission where families of the deceased victims expressed sadness over their neglect.

Alison Charles, who lost her brother Galvin Dean, could not hold back her tears saying her brother “was killed like a dog”. Alison said in-between tears:

My brother died like a dog. He was never a violent person. 

I have tried litigation to no avail. The government is untouchable and unapproachable. The only compensation we got from the government was the $1 000 deposited into our accounts to cover some funeral expenses.

It was not even enough at the time as we were assisted by loved ones and friends.

Maxwell Tauro said he wanted justice to find closure over the killing of his son Charles Tauro.

He said his “wounds are still fresh” adding that he “can’t even maintain my son’s grave because I have no money. He was our breadwinner.” Tauro added:

I am also demanding justice. We need to know the perpetrators.

CiCZ chairperson Peter Mutasa said August 1, 2018, brings sad memories and expressed regret that there is no will on the part of the government to compensate the victims.

Some Context:

President Emmerson Mnangagwa narrowly beat opposition leader Nelson Chamisa in the disputed elections, with the case spilling into the Constitutional Court, where Chamisa lost the challenge.

During the post-election protests the army, using live ammunition, opened fire on fleeing protesters, killing:

i). Silvia Maphosa,

ii). Galvin Dean Charles,

iii). Ishmael Kumire,

iv). Jealous Chakandira,

v). Challenge Tauro and

vi). Brian Zhuwawo.

Thirty-five others were wounded in the shootings in Harare’s central business district.

The killings attracted the attention of the international community prompting Mnangagwa to appoint a commission of inquiry, headed by former South African President Kgalema Motlanthe, to investigate the killings.

Among a raft of recommendations, the commission said families of the deceased should be compensated and that perpetrators be held accountable.

Opposition leader Linda Masarira, who testified before the Motlanthe commission, donated five bags of cement to Tauro for his son’s grave.

She said there is no political will to compensate the victims adding that there should be a special fund to compensate the families.

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Boss Proekid 2 months ago

So sad indeed why our government they should have a heart some of them who died where innocent souls

pk 2 months ago

minofira mahara nezvima demonstration

thrasher 1 month ago

Zimbabweans are all cowards we learned the meaning of a beating when we were young. I even doubt kuti maComrades a musangano akarwa Hondo. Our president runs aways from protesters in New York using the back door. Our how a Loth being called Zimbo.

Y oh 2 months ago

To compensate families of the deceased is as good as admitting perpetrations, I don't think that is so far or was at any point, in the best interest of the guilty...

Y oh 2 months ago

...and in a country endowed with billions from minerals, the pittance of a $1000 as funeral assistance for lives lost in the way they were lost speaks all there needs to be understood

2 months ago

1000 rtgs in 2018? Rate was 1USD=5RTGS

2 months ago

The story is misleading that it's was worth 2USD. Government is wrong so is the person who put the 1000rtgs is 2USD

challenger 2 months ago

@g;you missed it in August the was 1usd:2rtgs.
so do your arithmetics

g 2 months ago

so is $200 usd enough to cover funeral expenses

kg 2 months ago

rest in PC guys and girls.makangosanganawo nehasha dzevakuru shem



The Kgalema Motlanthe Commission was set up as a smokescreen only to cheat International Community. It was a fake board. [ ZVINO IVO VACHIURAYA VANHU KUDAI KUNGE HUKU, NDIPO PAVANOTI VANODA KUFA VACHITONGA ? NADA NDARAMBA].

The so called second ZANU PF Administration has not implemented a single Motlanthe Commission recommendation.

The soldier who butchered those defenceless citizens are freely roaming the Streets of Harare. Some politicians in ZANU PF are vampires !!!!! They are hardhearted. Why do they refuse to be compared with the Rhodesia Front [ RF ] era ? [ SAME INAFANANA ].


Yours sincerely
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

Son Of Africa 2 months ago

You'll die like a dog ,very soon .

mahachi 2 months ago

the armyy is the campaign boys for zhaanhu

Tkt 2 months ago

Poor journalism there! ZWL$ 1000 paid yes ✔️ but when kuti tinyatso Ina kuti was it really US$2

Chombo 2 months ago

Uuuuum Pindula who a u trying to pse apa

dawuu 2 months ago

can you tell me that you compasate byus$2 to the family of victime sure president why you play by the people

pk 2 months ago

ndokufira mahara kwachozve. musashandiswe. don't be a political thug. unouraiswa na Chamisa. ko iyo ccc yakaburitsa marii kunze kwekungowukura🐩🐩🐩

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