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Auditor-General Chiri Exposes The Rot In Zimbabwe's Health Sector

Auditor-General Chiri Exposes The Rot In Zimbabwe's Health Sector

Auditor-general (AG) Mildred Chiri has exposed the rot in the country’s health sector noting issues such as a shortage of personnel and ambulances as well as unauthorised expenditures.

The audit report on the appropriation accounts, finance and revenue statements and funds accounts for 2021 comes at a time when South Africa is accusing Zimbabweans of straining the neighbouring country’s healthcare facilities.

In her report, Chiri said:

i). the Harare Government Dental Centre, which is the country’s largest referral centre, is operating below capacity with insufficient human resources and equipment.

ii). the facility offers oral health services to patients and provides training and internship to dental technicians, therapists and assistants.

iii). it requires 8 dental chairs and 8 dental mobile carts, but it only has 1 of each.

iv). it also requires 4 autoclaves (sterilising equipment), 4 air compressors for dental procedures and 2 dental X-Rays, but it had none. The dental centre also has no water and power backup.

v). the number of dental therapists and assistants had significantly declined, a situation that may see the country having no therapists. 30 therapists should be trained each year, yet in 2019, 15 therapists were trained and in 2020, 10 therapists were trained. 

Chiri also said she had reported in 2018, that Masvingo and Gweru provincial hospitals failed to support creditors’ balances as they did not maintain creditors’ records. The situation is still the same.

Unsupported expenditure:

Chiri also exposed unsupported expenditure at 11 health institutions visited in 2018 which incurred expenditure amounting to $160 295 that was not fully supported by source documents such as requisitions, invoices or receipts as well as goods received notes.

Nine health institutions visited in 2018 incurred expenditures amounting to $143 154 without seeking competitive quotations and subsequently compiling comparative schedules.

Also, the health institutions had no service level agreements in cases where the acquisition of goods and services was from a sole supplier.

Analysts fear that the crisis might worsen if the government goes on with the Private Voluntary Organisations (PVOs) Amendment Bill which will likely chase away donor funding from the sector.

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Rtgs 5 days ago

Nyika inovakwa nevene vayo NDAPEDZA

Citizen 5 days ago

Minister of health should be fired for incompetence in his management duties.

eish 5 days ago

hapana kwatirikuenda zveshuwa

bhuru 5 days ago

ndian min of health zviya

Citizen raPep naChamisa 5 days ago

Zanu Pf members can never understand how they’re destroying the country because the top rich ones travel overseas for treatment and the rest,the poor ones cannot even afford to travel from Uzumba to visit a hospital in Harare.

mbuya va never 5 days ago

ini ndakadonherwa ne ceiling ku parerenyatwa Zanu pf ine hutsinye

,,chikumba 5 days ago

Susan Mutami goes silent, as ED attends UNGA; Chihuri claims she was hired to tarnish gvt officials image
Australia-based Zimbabwean lady Susan Mutami, who accuses President Emmerson Mnangagwa of raping her as a minor, has gone silent, after announcing she had been invited to the United Nations to address women and child abuse issues.

It was highly anticipated she would use the platform to raise the issue of her alleged ****ual abuse by President Mnangagwa, whom she has already reported to police there in Australia where she is based.

“I just wanted to let u know that I’ve been invited to speak at the @UN this year in New York, Category Women and Child Abuse and also @Chiefsvosve1 pro-democracy workshop, UN protests and to be one of the key note speakers,” she wrote on 22 August on Twitter.

Mutami had made sensational claims of having bedded several government officials including former foreign affairs minister Sibusiso Moyo.

However, former commissioner general of the Zimbabwe Republic Police, Augustine Chihuri says Mutami was hired to tarnish the image of senior government officials.

“Cdes never allow @UNWomenWatch to get away with murder here. Several Zim women were trafficked to the Middle East as slaves but UN ignored such heinous crimes.

“Now they hire @mutami_susan to smear Gvt officials.

“Whose birth certificate is this? Where does my friend SB come in?” Said Chihuri posting a birth certificate supposedly belonging to Mutami.




These are self inflicting wounds. Zinbabwe's Healthcare system started bleeding some 20 years ago, but spiraled downwards two years ago when ZANU PF government started some mispostings which were meant to stop doctors and nurses from striking, instead of sorting out and fix causes of those strikes.

Strikes were stopped not on talking terms, but by intimidating doctors and nurses who responded by migrating to overseas for greener pastures.

Tools of trade, drugs, bandages, painkillers, chairs, tables, wheelchairs, you name it continued to disappearing through fair wear and tear. Noone made effort to repair or buy new tools of the trade.

If Mrs Chiri was to all healthcare institutions, she would not find a single department adequately manned and with sufficient tools of trade.



Yours faithfully
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

Gwedu 5 days ago

How come in a country full of educated people someone is considered the VP and Health minister at once. Even if one is capable but it's a try sign of greedness, egocentric ...that very same person is denying health for his own former wife. Zimbos you are too sleepy ncaa

@ gwedu 5 days ago

zimbos should do what?

mukuru 5 days ago

Aaah muchiri kurapwa kuzimbabwe.ndiko kusaka muchifa. isu vamwe torapwa ku China

Constable 5 days ago

Saka imi munoti hamufe? Mugabe aripi? Ku heroes acre kunevarombo chete? Ku glenforest kwakaiswa vakaita sei? I ma Chinese haafe kunyika kwavo? Don't just post crap, even if you go to Mars uchangofa sesu ma Constable anorapwa ku camp hospital

Steven Chidhumo 5 days ago

Ndiwo ainzi ma sanctions here aya na Ruto and other blind African leaders?

Kule Kule 4 days ago

haasi mapofu. imbavha

Observer 5 days ago

This is just the tip of the iceberg
Trust message

Tickey 5 days ago

Have an article on sanctions and all the ZANU, ZANOIDS and the Red Bricks trolls fill column centimetres of comments on how ZANU is good and why sanctions have destroyed this nation.

Here is an article that shows how badly mismanaged the health care system in Zimbabwe, nonevof them contribute a single comment. These are the sanctions that ZANU has imposed on citizens of this suffering nations. Were it not for USAID, Oxfam, UKAid, WHO, and a lot of other western NGOs, bilateral government support institutions we would have been in a worse predicament in the healthcare sector in Zimbabwe.

Wonzwa rimwe benzi richiti NGOs should go, sanctions, and yet rampant corruption and inept management is killing Ministry of Health.

Shame on you ZANU

Tawanda 5 days ago

We need a list of top performing public institutions because these worst performing or corruption stories are merely political tools by rival factions.

unha 5 days ago

ungatora gandanga kuti minister of health ,, kkkkk dai vakatotora zvavo VaManyeruke kana Makandipa

Mukomana 5 days ago

lets focus on wats is important

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